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Rip Off Your Head And Feast Upon Your Flesh

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Secrets revealed and another fight? Really?

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As Eve crept through her house, she quickly made sure her dad couldn’t hear or see her.

“Eve? You home?” he called out.

Mission: failure.

“Uh, yeah, Dad,” she replied, “I’ll be back down in a second, I just need to do something!”

She quickly ran up the stairs, into her room and shut the door. She dumped her bag on the floor and went to her dressing table, grabbing her cover-up and she carefully put it on her bruise. After a few minutes, she had covered it up pretty well so she returned down stairs where her father was in the kitchen.

“Hey, Dad,” she smiled.

“Hey, Eve. How was school?”

“Um. It was good.”

“That’s good.”


“So…that Frank boy seems pretty nice.”

Eve was confused, “Umm. Yes, he is.”

“And how do you feel about this Frank?”

“Um. He’s cool…Why?”

“I saw you two out there, you know,” he father chuckled.

Eve froze and felt her face burn from embarrassment. She slapped her hands over her face, “Oh, god!” She groaned.

Her father laughed, “Don’t worry, honey. It’s okay.”


“Of course. Besides, I saw you two in the hospital and I already sensed something was going on.”

“That obvious, huh?”

“Yeah,” He smiled, “But don’t worry about it, okay? It’s fine. Just…you know, don’t do anything…stupid.”

“Okay! I won’t!” Eve said the second she knew where her dad was going with it. She was definitely not in the mood for the ‘sex talk’. He just laughed at her. She blushed, “Uh, Dad. I’m gonna hang in my room for a while.”

“Okay, but dinners gonna be ready soon!”

“I know, I’ll come back down when it is!”

Eve ran into her room and closed the door again. Immediately, she grabbed her school bag and searched around for her phone. Once she found it, she straight away dialed Frank’s number. A few rings later he picked up.

“Hey, sugar.”


“Yes. It’s me. What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“My dad saw us kissing!”


“He saw us!”

“Uh, shit. Is he mad? Please don't tell me we have to break up,” Frank’s voice was filled with panic.

Eve pulled a face and laughed at him. “What? No. He’s totally cool with it.”


“Yeah! I was shocked too, but thank god, right?”

“Yeah. Right.” Frank breathed in relief.

“I seriously thought he’d totally shit and get really mad, but, yay.”

Frank giggled. “Yes, Eve. Yay.”

“Ahh, I’m so bored,” Eve sighed.

“Hmm. Same here. I’d invite you over, but, uh, my parents would probably get mad.”

“It’s cool I probably wouldn’t be allowed anyway,” Eve laughed.

“Yeah…I wish you could stay over here all weekend. I miss you living with me.”

“Me too, baby. But if it means my dad will be okay--”

"Yeah, yeah," Frank said, "It's okay. I understand."

“Eve!” Her father called. “Dinner’s ready!”

“Coming!” She called, “Frank, I gotta go.”

“Aw. Okay,” Frank sighed, “I’ll talk to you later, I guess.”

“Yeah. Love you.”

“Love you too.”

“Bye,” Eve hung up her phone and made her way downstairs.


After what felt like a very quick weekend, it was Monday. Frank and Eve were both a little nervous about going back after Fridays events, but neither of them would admit it. They still had faint evidence on their faces from the fight that occurred the Friday before Their fears were heightened when they walked into the school yard greeted with all the jocks death staring them. Eve and Frank immediately avoided eye contact, but they knew that were still being watched.

“Do you think they’re gonna do anything?” Eve asked Frank as they entered the building together.

“I don’t know. Why would they? They’re in big enough trouble already.”

“Yeah, I guess…” Frank heard the uneasiness in Eve’s voice.

“Hey,” he said, pulling her to face him, “They lay a hand on you. I kill them.”

Eve smiled, “Okay, but who’s gonna protect your weak ass?”

Frank rolled his eyes, “You’re so nice to me, Eve.”

“I know,” She giggled as the bell rang, “Shit! I’ve still gotta get my books. I’ll see ya later!” she called running down the hall to her lockers.

