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A day to remember.

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“No way,” Eve gasped as Frank removed his hands from covering her eyes.

“Yep,” He grinned. “Happy?”

“Yes!” She cried as she turned around and kissed him.

“Ew. Guys. Don’t need to see that,” Bob complained as he walked past them with Ray, Gerard and Mikey following closely behind. Frank flipped him off while his lips were still attached to Eves.

Two weeks had passed and Eve’s father still hadn’t woken up. She now lived with Frank, basically, and would continue to until her dad was awake and able to come home. That is, if he got better. Eve had been upset a lot and Frank was worried because it looked like she was getting worse each day, so he talked to his parents and looked at some maps and here they were. Frank, Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Bob had made sure Eve couldn’t see anything until they arrived at the mystery location and when she opened her eyes, Eve saw the park she saw in the picture. The one she said she had wanted to go to.

Eve broke the kiss, grinning and dragged Frank over to the playground where everyone else seemed to be enjoying themselves. Gerard made himself comfortable on one of the swings where he was ordering Mikey to push him higher. Bob was sitting on one of the platforms playing on his portable play station with Ray beside him instructing him on what to do.

“I thought you totally forgot about it,” said Eve.

“Why would I do that?” Frank replied.

“I dunno, but this is so cool!” Eve laughed at little as she ran past Gerard and Mikey and up to the slide, “You guys have the minds of five year olds, I swear.”

She climbed to the top of the slide, still laughing at the sight of the two brothers.

“Well, Gerard does. I’m younger, but smarter,” Mikey stated.

“Hey! I can be smart.” Gerard protested.

“Prove it,” Mikey challenged, and with that, Gerard jumped off the swing and attempted to make a stable landing. However, he stumbled a little bit before Mikey started to laugh at him.

Gerard proceeded to run full speed as he tried to tackle his brother, but Mikey ran at the last second, narrowly missing his brothers attack. Gerard chased Mikey all over the park until Mikey climbed onto the platform Ray and Bob were sitting on, jumped in Bob’s lap and begged him to protect him from his older brother.

“Fuck off, Mikey,” Bob whined as he shoved Mikey off his lap.

“He’s gonna kill me,” he cried as he tried to crawl away, but Gerard jumped right on top of him and quickly kneeled down and twisted Mikey’s arm around behind his back. The sounds Mikey were making were a cross between laughter and cries of pain.

“Have I proved myself yet, almighty smartass?” Gerard sarcastically asked.

“Yes. Yes! Just let me go. Ow,” Mikey surrendered.

Ray rolled his eyes at the two, “It's like you never grew up past the age of ten around each other. Seriously.”

“I thought you would’ve been used to that, Ray-man,” Gerard replied as he let go of his squirming brother.

“Guys, shut up! I’m about to kill this guy…Oh, never mind he killed me,” Bob stated.

“I told you to use the double-sided axe,” Ray replied.

“You don’t tell me what to do.”

While the four of them were talking on the platform in the playground, Frank and Eve were still at the slide.

“You know,” Eve said, “These things seem a lot smaller once you’re at the top.”

Frank laughed. “Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you aren’t six years old.”

Eve poked her tongue out at Frank before sitting on top of the slide and gliding down. It didn’t take more than a few seconds to get to the bottom. She let out a small yelp when she saw Frank standing at the bottom, grinning like an idiot. Eve hadn’t really expected him to be there.

“Surprise.” Frank said as he leant down to connect his lips with Eve’s. He always gave her unexpected kisses. Eve wasn’t complaining at all, though, as she wrapped her arms around Frank’s neck and he placed his hands on her hips. They two of them stayed that way for a few minutes; exploring each others mouths.

“Eugh,” Mikey sighed as he caught sight of them. “Must they do that in public?”

The rest of them turned to where Mikey was looking. Bob just scoffed and returned to his video game and Gerard rolled his eyes. Ray, however, protested against the others acting as though it were disgusting, “C’mon, guys. Leave ‘em alone. They love each other. They’re allowed to show it, aren’t they?”

“I guess," Mikey admitted, “But still. They’re at it, like, all the time.”

After a few moments everyone’s attention was re-directed at Bob’s video game.

Eve and Frank finally broke apart from each other.

“Wow,” Eve said, smiling.

“Mmhm.” Frank smirked.

“Thanks for this.”

“For what?”

“Bringing me here. You actually noticed that I really wanted to go.”

