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We Could Lose Ourselves - Nine

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...kick you so hard you’ll be a girl...

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Hey!! Was the Easter bunny good to you all?

Enjoy chapter nine! (I cringed pretty much the whole way writing this)


Over the next few weeks mine and Franks relationship developed. Frank was handling his support well, considering he couldn’t play his beloved guitar. He spent every music lesson helping me and Mikey with bass and drums respectively. Me and Frank spent as much time as humanly possible together. Tonight he was staying at my house, just me and him, as Ray was sleeping at the Ways’ house. My parents were out till tomorrow, Saturday, and as it was my birthday they were taking me shopping two towns over.

Ray had just left, kissing my cheek and telling me to ‘be careful’. I.e. still have a house. I was flicking through TV channels when I heard a knock at the door.
“Hey!” I smiled, opening the door to Frank.
“Hey, baby” he was carrying a large bag which he set down so he could kiss me.
I led him inside, smiling.
“Do you mind if I put my bag in your room?”
“No, just don’t scratch anything. Do you want a drink?”
“Yeah, coke please.” He smiled, heading upstairs.
I poured two cokes one for me and one for Frank, carrying them carefully into the living room.

I set them down on the coffee table and resumed flicking through channels.
“Happy birthday” Frank said as he came back into the room, carrying a card and present.
“But its not till tomorrow.” I protested as he pressed the gifts into my hand.
“So?” he grinned mischievously “Its just me and you”
I shelled the present. It was a medium jewellery box, I opened it and gasped in shock. It was a totally stunning Swarovski crystal cherry on black cord. It must’ve cost a fortune.
“Thank you, Frank its…” I was lost for words.
“beautiful, like you” he took the necklace out of the box and hung it round my neck. He kissed the fastening and walked me to the mirror, over the fireplace.
“Its amazing” I fingered the lime and ruby crystals, marvelling them.
“I’ve got something else, c’mon” he dragged me to Rays bedroom and picked up Rays battered guitar.
“Ray will actually kill you.” I said, motioning to the guitar.
“Ray wont fin out” he began playing a song I’d never heard before. The simple, beautiful melody sent shivers down my spine.

When he finished he looked at me smiling. Holding his arms up.
“Thank you! Wembley!” he said, no trace of irony.
“Encore!” I screamed, humouring him.
“Certainly, but it will be $500”
“Nah, you’re not worth that”
“Cheeky” he carefully set Rays guitar down. Before chasing me down the hallway.
I shrieked as he caught up with me. He grabbed hold of me and started furiously tickling me.
“Frankie stop!” I screamed, breathless.
“Ahh! Shut up! You love it really” he straightened up and kissed my neck, making me shiver. “They’re gonna think I’m corrupting you.”
“Pft! You’re too innocent, I’ll be corrupting you”
“Yeah, yeah” he pressed my back on the wall between mine and Rays rooms. “You’re so innocent”
“Says who? You? You’re more white than me.”
“Nope” he kissed my neck, moving upwards so eventually he kissed me on the mouth.
“Innocent” I muttered into lips.
“I’ll show you innocent” he growled, dragging me into my bedroom.

He laid me on my bed while he straddled me.
“Still think I’m innocent?” he said, bending forwards so he was hovering above me.
“Yep” I grinned. “Poor innocent Frank” I mocked.
“Little Virgin Child Alexa” he kissed me again, but much more passionately.
My stomach jolted as his tongue explored my mouth, and mine did the same to his. He tasted amazing, like the finest chocolate. He moved his hands from my waist and started trying to take my t-shirt off.
“Frankie” I whispered against his neck “Lets at least eat first”
“But I’m not hungry” he whined “and you’re so tempting. And delicious” he kissed my neck again.
“Are you trying to give me a love bite?” I giggled as it tickeled.
“No. But good idea”
“Ahh!” I giggled again, high on Frank. “You are such a vampire!”

