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I'll Kill You

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Progress is made and fights are started.

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Eve’s heart beat quickened as she walked into the white room. She saw her father lying in the bed, staring at the wall in front of him. There wasn’t anything on it, but he was staring as if it were a evolving picture. Eve assumed he hadn’t heard her come in.

“Um. Dad?” she whispered.

Her father turned to look at her. She froze. Eve wasn’t sure of what to do, so she just stood there waiting for a reaction. His eyes had a glaze over them. They maintained eye contact until Eve’s father finally spoke.


“Yeah, Dad.” Eve sighed with a smile. “It’s me.”

“Thank god…” he breathed before smiling at her, “Well, don’t stand over there. Come here and give us a hug.”

Eve gave a light laugh before running over to her father and throwing herself against him. He hugged her back just as tightly. Eve was so overwhelmed with it all. She was starting to tear up from how happy she was.

“Fuck, Dad. I was so scared I’d lost you.”

“Hey, shh,” he hushed, “It’s alright, honey. You didn‘t. I‘m here. Everything‘s fine.”

"But you weren't before. It's been two whole weeks. I was scared shitless."

"I--" Her father stuttered, "Two weeks? Really?"

“Yeah,” Eve nodded, “I’ve been living with Frankie.”


“Oh, uh. He’s my-- friend. He’s a really good friend of mine.”

“Oh. How come I’ve never heard of him?”

Eve shrugged, “It never came up? He’s one of my best friends. Along with Gerard, Mikey Ray and Bob.”

“Wha- Why haven’t you ever told me about your friends?”

“Never came up,” Eve repeated, with a sigh.

She actually had told her father about her friends, but he soon forgot and Eve didn’t really want to keep repeating herself. Although, she could go on about Frank for days on end. But now wasn’t the time.

“Oh,” was her father’s only reply.

“Yeah,” Eve said, “Uh…What did the doctors say? Um, about…like…”

“My head?”


“Don’t seem so uncomfortable, Eve. When has it ever been awkward?”

“Uh. Well, we’ve never been in this,” she motioned the hospital room around them, “situation before. So, I dunno…Anyway, what did they say?”

“Not much as of yet. I only woke up a while ago. They just told me what they did, then I told them about you and they decided to wait until you got here to fully explain.”

“Okay,” Eve nodded.

She took a seat next to the bed her father lay in and sighed, closing her eyes. Her head started to hurt a bit from the bright lights in the hospital room. Eve heard the door squeak open and she turned around to see who entered. Frank’s head sheepishly poked through to door. Eve smiled and signaled him to come in. Frank walked over and took a seat next to her. He tried to hold her hand, but he frowned when she pulled away.

“Uh, dad. This is my friend, Frank,” Eve shot him a look, begging him to go with it.

“Hi, Frank,” he father smiled.

Frank quickly looked at Eve, understanding her glance before introducing himself, “Hi,” he smiled and went to shake her father’s hand.

“Uh, I’m sorry we’re meeting under such…well, weird circumstances.” Eve’s father said.

Frank laughed quietly, already seeing where Eve got her awkwardness, “No, don’t be,” Frank smiled, “I completely understand. Really.”

“Well, thank you. You seem like a good kid.”

“He is,” Eve chimed in, flashing a smile in Frank’s direction. Frank returned the smile and Eve’s father eyed them almost suspiciously. There was a slightly awkward silence that was fortunately broken when an old man in a white coat walked in the room. The doctor, obviously. He was smiling, a little which calmed Eve’s nerves a lot as she was still unsure of what exactly was going to happen with her dad.

“Hello.” the man smiled. “I’m Dr. Smith.”

They all greeted him politely.

“You are John, right?” He asked looking towards Eve’s father.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Okay, well, the surgery went quite well and we think that, with a few prescriptions, you’re little memory problem is, well, no longer a problem.”

“...Really?” Eve asked. This was overwhelming. What had caused so much pain throughout her entire life was gone.

“Yes,” Dr. Cox said with a smile. “You will have to take precautions, obviously. So, try not to hit your head, take the meds we prescribe, try and sleep properly and everything should be fine soon.”