“Well, of course I did. I‘m just so happy to see you smiling.”

Eve frowned, “Oh…have I not been smiling, lately?”

“Not like this,” Frank said, shaking his head, “I don’t know. You’ve just seemed like you’re body is still here, but your mind is somewhere else.”

“What? Really?”

“Yeah, but don’t worry. What matters right now is you’re happy, I’m happy and the guys are annoyed because we keep making out,” Frank grinned. Eve giggled and looked over to where their friends were sitting.

“We should get back over there,” She said, “I wanna hang out with them, too.”

“Alrighty,” Frank smiled as he grabbed her hand and walked over to the platforms.


“Oh, my gosh. Shut up, Mikey!” Gerard cried as everyone was laughing so hard they were sure they’d made themselves a nice set of abs. They’d all been sitting on the platform for around two hours, now. All of them were sharing hilarious stories from their childhoods to where they were in life, right now. Mikey had just finished telling the tale of Gerard wearing green tights when he played Peter Pan for a play in the fourth grade.

“You…In green tights…Oh, my god,” Eve cried between fits of loud laughter.

“I hate you,” Gerard glared at his brother and in response Mikey gave him an over exaggerated grin.

“Shit, man. That’s by far the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard,” Bob laughed.

“Oh, yes. Hilarious. Very funny. Mikey’s quite the comedian. Shut up.” Gerard mumbled.

“Aw. Don’t worry, Peter. You can always fly away from your embarrassment,” Ray said.

“You’re a dead mean, Toro. You wanna end up like Mikey?”

“No, thanks. I’m good.”

“That’s what I thought.”

They spent another hour or so laughing and reminiscing. While they all spoke and smiled and laughed, Eve wished she had a camera. This one moment in time, to her, just seemed so amazingly perfect. Just sitting around with her best friends and sitting hand in hand with the boy she loved with all her heart. If Eve could chose one moment of her life to relive until the day she died, this would be it.

“Eve?” Frank asked.

“Huh? Yeah?” she replied.

“You alright? You kinda spaced out for a second.” he giggled.

Eve looked at them all with a smile on her face. “I just wish I had a camera.”

“Huh? Why?” Gerard asked.

“I wanna remember this,” Eve replied simply.

“Yeah, it has been a pretty awesome day. A camera would be useful,” Mikey agreed.

“Okay, let’s not get all Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants on this, alright?” Bob warned.

“How do you even know of that movies existence, Bob?” Ray asked.

“When you have a little sister who forces you into stuff, you tend to see some things you wish you never saw.”

They all giggled a little before falling silent.

“I don’t know.” Eve said, again. “I just wish their was something that would help us all remember this forever.”

Frank thought for a moment before grinning. “I have a pocket-knife!”

“Yeah, okay, Frankie. We wanna remember this, not stab somebody,” Gerard frowned.

“You’re hilarious, Peter. But listen, I have an idea. Everyone move your ass and follow me.”

“He’s such a gentleman,” Eve whispered to the others sarcastically, making them laugh as Frank jumped off the platform and ran across the grassland.

They all followed at a slow walking pace as Frank stopped by a large tree that created a dark corner of the seemingly happy area of which the park was in. He looked as if he’d found a cure for cancer as he bopped up and down impatiently as he waited for the rest of them to come over.

“Okay, guys! This is gonna sound really stupid and cheesy, but it’s the only thing I could come up with,” Frank said as they stopped in front of the tree.

“Holy crap. We‘re the tree…” Mikey thought out loud, interrupting Frank’s idea.

“What do you mean?” Ray asked.

“Like, imagine this whole park is our high school or something. Every other part of it is all bright and, like, y’know…it just all fits and then this twisted tree corner over is like us. Like, it looks as though it just wasn’t meant to fit in with the rest of the bright shit that the rest of the park is. You know what I mean?”

“Holy crap, dude. Who would’ve thought something that came out of your mouth would actually make sense?” Gerard gasped.

Mikey just shoved playfully in return.

“Okay, point made. Back to my idea…” Frank snapped, getting everyone’s attention again. “Alright, what if we, like, carved just random shit into the tree. So, whenever we come back here, we can look at it and remember.”

Eve grinned. “I love that idea.”

As did everyone else.

“Gerard, you go first. I wanna see what you draw,” Mikey suggested.

“Very well, then,” Gerard agreed.

