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The Tree - ll

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A night to forget?

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Eve had drawn a flower, but it wasn’t a crappy cartoonish one. It was detailed and that was something that was hard to do with just a knife and a tree. She drew vines coming out of it and they intertwined with each other to create the border lines for a form of box. In that box she wrote:

Frankie - Your height won’t diminish my love for you.
Gee - Freakishly skilled arty kid. I am jealous.
Mikey - Rad child of radness, and poker faces.
Bob - Don’t drown in your lameness. Drown in your AWESOMENESS.
Ray - God of video games. I bow down to you, sir.

I owe my being to these boys.
They are life savers in disguise. I love them!


“This is, like, the best one out of all of them,” Ray said, "Way to show us up."

“No, it’s not,” Eve blushed.

“Life savers in disguise?” Mikey questioned.

“Well, yeah…” Eve blushed even more, feeling embarrassed. “Like, if I hadn’t met you guys…well, I either wouldn’t be here or I’d be in a bad place, mentally. So, yeah, you guys saved my life.”

“Really?” Gerard raised his eyebrows.

“Yeah. All of you. Especially you,” Eve said as she turned to Frank and gave him a hug. He hugged her back as tightly as he could.

“I’ve never felt this special in my life,” Bob smiled, a little smugly.

“Well, I’m glad you do now,” Eve giggled, slipping out of Frank’s arms.

“Yeah. I don’t think any of us are ever gonna forget today,” Gerard stated and everyone agreed.

They continued to look over and smile at all the carvings they’d made until Frank checked his watch.

“Shit…” he sighed. “Guys, we better go. It’s getting late.”

“You suck," Mikey whined.

“Yeah, okay. Just one more look,” Eve smiled.

They all stood there in silence looking at their marks. Smiling. No one needed to say much, but Eve still did, “I love you, guys. You‘re all probably to manly to say it, but I will.”

Bob scoffed, “Don’t get all somber and emotional on us now.”

“Hush up, drummer boy.” She smiled, “Alright. Let’s go guys.”

They all left the park, smiling and laughing like they had all day.

Like nothing could break what they had.


Later that night, Frank had called Gerard and put him on speaker so Eve could talk to him as well.

“I’m so bored,” complained Gerard.

“Well, that’s great. We’re bored too. That’s why we called you,” Frank laughed.

“Fun-tastic. I dunno. I’ve just been drawing shit.”

“Draw a cat,” Eve said.

“What?” Gerard laughed.

“Draw a cat!”


“I dunno. Just draw a cat.”

“Um. Okay then.”

“Why are you making him draw a cat?” Frank asked.

“I’m not sure. Maybe because I want to name it.”

“Right and what’s it’s name gonna be, then?” Gerard asked.


“Nice,” Frank said.

“Very well. I’ll show you Delvinda when I finish her,” Gerard laughed.

“Yay! Thanks, Gee,” Eve giggled.

“Anyway, I better go. I think I’m being beckoned to eat dinner. I’ll talk to you guys later.”

“Aw, okay. Bye, Gee.”

“Bye,” Frank said.

“Seeya guys. Don’t get her pregnant, Frank,” Gerard said and he hung up. Frank groaned in frustration, and embarassment and Eve laughed at him.

“So…” she sighed. “Today was awesome.”

“It was,” Frank smiled warmly at her, “C'mere.”

Frank pulled Eve next to where he was lying down and wrapped his arms around her waist. He kissed the back of her neck while occasionally whispering sweet nothings into her ear.

The two of them fell asleep that way.

A while later they were being woken up by Frank’s mom.

“Frank? Eve?” she whispered.

Frank stirred, “Hm? Argh, what is it, mom?”

“Sweetie, wake Eve up, okay? The hospital called. Her dad woke up.”

“What? Seriously?”

“Yes. Now, wake her up. We need to go.”

Frank nodded and his mother turned around to leave the room. He sat up and rubbed his eyes before gently shaking Eve. “Eve. C’mon wake up.”

“Later, Frankie. I’m sleeping,” she mumbled.

“No, Eve, now. It’s important…Your dad’s awake.”

She shot up immediately, her face pale, “H-he’s awake? Like, really?”

“Yes. My mum’s driving us over, right now. Let’s go, okay?”

Within five minutes, they were driving to the hospital. Eve’s heart was racing. She didn’t even know if her dad was okay or if he didn’t remember anything or if everything stayed the same. Time would only tell. Frank held her hand tightly the whole way there. After what seemed like an eternity, they arrived at the hospital. They did the usual asking to be taken to the room.

Frank only let go of Eve’s hand as she took a deep breath and entered her fathers hospital room.
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