“That’s probably the best news I’ve ever heard in my life,” Eve grinned.

“I'm glad to hear that, but right now I have to go tend to some other patients, but I’ll be back later on to see how long it’ll be until you can go home,” Dr. Cox smiled one last time before leaving the room.

“Dad, this is awesome!” Eve cried as she jumped up and hugged her dad. Frank sat there awkwardly, but smiled at how happy Eve and her father looked. He couldn’t be happier for the both of them. They were gonna be okay and it made him happier as well.

Eve’s father seemed to be speechless. Frank couldn’t imagine how great he must’ve been feeling.


A few weeks later, Eve and her father continued to live in their house and Eve’s father was slowly coming to terms with everything that had happened. He was doing quite well, though. Frank missed Eve staying with him all the time, but he understood that her father wouldn’t have been too happy if he found out that Eve and him were together.

However, just as things at home were getting better for Eve, things at school were getting worse.

It was a Friday and Eve, Frank, Mikey, Gerard, Ray and Bob were all sitting at their usual table for lunch. They were just talking away when one of the jocks 'accidentally' bumped into Eve’s shoulder. Of course, it was the jocks dimwitted leader, Josh. He truly was an idiot, but he was also good looking and the football start, so of course, he was at the top of the social ladder. Eve just rolled her eyes at his 'accidental' bump and proceeded to turn back to the conversation she was having with the rest of the guys.

This seemed to work until Josh’s sidekick, Matt, pretended to stumble next to Eve and pour his glass of Coke all over her. Everyone else in the cafeteria started laughing at Eve. She just looked down at her hands as she blushed from embarrassment. That’s when Frank lost his fucking cool.

“What the fuck is your problem, you prick?!” He yelled, standing up from the table.

“Frank, don’t. Leave it. He’s not worth it,” Eve whispered, ringing out the coke from her hair.

“No, but you are,” He hissed back.

Matt just laughed at Frank, “My problem is you guys. Simple as that, faggot.”

Frank’s hands were clenched so tightly, his skin was turning white. “Insult me. I don’t care. Insult my friends or Eve and you’re dead.”

“Watcha gonna do, midget?”

Frank didn’t say anything. He just took a deep breath before launching himself full speed at Matt. Frank crashed into Matt so hard, the jock fell over with Frank on top. He was staring at him in shock, obviously not expecting Frank to lash out like that. He didn’t have much time to think before Frank was throwing punches right into his face. Everyone in the cafeteria had now crowded around. Most people were chanting in excitement, encouraging the fight. Frank’s fists collided with Matt’s jaw, then his nose and every inch of his face. Eve jumped up from where she was sitting and ran over, desperately trying to pull Frank off of Matt before anyone got any further injuries.

“Frank, stop!” She shrieked at him.

Eve tried pulling him up by his arm, but he only pulled it away in order to keep hitting Matt. Then Josh came over and pulled Eve back by her now soaked hair. She screamed because he pulled her hair so hard. Josh was using one of his arms to constrict Eve from using hers and the other to grip her rather tightly around her throat.

“Cut it out or she gets it!” Josh yelled. Frank didn’t hear him because everyone surrounding them were yelling too loudly. Matt had started to punch Frank back.

“Frank! Stop it!” Eve screamed as loud as her voice would let her, but he didn’t stop. He wasn‘t even close. Neither was Matt.

“I’ll only say it one more time. Leave him alone or your bitch gets it, Iero!” Josh barked again.

Bob, Ray, Mikey and Gerard were desperately trying to push their way through the crowd to help Frank and Eve, but they couldn’t get through. Those kids were going fucking crazy.

“That’s it!” Josh yelled.

He let go of Eve, but only long enough so he could grab an empty lunch tray from the table they were next to. Matt used his legs to kick Frank off him and Frank hit the floor, shaking his head before looking around all the cheering and yelling students. It was like a wrestling match. He glanced around everywhere until his eyes fell on Josh who had Eve by her hair again, holding the lunch tray above his head.