Frank just waved even though her back was turned and walked to get his books too. Eve arrived at her locker and hurriedly opened it and got her books out when a small piece of paper fell out of it. Confused, she leant down and opened it up. It was a note that read:

You, your boyfriend and your friends are dead.
You’re gonna pay for it, bitch.

Eve couldn't control the wave of fear that coursed through her body.

The jocks. Obviously.

Besides, who else would have handwriting so hideous? She knew this wasn’t good at all, but she knew she couldn't tell anyone about this. Eve was afraid of what would happen, yes, but she planned not to tell Frank or their friends, hoping that it would protect them from whatever the jocks were planning. She wasn’t exactly sure how it would really protect them, but she could hope. She suddenly realized she was now running even later than before. So, she quickly put the note back in her locker and she sprinted to her first class.

In the second class of the day, Eve had Art with Gerard, and he was quick to notice something off about her.

“Is everything okay? You seem a little weird today,” he asked.

“Yeah. Everything’s fine. I guess, I’m just tired,” Eve lied flawlessly. Gerard believed her.

“Oh, okay. If you’re sure?” He asked, once more.

“Yeah. No sweat, Gee,” She smiled as she put the final touches on the sketch she was working on for her project. A few minutes later, it was complete, “Finished,” she announced, “What do you think?”

Gerard looked over it, “You carry the skill of a god.”

“Really? Thanks,” She blushed. “Better go hand it in. Have you finished yours, yet?”

“Uh, almost. I think.”

“Okay, but you better hurry or else the teacher shall rip off your head and feast upon your flesh.”

Gerard laughed, “Yes because that’s totally gonna happen, Eve.”

She shrugged, “It could. People are sick like that.”

“Go hand it in,” Gerard laughed again.

“Very well,” Eve grinned, before walking to the front of the classroom.

Time passed and soon enough, lunch time came around again. Eve made her way back to her locker to collect her things and she saw the note she’d found this morning. She paused and looked at it. Like, it was something completely evil and if she stared at it hard enough it would disappear into the abyss. It didn’t, though, obviously. Eve continued to stare as she absentmindedly put her books back into her locker. She kept thinking about what the jocks might do to her or her friends or Frank. The thought scared her and almost made her nauseous. Just the thought of her friends getting hurt… She jumped about a foot in the air when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Woah, hey. Calm down, much?” Gerard laughed.

Eve sighed in relief, “Sorry.”

“You sure you’re alright?”

“Yeah, man. I was just daydreaming. You kinda scared me,” Eve laughed gently.

“My bad.”

“S’okay,” Eve turned to pull out the books she needed. When she pulled out her ridiculously over-sized maths book, she accidentally knocked the note onto the floor, but didn’t notice at all. Gerard did, however and picked it up.

“Oh, you dropped your…” Gerard’s sentence trailed off as his eyes scanned the letter.

“Dropped my what?” Eve asked and she turned around. As soon as she saw the note in Gerard’s hands, she snatched it away so fast it startled him. Avoiding eye contact, she shoved it back in her locker, slammed it shut and walked off.

“Eve,” Gerard said, walking after her, “What the hell is that note about? Who gave that to you?”

“The jocks or something. I don’t know, okay? You weren‘t even supposed to see that. Don’t tell anyone,” Eve begged him.

Gerard shook his head, “How can you not tell anyone? Eve, show this to the principal. They won’t do anything if you get them now.”

“No. I’m not doing that. They’ll just get even angrier. Look, I was going to face this by myself and not get you or Frankie or anyone else involved. So, just pretend you never this, okay?” Eve took her voice down to a whisper as they entered the cafeteria. She looked over at their table and saw Frank wearing a goofy smile and waving. She blushed and waved back, beginning to walk over until Gerard grabbed her arm and pulled her back with a force she didn’t know Gerard had in him, “Ow! Dude, that hurt.”

“Sorry,” he said, “But Eve you’re not gonna do this by yourself. Are you insane?”

“Maybe. I don‘t know. Who cares?”