*Later that night*

We were lounging on opposite sofas, watching Haunting in Connecticut, completely stuffed. We had each eaten a massive pizza and fries, washed down with a shitload of coke. It had been bought out of the $200 my parents had left me and Ray for the week. The deilivery man had looked shocked at the size of my love bite. Well, he would, he was some retard in the year above me at school. My pizza had been a safe Al-Funghi, Franks an ambitious Veggie hot. I hate spicy food. Like, properly hate it.

I screamed as the exorcism scene played out. Frank just laughed and moved to comfort me on my sofa.
“Aww the innocent baby’s scared” he lisped.
“Shut it, short stuff, lets not start that again”
“Short stuff. Oh, I’m so hurt. Not!” he grinned. “But I want to start it” he pouted, kissing me.
“Fuck!” I screamed, running over to the kitchen to get some water. “You bastard!”
“What did I do? Wall, what did I do?”
I came back into the front room, downing a pint of water.
“Fucker, you had a spicy pizza didn’t you, dickhead” I joked.
“Ha! So I am too hot for you?”
“Never!” I kissed him again, bearing the heat, which only made the kiss more gratifying.

I pulled away, heart thumping at my idea.
“Frank” I moaned quietly. “Frank”
“Y’know erm, earlier”
“And I said we had to eat?” He furrowed his brown before realising.
He looked me straight in the eye. “Are you sure?”
I nodded.
He took my and hand and I let him lead me upstairs to my room.
“Are you really sure?” he sat on my bed hands on my hips, as I stood over him.
“Yeah” I nodded to add more emphasis.

He stood up, in front of me, smiling. He began to take off m skeleton t-shirt, as I took off his black flag one.
“Are you..”
“Frank Iero, ask if I’m sure one more time and I will kick you so hard you’ll be a girl”
He nodded, taking a pack of condoms out of his jeans.
“You came, uh, prepared?” I asked, blushing.
“Present from Ge-Tard.”
“Right.” I rolled my eyes, secretly thanking Gerard as I removed Franks belt and unbuttoned his jeans.
“Nice underwear” I giggled, suddenly nervous.

It didn’t take us long to both be completely naked. I was having major second thoughts but I knew I’d never get another chance this good. My heart was thumping fast.
“I’m scared” I muttered into his neck.
“Don’t be” he kissed me, calming the butterflies that had started salsa dancing in my stomach. “You don’t have to do this”
“But I want to”
“I don’t want to force you.”
“You cant if I’m willing” I said with as much confidence I could muster.
He nodded, putting on one of Gerards complimentary condoms.
“Ready?” He asked, staring into my eyes. Just for a moment, I was completely captivated by his beauty.
‘No!’ my mind screamed. “As I’ll ever be” my mouth somehow said.

And then he was inside me, a strange mixture of searing pain and intense pleasure. It was a pleasure nothing had even touched on before. He began thrusting himself rhythmically into me, overwhelming me with a feeling of closeness to him. The connection that I’d felt during our first kiss was back, ten billion times stronger. It hurt, but I didn’t care as I felt myself come close to climaxing. Maybe it was because it was my first time but it felt like every cell of my body was vibrating in ecstasy. Then I exploded, moaning in orgasm at nearly the exact same time as Frank. Shockwaves of pleasure were radiating through my body as my mouth screamed his name. Frank was moaning as well absorbed in his own orgasm. My heart was hammering and I felt amazing, indestructible. Frank slowed down, moving his head so he could kiss me gently. He pulled out of me and kissed me so sweetly yet so passionately my hearts rhythm faltered.
“Alexa Toro, I fucking love you” he whispered, stroking my face.
“I love you more”
“Not possible” he said, kissing my lightly. He gingerly took of his used condom, knotting it and throwing it in my bin.

He repositioned himself so he was behind me and we were lying in spoons.
“Has anyone ever told you how dazzling you are?” Frank whispered in my ear.
“Well, one boy, who stole my innocence. They called him Frank Iero”
“Well, he had the right idea” I felt the grin. “He was telling the truth”

In that position, we both fell quickly asleep. Naked. In each others arms.

Thank you for reading! You have no idea how damn HARD it was for me to write that. Hope you enjoyed reading it more than I did wrtiting it.
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xo R.
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