At the same time, one of Josh’s friends leaned into his ear and said, “Dude, you can't hit a girl. Save it for Iero.”

Josh shook his head. Frank barely had time to react, Josh slammed the tray right across Eve’s face and she let out a cry as she fell to the floor. The room suddenly fell silent. Sure, there were beat ups between guys and bitch fights between girls, but a guy had never lay hands on another girl before. Anger burned in Frank’s chest with such intensity, he thought he was going to explode.

“I’LL KILL YOU!” Frank roared as he stood and up and stormed towards Josh, but before he could get close someone else was yelling out.

“You will kill no one, Mr. Iero!” their principal commanded. All eyes shot to where the voice came from and the principal of the school, Mrs. April, was making her way to the front of the crowd that had formed, “All students, return to your classes immediately!” Everyone in the hall groaned and trudged their way out of the cafeteria, “Except for you four!” She snapped as Josh, Matt, Frank and Eve tried to walk out unnoticed.

Frank wrapped one arm around Eve’s waist and used the other to brush the hair out of her face. It was sticking there because she was crying. Frank kissed her check, which was already starting to bruise.

“Sugar…” he whispered so only she could hear. “Are you okay?”

Eve forced a small smile and a nod. “Yeah, Frankie. Don’t worry. Nothing I haven't endured before.”

Frank frowned at her, and kissed her gently.

“Frank. Eve. Get here, now!” Mrs. April ordered. Frank didn’t take his arm away from Eve’s waist as he lead her over to where Josh and Matt were standing in front of Mrs. April. It wasn’t until then that Frank notcied the real damage he had done to Matt’s face. His nose was bleeding, it looked like he had a busted lip and his eye was starting bruise a little to. In his mind, Frank smirked. The bastard deserved it. Now, he only wished he could do worse to Josh. Remembering what he’d just done to Eve made Frank tighten his grip around her waist.

“Now, which one of you would like to explain this to me? And don’t even think about lying because I am not fooling around, here, Mrs. April said.

No one replied.


“Before anyone says anything, know that Eve did nothing wrong,” Frank said. Matt scoffed and Josh rolled his eyes.

“Don’t, Frank,” Eve whispered.

“What? It’s true. Mrs. April, Eve hasn’t done anything wrong. All she did was try to stop it.”

“I’ll make that judgment when I hear the full story of what happened, Mr. Iero,” Mrs. April said.

Frank sighed, “Okay. Josh shoved Eve in the shoulder on purpose, but we just ignored that, but then Matt came over and 'accidentally',” he used quotation marks, “Spilt his coke all over Eve. So, I got mad at him and he started talking crap to me. So, I…kinda attacked him.”

Mrs. April’s eyes narrowed. When Josh and Matt saw this, they smirked immediately.

“So…” Frank continued. “I was fighting with Matt then everyone crowded around us and eventually Matt kicked me off and I looked over and saw Josh…” he clenched his teeth. “Hitting Eve in the face with a lunch tray.”

Mrs. April’s jaw dropped, “Josh! Is that true?”

“No! He’s lying, ma’am!” Josh lied.

“No, he’s not!” Eve snapped, “Mrs. April, I was trying to get Frank to stop when Josh grabbed me and said if Frank didn’t stop that I’d get it. I don’t think Frank heard because everyone else was yelling. So, he grabbed the lunch tray and yeah…”

“Joshua Smith, that behavior is not acceptable! How dare you lash out at someone like that!”

“But, ma’am Frank did too!” Josh pleaded.

“I’m well aware of that, Josh, but at least he had the courage to own up to what he did. You, however, tried to lie to me. Every other student was in here at the time, Josh. That means witnesses. I can ask anyone else was happened.”

“But, ma’am!”

“That’s enough, Josh! You had no reason at all to threaten Eve like that. Understand?”

Josh nodded and looked at the floor.

“Now, Matt, Frank and Eve, go to the nurses office and get yourselves looked at. Josh, you come with me to my office. Matt and Frank after you’re done at the nurses office, you wait outside mine. Eve, you’re free to go after you get looked at. Everyone understand?”

“Yes, ma’am,” They all said.