“Uh, me. And we both know Frankie does. If you get hurt in even the slightest way, the rest of us are gonna be more upset than you know. Especially Frank. Don’t try and act like nothing’s wrong when there is!” Gerard’s voice turned into a fierce whisper. It almost frightened Eve to see him this aggravated. Gerard was usually a calm, nice person. He hadn’t let go of her arm yet and his grip was tightening.

“Okay, Gerard. Can you drop the whole breaking my arm thing,” Eve whimpered.

Gerard only just noticed what he’d done, “Oh, geeze. Shit. I’m sorry. Are you okay? I didn’t even…Shit. Sorry."

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it,” Eve breathed as she rubbed her hand over the part of her forearm where Gerard had hurt her.

“I, seriously, didn’t mean to do that.”

“Gee, cool it. I’m fine.”

“Alright...Back to my point, you’re not gonna do this by yourself. Just tell the principal, please.”

“Tell the principal what?” came a voice from behind.

Eve jumped and turned around to see Frank standing behind them looking confused.

“Huh? Oh, nothing,” Eve laughed nervously, "I just need to ask for an exstention on my art project because I totally fucked it up."

"How do you even like that quick?" Gerard mumbled, under his breath.

Frank didn’t looked convinced, “Yeah, okay. First of all, you told me that project was going really well for you. Secondly, Gerard, I saw your kung-fu grip on her just before. So, let’s try telling the truth this time, shall we?”

Frank’s tone was annoyed. Eve felt bad, but still didn’t want to involve Frank in this. She didn’t wasn’t to involve Gerard in it either, but it was too late for that now. Before she could talk, Gerard spoke.

“She got a threatening note which she thinks the jocks put in her locker and I told her to tell the principal, but she refuses to,” He said quickly.

“Argh! Gee!” She groaned in frustration, hitting him in the shoulder.

“What? Threatening as in how?” Frank asked.

“Ugh. Threatening as in, saying that we were all dead. Meaning, you, me, Gee, Mikes, Ray and Bob.”

“What the fuck? Well, why did you tell Gerard and then you weren’t you gonna tell me?” Frank asked, admittedly, a little hurt.

“No! It’s not like that, Frankie. I wasn’t gonna tell anyone because I didn’t want anyone getting involved or hurt in this, but Gerard was waiting for me to get my books when the note fell out and he found it.”

“And thank god I did,” Gerard added.

Eve rolled her eyes, “Look, just drop it. None of this happened, okay?”

“Yes. It did. Stop it,” Frank said.

“Fine! It did, but don’t tell the other guys, got it? The last thing we need is them freaking out too.”



After school concluded that day, everyone began walking home. Eve continued to ignore the fact that she received that note, but Frank and Gerard had exchanged concerned glances and talked about it when they had class together. They were freaking out and they knew Eve was too, but she refused to show it. It worried Frank a lot.

They’d only walked for a few minutes down the empty road when someone shouted from behind them.

“Surprise, surprise, fuckers!”

They all stopped and turned around.

“Shit…” Eve whispered.

It was Josh and Matt who had what looked to be five or six other buff jocks standing behind them. Eve’s heart almost froze entirely when she saw that two of them had baseball bats. Metal baseball bats.

“What the fuck?” Ray asked.

“Aw. Didn’t the little bitch tell you?” Josh sneered towards Eve. “We’re gonna have a little fun with you guys.”

“We know you guys are all gay, but that doesn’t mean you need to rape us,” Bob replied. Everyone sniggered, except for the jocks.

“You’re hilarious, blondie. Just for that, you get Pete,” Josh hissed. Bob wondered who Pete was until one of the boys holding a metal bat stepped forward, looking just about ready to murder him.

“Leave us the fuck alone, asswipe,” Eve warned.

“Uh, no. I think we’ll stay. You see, I might have to give up football for what you did and I‘m not too happy about that.”

“What she did? You started the whole fucking thing!” Frank cried.

“No, he didn’t. You guys started it by existing,” Matt sneered resulting in the jocks laughing.

