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I'm Not One For Love Songs (Part 25)

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Second to last chapter! :D

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Author's Note: Hey there everyone! I hope that you appreciate that speedy update! I'm sad to say that there's only one more chapter after this one though! sniffsniff And while it's already written, I refuse to post it until I get at least 4 or 5 reviews for this chapter. ;D

ixamxnotxaxnugget- thank you so much(: cute Gabe IS my favoritest Gabe, ahah. And while you miss this story I will surely be missing your reviews. lovelovelove.
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Song Recommendation- You Had Me At Hello- A Day To Remember

I'm Not One For Love Songs

So me and Jay did get about 4 whole quiet hours to ourselves while we waited for Joe and Gabe to get back. We got to enjoy two whole movies. First we reveled in the complete cuteness of Sabrina, not the teenage witch, and then we got to thoroughly enjoy the classic that is Casablanca. Not even five minutes after the credits for Casablanca were rolling did we hear loud footsteps outside the door. With the click of the lock we had four guys stumbling in, all carrying as much as their arms would allow them to. And then there was Gabe, happily teasing them as he walked with the crutches and no boxes or bags.

“So, how does it feel to be my pack mules boys?” he jabbed with a smirk.

“If my arms were not full right now I would totally cut you,” Alex said with a grunt as he dropped the boxes onto the ground, not even caring if there were breakables.

“Suarez, if you broke any of my mug collection I am going to kill you. I have connects with the underground Jewish mob,” he glared.

“Yeah, because that totally exists,” Pete commented sarcastically as he placed down the boxes that he had been carrying.

I suppose Gabe chose to ignore the sarcasm just this once.

I decided to chime in, “Babe, I'm sorry, but I can not deal with a guy who has a mug collection. Maybe you should just go back to your apartment and we'll call it quits,” I sadly said with a mocking shake of my head. He just pouted.

“Sorry m'dear, but I refuse to lug this neanderthals crap all the way back to his apartment,” Ryland said with a referee inspired “No go” hand signal.

“Oh well then, I guess I'll just have to keep him,” I said with a tired sigh. Before I knew it a body had landed right on top of me and knocked the breath out of me.

“Can I have a little bit of a warning next time?” I glared at Gabe who had landed in my lap with the rest of him sprawled across the couch.

“I totally warned you. You just don't pay attention to me!” he said mock defensively.

I decided not to get into it and turned to the guys, “So, you got everything out? And did you have the final talk with the landlord?”

“Yep, the apartment is completely empty and Gabe finalized the move out and signed some papers and he now officially has no ties to that apartment,” Pete answered me as he plopped into the chair and started flipping through the channels.

“Looks like you're stuck with me,” Gabe whispered in my ear.

“That's just too bad, isn't it? What am I gonna tell my other boyfriends when they see you?!” I was able to say with a straight face.

“Well, I mean, I am hispanic. You could always just tell them that I'm the maid,” he played along.

“Oh, yeah, and remember, when Rafa is over he likes the lights dimmed,” I kept playing along.

He obviously was not amused once Rafa was brought into this.

“Okay, other musicians or artsy guys I can compete with. I cannot compete with an exotic tennis player,” he frowned.

I started cracking up, “Oh shut up, there is not competition, you win automatically!” I kissed him on the cheek and then shoved him off of my lap so that I could go and get his medicine for him.

The other guys chuckled and started teasing Gabe about who obviously wore the pants in this relationship. They all cheered when they found that The Hangover was on HBO and started calling out all of the references.

“Should we order pizza?” Jay asked taking a glance over the kitchen island at all of the lounging men in the living room.

“I suppose so, they're going to start whining about how hungry they are soon. Sometimes men are equivalent to babies, doesn't it seem that way?” I asked with a chuckle as I poured Gabe's medicine into the measuring cap and got his pills ready.

“Sometimes even worse than babies,” she agreed.

She went to call for the food as I entered the room again, grabbing a water bottle on my way there. “We're ordering some pizza guys,” I announced as I handed the water to Gabe so that he could swallow some before the medicine. There was a round of cheers from all of the guys as I handed Gabe his medicine and watched him closely to make sure that he took all of the disgusting liquid.

“What happened to that yummy cherry tasting one? That one wasn't all too bad. I hate this purple shit, it's gross,” Gabe complained.