“Good. Now get going.”

Frank held Eve close while they walked next to Matt in silence to the nurses office. Josh went in the opposite direction with Mrs. April. When they arrived at the nurses office, the head nurse immediately took Matt into her room because, well, he looked horrible. Frank and Eve sat waiting until he was taken care of.

“I’m gonna kill them,” Frank whispered.

“Don’t,” Eve replied, "I don't want a boyfriend in juvie."

“No one hurts you and gets away with it.”

“Well, they didn’t. Mrs. April gonna go off at them. Just relax, Frankie.”

“Yeah, well, I still haven’t made them pay.”

“You won’t need to.”

“Yes, I will. Jesus, your cheeks already going purple.”

“I have make-up.”

“That’s not the point,” Frank said, stroking her bruising cheek. He kissed the injury, but it only made her wince, “Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” she smiled. “Your face doesn’t look that great either.”

“Gee, thanks.”

“No,” Eve giggled, “I mean, your lips busted and your nose is bruising.”

“Oh, geeze. Really? I didn’t notice.”

“Yeah. Want me to kiss it better?”

“Yes,” Frank smirked.


The final bell rang and Ray, Bob, Mikey and Gerard were waiting at the school gate for Frank and Eve. All everyone was talking about for the rest of the day was the fight that happened in the cafeteria. None of them got the chance to talk to Eve or Frank about it. They’d been either at the nurses or principals office for the rest of the day. When they saw the two of them walking over, they ran to meet them halfway.

“Guys, what the hell happened?” Gerard asked.

“Are you alright?” Ray cut in.

“Yeah, yeah. We’re fine, guys,” Eve assured them.

“You don’t fucking look fine,” Mikey said, pointing to the bruise on Eve’s face.

“I know it looks bad, but it really isn’t.”

“What about you, Frank? Did Matt fuck up your face or what?” Bob asked.

“Thanks, man,” Frank replied sarcastically.

“But what about Matt and Josh? What did Mrs. April do?” Gerard asked.

“Well, Josh got suspended for a few days, Matt’s got a few detentions and I have a few detentions as well.”

“You rebel,” Ray laughed.

“Oh, hells yeah. I’m into bad boys,” Eve smirked.

“So, you guys are okay?” Mikey asked as they began walking home.

“Yeah. Just pissed off,” Frank replied, “I swear, I could’ve killed Josh if the bloody principal didn’t show up.”

“Good thing she did. I don’t want my boyfriend to be a murderer,” Eve warned.

“You just said you were into bad boys!” Frank complained.

“To an extent, Frank. To an extent.”

They continued to walk and talk until they came to Eve’s house.

“Oh, shit!” she cried, “How the hell am I gonna explain this to my dad?”

“Uh, tell him you ran into a wall?” Bob suggested.

“Or tell him the truth.” Frank said, shooting Bob a look to let him know how stupid he was.

“Argh. I’ll try and get to my room before he sees me so I can cover it up.”

“Okay, but what’s so bad about telling him what happened?” Gerard asked.

“I don’t want him to freak out about it. Knowing him, that’s probably what he’ll do. He's been so over-protective since he came back from the hospital.”

“Yeah, well, just be careful,” Frank smiled softly.

“I will.”

“We’ll see ya later, Eve,” Ray called as he walked off with Mikey, Bob and Gerard close behind.

“Bye, guys!” She called out.

“I’m sorry all this happened. You wouldn’t have gotten hurt if I didn’t lash out at Matt like that,” Frank whispered as the rest of them walked off.

“Hey, don’t blame yourself,” Eve replied, “It was those stupid jocks that caused it. Not you.”

“I’m sorry,” Frank repeated.

“Stop it,” Eve said. She grabbed his face and kissed him softly. He snaked his arms around her waist and moved his lips against hers. Eve pulled away after a minute, “I need to go before my dad sees us.”

Frank’s face fell in disappointment, “Okay. I love you.”

“I love you too,” she smiled, “Bye, Frankie.”

Eve walked up her pathway and blew Frank one more kiss before letting herself inside.

He walked home smiling.
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