“Dude, that joke wasn’t even funny-” Mikey started.

“Not now, Mikes,” Gerard interrupted, “Just leave us alone, alright?” He said, looking at the jocks, “We get it. You’re popular and capable of putting people in comas. We’re not. Point made, now go home.”

Ray, Eve, Frank, Bob, Mikey and Gerard all turned to walk away when Bob was pulled back by two of the jocks, followed by the others, and through the bushes which outlined the small forest they were standing next to.

“Oi, let him go!” Eve yelled, running after them as fast as she could. Frank, Gerard, Ray and Mikey all ran after her as well. Eve kept them in sight until they came to a stop at a small clearing in the middle of the tall trees. Pete came forward with the baseball bat and didn’t hesitate in crashing it into Bob’s right shin. The pain struck Bob harder than anything had before and he let out an almost deafening cry of pain.

“Leave him alone!” Eve yelled as she ran forward and launched herself at Pete. She kept scratching at his face and tried to remove the baseball bat from his hands, but he soon used to the end of it to hit her in the head and he shoved her to the side where she lay for a moment clutching the area where she’d be struck.

She felt as though everything was happening in slow motion. Eve heard the yelling voices of everyone, but they were muffled. Her vision had gone blurry for a few seconds, but she shook her head and regained proper sight. Eve’s head had shooting pains rushing through it all at once, but she had to get up and help Bob. She rolled over because she was lying down with her back facing the rest of the guys and when she turned, she saw that everyone was fighting with each other.

It was like a clashing of the monotone and the colours. The colours were winning.

Oh, holy fucking shit, Eve thought to herself.

She looked carefully at everyone and saw that the jocks were definately winning.

Mikey’s nose had mass amounts of blood squirting out of it while he tried to fight back at Josh. Gerard has an almost similar amount of blood all over his teeth and lips, from where he'd been hit. Bob was back on the ground again, clutching his leg in pain as Pete kept bashing him, Ray was on his hand and knees, holding a hand to his mouth while another jock was kicking his stomach.

Eve's blood really boiled, though, when she saw that Matt had Frank pinned down the ground, clutching his hand around Frank’s neck and using the other to punch him in the face. Matt’s hand collided with the side of Frank’s face over and over again. Frank turned and looked at Eve whilst receiving the punches over and over. The look in his eyes that showed so much agony was too much for Eve to stand by and watch.

“STOP IT!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, while she stood up, staggering from the dizzy feeling she still had. Her tactic worked because the second she screamed, everyone stopped and stared at her. Eve started trembling slightly, and couldn't walk too straight, but refused to show it as she continued her rant with a strong face, “You are sick motherfuckers! Just fucking leave it. You've made your point!”

“C’mon, guys. Let’s ditch these fags,” Josh called out as he left the forest with his band of followers close behind, leaving the beaten outcasts in unbearable pain.

“Thank god,” Mikey coughed out, wiping the blood from his face.

“Is everyone okay?” Eve asked, walking over slowly, still stumbling from all her dizziness.

“My face hurts like fuck,” Mikey whined.

“Mmph…Arrgghh!” Gerard mumbled in response. He couldn’t talk, but only spit out the blood that pooled in his mouth.

“Shut up, Gee!” Ray said. “At least you didn’t loose a fucking tooth.”

“What?” Eve cried, rushing to his side. “Let me see! Oh, fuck, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, Eve. It just feels weird…” Ray reassured her.

“That’s all great, but can someone help me get the fuck up. My leg is busted, dude,” Bob called out. Gerard and Mikey walked over and helped him up. Bob tried to put weight on his injured leg, but ended up releasing a huge cry of pain. This was a cue to Gerard and Mikey to become his human crutches until they could find help. Eve helped Ray up too as she continued to inspect his face for any other injury.

“God, Eve,” Ray sighed. “You worry too mu- Oh, shit. Frank...”

Eve turned sharply as soon as Ray said his name, feeling horrible for forgetting him.

He didn't notice, though, because he lay unconcious on the groun, barely moving, barely breathing.
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