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Chapter One **Love Like Winter**

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2 years has passed and Virginia has changed... a bit

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It had been two years since I had walked into Ray’s office and told him that I would not be working at the hotel anymore.

It had been two years since I had learnt that my dreams of becoming a mummy were nothing more than just dreams.

It had been two years since the sweetest tasting lips collided with mine.

We stayed in contact after I had left the hotel, but life became to busy for text messages and random phone calls. Soon enough Gerard became a memory and nothing more.

Since that kiss at my house, I have been unable to find another moment that even compared to it. I admit that without fail every day I will think about that day and how much it meant to me. I would think about his gentle hands gliding across my body. The way his breath on my neck would send shivers down my spine. The way he looked into my eyes as he held me in my arms. Chris does all those things, but I don’t react the same way as I did when Gerard was doing them to me.

Chris and I have been together for over a year now. His my little geek boy. He wears these square, black, thick framed glasses and has a secret relationship with his play station 3. Really the only geeky thing about him is his glasses, but I like to call him my little geek boy. Chris is currently studying medicine, so I guess he is kind of nerdy. His nose is so deep in text books that I find myself constantly fishing him out of them.

Chris and I met at a gig 18 months ago and things slowly progressed from there. Chris still lives with his parents and I plan on keeping it that way for a very long time. I learnt my lesson from Damien and I plan on taking things real slow with this one.

‘Come on Virginia smile! You look so cute when you do!’ I sat with my lips pouted at the camera lens Chris was thrusting into my face. I pulled the white bed sheet over my face in an attempt to cover myself. Chris just ripped the sheet away from my body, exposing my lace night gown.

I turned away from the camera and pretended to be interested in something in the distance. ‘Come on Vee, say something to the happy couple.’

‘Don’t ever call me that! And turn that fucking camera off!’ Chris jumped off the bed and exited the bedroom into the hotel room’s ensuite. I laid still on the king size bed and mentally stated kicking myself for telling Chris off.

Chris and I were staying in a city hotel, as my best friend Courtney was getting married in the hotels ballroom. I was a bridesmaid and she requested we all stayed at the hotel the night before the wedding.

I kicked the rest of the sheets off my body and flung my legs over the side of the bed. I made my way into the bathroom where Chris stood staring at himself in the mirror. The camera was sitting next to the basin. I wrapped my arms around his torso and stood up on my toes so I could rest my head on his shoulder. I looked into the mirror and our eyes met. A small smile grew across his face as his eyes connected with mine.

‘I’m so sorry I yelled before babe. I didn’t mean to yell.’

‘It’s okay sweetie, I forgive you. Now come here.’ He turned around so his body was facing mine. He pressed his lips onto mine and I returned the kiss but with a bit more pressure. He let go of me and reached out for the video camera again. I sat myself down on the baths edge. ‘Lets try this again shall we.’

I looked up to the camera and battered my eyelids. Chris looked down at me rather than through the small screen that was attached to his camera. ‘What are you doing Virginia?’ I kept looking into the lens and ran my tongue across my bottom lip. My left hand crossed over to my right shoulder and I let the thin strap fall down my arm. ‘Virginia, the camera is rolling.’

‘I know, and you better keep it rolling.’ I began tugging at the top of his boxer shorts. He set the camera on the bathroom counter and shed his shorts.


Chris and I laid against the bathroom tiles when the phone began to rang. Reluctantly I pulled myself up from the floor and hurried towards the phone. I didn’t even get to say hello as Courtney barked down the line. ’Where the hell are you? I have been banging on your room door, the hair stylist is here, get your butt to my room now.’ She didn’t even let me respond, she just slammed the phone down. Chris was leaning against the bathroom door and stared at me with sympathetic eyes.

‘Duty calls?’

‘Like you wouldn’t believe!’ I threw a singlet and a pair of shorts on and headed towards the door. ‘I will see you when I’ve been beautified.’

‘They are going to have a hard time beautifying you, coz you already are beautiful.’ He kissed my forehead and opened the door for me.

I ventured down the corridor to Courtney’s room. I was about to knock, when the door swung open. ‘Get your ass in here! We are already so behind!’ Court grabbed my arm and yanked me over the threshold into her room. Her younger sister and best friend already had their hair done and were waiting for their make up to be done. I settled myself into the chair positioned in front of the mirror.

45 minutes later my hair was complete and I had soft curls framing my face. Court gave me the once over and once she was satisfied the stylist stepped away and I moved to the bed and waited for my turn with the make up artist. ‘Virginia, can you do me a favour, once your make up is done, can you go down to the lobby and go meet my parents.’

‘Sure thing Court.’ I grabbed my dress and headed into the bathroom, being careful to not mess the hair as I slipped the dress over my head. I have to admit the dress that Courtney picked out was rather cute. It was black with thin straps and flowed down to my knees. A simple red ribbon sat underneath my boobs and tied around into a bow at the back. The bottom of the dress was lined with tulle and I loved it because it was just so simple.

I stepped out of the bathroom and the make up artist was ready and waiting for me. It didn’t take her long to complete her task and I was finally set free from Courtney’s clutches. I slowly made my way down the corridor towards the elevator. Me and stilettos aren’t a good combination. Eventually I made it to the lift and down to the lobby. I headed towards the bar and ordered a coffee. As the bartender handed me my coffee I asked him to charge it back to my room. He gave me a gentle smile as I turned away from the bar.

As I twisted around I collided with someone causing half my coffee to spill onto my dress and the carpet. ‘Oh fuck me.’ I exclaimed out aloud.

‘What right now? Here?’
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