“Your done with that, your prescription ended. And you can stop taking this in 4 days,” I informed him as I handed him the 3 pills that he had to take.

“Thank God,” he said with relief as he quickly swallowed all the pills in one gulp.

“Mouth open wide and tongue out,” I ordered.

“It's not like I'm being sneaky and not swallowing them. Do we really need to do this every time I take the meds?” He asked giving me a dirty look.

“It's procedure hun,” I informed him with amusement as I took a seat next to him on the couch. “Oh, and keep your leg up. It needs to be elevated so that the blood keeps circulating like it's supposed to be,” I reminded him for about the the time today as I put his leg with the cast on it up onto the coffee table in front of us.

“Thanks baby,” he said, giving me a kiss on the forehead, “You take suck good care of me,” he said in a baby voice.

I just rolled my eyes and nudged him in the shoulder. I noticed the rest of the guys' attention had been taken from the movie and was focused on me and Gabe. “What?” Gabe asked as if there was food or something gross on his face.

“What... the... 'h' 'e' double hockey stick...?” Ryland asked slowly. Me and Gabe stared at them all blankly, still not understanding what had them so interested.

“Did you guys practice that or something?” Joe asked with a scratch to his hair. I'm surprised something didn't reach out from that mess and claw his hand off.

“Did we practice what?” I asked, still completely confused.

“You guys act like a 50 year old married couple,” Pete clarified, “and the fact that the most serious we've seen Gabe with a girl is when he took one out to dinner, if that's ever what you can call it, to a McDonalds at 2 in the morning before they hooked up.” The rest of the guys nodded spastically in agreement.

I looked at Gabe who looked sheepishly at me and shrugged. I sighed and shook my head. I must have some skills. I managed to tame the king of the jungle. Pretty schweet.

“Well, I mean, I have mad skills,” I said nonchalantly.

“So, when do the wedding invites get sent out?” Joe asked.

“I should actually be asking YOU that, shouldn't I?” I teased as Jay entered the room and took as seat on her man's lap.

“I don't know, ask her,” he pointed his thumb at Jay who smiled sheepishly, “'I'm fine with getting eloped like next Thursday or whatever in Atlantic City, but she wants a long engagement.”

“Thursday?” Alex questioned.

“First day that came into my mind, just go with it,” he glared.

“I mean, I just want to have a lot of time to plan it out and make sure that everything is right. I plan on this being my one and only marriage and I want to make sure that I do everything right,” Jay explained, “I mean, I'm thinking not this June but the next one,” she said thoughtfully.

“I get it,” I nodded, as another girl, understanding where she was coming from.

“You would want a long engagement?” Gabe questioned with his eyes squinted curiously.

“Well, I mean not too long, but I would want it to be at least 6 or 7 months long so that I could properly plan. That's not too long, but I don't want to go run and get eloped or anything. And it depends when I would get proposed to, because I would either want it to be in November or June,” I said thoughtfully.

“I am definitely taking mental notes right now,” Pete commented.

“Me too,” Alex agreed, “I never really quite get what girls are thinking exactly, and this is very good insight into a woman's mind,” he said hunched towards us, his interest piqued.

And that's how we all got into talking about horror stories about exes of ours. I got to hear about this one groupie that had literally stalked Gabe for a week straight before he had to get a restraining order. And I got to hear about the Colombian girlfriend that Ryland had once had who was a professional salsa dancer and broke up with him when he refused to take a salsa class with him. And the best story was Joe telling us all his parents' reaction when they found out that Jay was in fact not Jewish. Apparently glasses had been broken and his mother had immediately started praying in Hebrew, asking for forgiveness for her son. Slowly, they had started to accept Jay when they learned of her openness to possibly converting to Judaism someday, thank God.

And that's how we spent the rest of our night before the guys started to tire and everyone decided it was time to get home and get to bed. Jay and Joe told Gabe and I that they would be back tomorrow to collect all of her stuff and we let them out before getting ready for bed.

As I laid in bed with Gabe, rereading one of my favorite books, I reflected on how happy I actually felt. With a smile on my face I closed my book, laid it on the side table, and cuddled up next to Gabe under the blankets as he wrapped his arms around me and I laid my hand on top of his.

With that smile still on my face, I fell asleep.
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