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Don't Blame Me

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I was slowly going insane or crazy one, maybe I was a crazy insane person all I knew I was losing my mind. Yesterday I almost felt bad for lying, never have I felt that way. This feeling was scaring me I did not know how to feel I was lost for the first time I did not know what to day; I needed to explain how I felt. There I go again thinking like an insane person I never talk about how I feel, I knew who was doing this to me. Stephanie was telling me all these worthless lies, I storm out my room and headed down the hallway. I do not bother to knock I could careless if she was with someone I need to let this whole feeling out. I open the door to see Stephanie at her desk.

“Frank we’re not meeting today,” She said while looking up at me

“I know that! Do you know what happen yesterday? I almost felt bad for lying I never felt that way. This is all your fault!” I yelled not caring who heard me.

“Frank clam down lets talk about this, please sit down” She said while standing up.

I went over to the couch I was not backing down so fast I wanted her to know this was all of her fault for making me feel this way; I was fine until I started talking to her.

“Now please explain to me what happen yesterday,” She said while sitting down in the chair.

“I was talking to this guy Gerard, we we’re talking everything was going good. He ask me a question I didn’t won’t to admit so I lied like I always do, and for the first damn time I felt bad for lying. I wanted to tell the truth I have no idea what the truth is anymore but yesterday I can so close into tell the truth” I said in a angry way.

“Maybe it was who you lied to that made you feel bad. Maybe you’re starting to have feelings for Gerard and for the first time your feeling bad for lying” She replied.

I look at her as if she was the one insane I did not have feelings for Gerard, I was beyond lost for words with this.

“I do not have feelings for Gerard I’m not even gay, and this isn’t about me liking someone anyway, it’s about me feeling bad for lying,” I said again in an angry tone.

“ Think about Frank not once while you have been here you felt about for your lies, but when you start to talk to someone it all changes, you feel bad for lying” She explain to me.

“No I didn’t feel this way until I started talking to you. You kept telling me all these wordless lies saying how I would slowly break down well guess what it is not going to work, I’m not changing “I said.

“Don’t blame this on me Frank; you’re scared to change so you’re blaming this on anyone but your self. Just give already” She replied.

“NO! I am not giving up or giving in I will not change! I’m done with this,” I yelled while standing up to leave.

I could not believe she was pointing this whole thing to me as I was the cause of all this, like I put all those worthless lies in my head. So why did I feel bad for lying, I should not be feeling bad for lying I'm a liar. This feeling won't go away no matter how hard I try to push it away, there's something I must do maybe it's the only way I can make this feeling go away.
I headed towards the sun deck to see Gerard out there, I open the doors and walk towards to the table before I knew it I was going to say something I was going to regret,

" Hey Gerard"

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