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I'd Sometimes Stare for Hours... - Eight

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...he jump starts her heart...

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Ahh! Things have been crazy-busy! So thats why I have been bad about updating, hey ho, here it is...



Sigh. Big emo sigh. I’d spent so much time looking at the damn ceiling I could tell you every small fact about it. Like the darker corner in the left from an accident involving yoghurt. The whole time I lay hear my thoughts flicked between Alexa and Frank. I tried, Lord knows I tried, to be happy for them. They were two of my best friends for fucks sake. But I wanted to be the one who could hold her, who could kiss her. The one who had a reason to love her so fucking much.

I loved her so much it actually hurt me. Everything about her, she was like a drug to me.

I sighed again and heaved myself off my bed, glancing in the mirror. I was even skinner than usual, my hair an explosion and my eyes with bags as dark as midnight. I adjusted my Misfits t-shirt, the one I had been wearing for three days. I walked lethargically into Gerards room. He was at his desk, drawing, as always. He seemed to be drawing a woman on the operating table.
“Dude that’s good” I said, making him jump.
“Thanks. Now will you please tell me why you’re so upset”
I sat on his bed and he sat next to me.
“Its Alexa”
“Franks girlfriend, about an inch taller, brown curly hair” he smirked “yep, I know her”
“I think, heck know, I’m in love with her”
Gerard stopped dead. Just looking at me.
“Mikey, you’re not shitting me?”
“No. I’ve loved her since we met. I just never had the guts… and now Frank” I teared up. “I was gonna tell her, but he got in first”
“Mikey, Mikey, Mikey” Gerard had his head in his hands. “That’s why you were so off last week in the hospital, why you’ve been so… well… emo” he winced as he said emo, hating the word.
“Yeah. I just, want her to know. I hate seeing them together, I know what he does to her.”
“What?” Gerard snapped up, suddenly alert.
“He makes her feel alive. He jump starts her heart”
“How do you know this?” he asked.
“She does tell me things. She thinks of me as her friend. Not good enough to be with” I punched the pillow.

Gerard grabbed my wrist.
“Michael James Way, I may just have an idea”
“what?” I wanted to cry.
“Who is sixteen in two weeks’ time?”
“Alexa” I said, unsure of what he was getting at.
“Well, how about you write her a song” he said, deadly serious.
“I cant…”
“Oh yes you can. Its nearly Alexas birthday, we could play it to her then, make it a birthday present.”
“But I cant write a song”
“No but our band can” Gerard smiled.
“How? Alexa always comes and watches us practise” and own Bob at drumming.
“Well. The day before we organise a sleepover, no Alexa, and practise. Me, Ray and Bob could write it in our Music lesson”
“Good idea, but how do we fob off Alexa?” I was deliberately picking holes in his brilliant plan.
“Simple, the Toros are out for the week before Alexas birthday. We persuade Ray to get Frank to stay, so Frank and Alexa are out of the picture and bam. We can write lyrics”
“Frank and Alexa… alone… all night” I was nearly shaking.
“Look, if your worried give Frank some condoms or something” Gerard said sarcastically.
“Fuck you” I hit him, outraged by the thought of them… yeah. I blushed at the thought.

“So.” Gerard continued. “Me, Bob and Ray come up with the basic song on guitar and drums. I’ll give you a chance to make up the bass line. Then we have a sleepover and come up with lyrics and a title when Frank is fucking Alexas brains out”
Again, I hit him.
“Oww! Meanie” he stuck out his tongue. “Anyways, we need a band name. If were gonna play this song, we need a name.”
“What about…. Gerard Way is infuriating?” I suggested sarcastically.
“Nah, Mikey Way is lovesick?” He giggled as I hit him again.
“What about.” I paused, thinking about a book I’d seen. “My… Chemical… Romance?”
“Fuck” Gerard said open mouthed. “That’s fucking incredible”
“Erm, thanks” I said, standing up to leave. “Just text the guys and see if its okay with them.”
“Oh… it will be” Gerard said, smiling evilly.

I left Gerard to his evil plotting and went downstairs. I made myself coffee and as I was drinking it I began thinking of how to write a song for Alexa. No words were exquisite enough, no melody beautiful enough. No vocals pure enough. I got out a disused school book and began trying to write even one word to describe Alexa and me. ‘Ugly’ for me and ‘Beautiful’ for Alexa. I flipped the page and began scrawling the words that came to mind in my messy handwriting.

‘It's the tearing sound of love-notes
Drowning out these grey stained windows
And the view outside is sterile
And I'm only two cubes down
I'd photocopy all the things that we could be
If you took the time to notice me
But you can't now, I don't blame you
And it's not your fault that no one ever does’

I sighed, it was total shit and no one would like it. But for some reason I found myself wanting to show Gerard. Gerard was fucking amazing at lyrics, he was a genius. I put down my pen and stretched out, flicking on TV, looking for inspiration. I found it in the form of a text.

‘Is it hard understanding
I'm incomplete
A love that's so demanding
I get weak

- Your brothers so random. Ha! =]
Alexxarrgh! Xo’

The fourteen words spoke to me. That was the direction we had to head for. I ran upstairs, bursting to tell Gerard.

So... you now know of my plan for Alexas birthday. And yes, I swear, within the next three chapters Mikeys life will have taken viagra, i.e. shoot up. (eww! vulgar!) anyways, thankyou for reading... pwease review... or i feel like ive wrote a shitty chapter. =]

xo R.
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