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Lying Is The Besy Way

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If there was a moment in time I could take back this would the moment. I wish I could just walk away and act as if I never came out here. Gerard look at me as he was waiting for me to go on but I could not I had no words to say, I was lost for words. Maybe I was just dreaming this whole thing like any minute I would wake up, that never happen.

“Is there something you to say?” He asks while looking at me.

I could just turn away right now and forget this whole thing, there is no way I could say sorry for lying I never say sorry.

“No never mind I’m just going to go,” I said while lying. I lied I should feel good I should feel the high that I always feel I craved for that feeling, so where is it.

“So you just came out here said my name and your just going to leave” He ask in confusing

“Yeah so got a problem with it,” I said smartly. That was mean of me but there is no way in hell I was going to say sorry for lying.

“Whatever I’m sure you have to go tell another lie to someone by now, so go lie,” He said while turning away.

Well that hurt what did I say no one would ever believe me if I ever wanted to tell the truth this was a waste of my time, like I was going to say sorry anyway. I sit on top of the wall away from Gerard the less I have to talk to him or see him the less I want to say that damn word.

“If you’re wanting to say sorry for lying then I accept,” He said

“What makes you think I was going to say sorry, and how in the hell do you know I lied” I ask in confusing

“I can tell when you lie I’m that good, I know you lied to me yesterday I also knew you was not going to say sorry” He replied.

This time I was beyond lost for words no one has ever known when I lied, I think this scared me more then anything. I do not even know him and yet he knows when I lie, I do not think he does I think his trying to get me to tell the truth, but then again he also knew I want to say sorry, but like I said there’s no way in hell I will ever say that word.

“Lets say I did lie I would not say sorry” I replied

“Frank there’s no need to explain I know you lied, and I know there’s no way you would ever say sorry. So let’s do us both a favor and act like this ever happen. “He said while getting off the wall and walking away.

I guess lying my way out was not the best way out.
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