Everyone stood around him as he started to carve into the almost black bark. When the dark outside was scratched off, it showed a light brown on the inside. Therefore, you could see what anyone scratched in perfectly. It took a while before everyone could see what Gerard was carving with definition. Obviously, it was a cartoon figure of some sort. Gerard started with the head and gave it messy hair; similar to his own. He started to draw the body when he told everyone not to look until he’d finished.

“Aww. Please, Gerard. It’s fun to watch you draw.” Eve protested.

“No.” Gerard replied. “It won’t take long. Just keep yourselves busy. I’m sure you and Frank can make-out until I’m finished.”

Ray, Mikey and Bob all sniggered. Frank gave the back of Gerard’s leg a quick kick before turning around and walking to the edge of where the shadow met the sunlight. Eve soon followed.

“I don’t even need anything to help me remember, ‘cause I’m gonna remember this day for the rest of my life. This is still a good idea, though,” Eve smiled at no one in particular.

“Neither am I…and I couldn‘t agree with you more,” Frank replied and he held her hand as they both stared at the sunny land before them. Ray and Bob had gone back to their video game while Gerard finished his carving. A few minutes passed before Gerard announced that his work was ready. Everyone walked over to see what he drew and it only took a few seconds before everyone was in a fit of laughter.

Gerard had drawn his head on top of Peter Pan’s body and beside it wrote: Gerard Way: Making Peter Pan a bad-ass since 1985.

“You guys like it?” he asked, grinning.

“You win at life,” Ray commented.

“Yes, yes I do,” Gerard smirked, “Okay, who’s next?”

“Me,” Ray said as he swiped the knife off Gerard. He didn’t draw anything; he simply wrote: Bob should have used the axe I told him to use. He fails at playstation. - Ray.

“Ha! Okay, then. I’m next,” Bob said as he grabbed the knife and wrote next to Ray’s message: I didn’t fail with your mom, last night. Blow me, Toro. - Bob (:

“You’re sick, dude,” Ray laughed.

“Not what your mom said,” Bob replied.

“Shut up about his mom and give me the knife, Bobert,” Mikey said.

He drew a large smiley face further away from the markings Gerard, Ray and Bob had left. Underneath the smiley face, he wrote: Gerard is lame. Frank is short. Eve has cool hair. Bob is angry. Ray is a dork. Mikey is awesome! We’re cooler than you. Deal with it.

“I’m not short!” Frank protested as he read what Mikey wrote.

“You’ve been in a stage of denial for a long time, my friend. It’s time to move on,” Mikey smirked at him and handed him the knife.

“Err…I have no idea what to write,” Frank said. “Ideas anyone?”

“Well, what’s the best thing you think happened today?” Eve asked.

Frank thought to himself and started to laugh, “Your face when you saw the park.”

“Ugh, you suck.”

“No, as in, it was cute. Quite amusing in the best way possible.”

Bob rolled his eyes, “What don’t you make a fucking shrine for her, Frank?”

“You’re lame, Bryar. Really lame. I hope you drown in your lameness.”

“Ooh! Write that,” Gerard giggled.

“Okay. One thing first, though,” Frank replied. At the end of an arrow he drew, pointing to the big smiley face Mikey had just drawn, Frank wrote: Eve’s face, and then proceeded to write somewhere else: You’re lame, Bryar. Really lame. I hope you drown in your lameness.

Eve and Mikey chuckled at the reference Frank made on her face. She blushed a little before Frank handed her the knife. Eve realized she had no idea what to write either.

“Uh, what the hell do I write?” she asked.

“Write: I’ll never be able to live up to Ray’s awesomeness ever in my life and he’s ten times cooler than Bob,” Ray suggested.

“Oh, totally,” Eve cried.




Eve laughed at the sudden drop in Rays’ face, “Poor baby.”

“Shut up,” Ray smirked.

“Gah. I dunno what to write,” Eve said, again.

“Just write what’s in your head.” Mikey said.

“Hmm. Okay. Everyone go away until I finish.”

They all kept themselves from being bored while they waited around ten minutes for Eve to finish whatever it was she was doing. When she finally called them back to see it, she was a little nervous that they’d think it was lame, but they certainly didn’t.

A/N: I had to post this chapter in two parts because it wouldn’t let me post it all at once for some lame reason. Sorry about that. Enjoy the rest of the chapter…
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