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Chapter Two **Dirty Little Secret**

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My eyes looked up from my dress to the man standing in front of me. He was dressed in a suit and had a name badge on the left side of his suit jacket. I didn’t need to read the name badge to know who I had crashed into. His killer smile was across his face as his eyes meet mine. Instantly the butterflies in my stomach began to flutter as I sank deeper into his caramel eyes. ‘You still want to do the dirty in public?’

I swatted his arm and let out a small giggle. ‘Gerard! How the hell have you been?’ I rested the what was left of my coffee onto the bar and threw my arms around Gerard. He held onto me tightly and rested his head onto my shoulder. After what seemed like a lifetime we eventually let go of each other. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘I’m the General Manager of this fine establishment.’

‘Your kidding! You left the airport?’

‘Yep! Sure did! What about you, why are you here?’

‘Oh I’m here for a wedding. Oh shit, look at my dress! Court is going to kill me!!’ Gerard snapped his fingers and a bell boy appeared almost instantly at his side. ‘Rob, I want you to go notify the laundry that I will be sending down a very important garment that I need cleaned immediately.’ Rob nodded his head and vanished just as quickly as he arrived.

‘You my dear come with me.’ He held out his arm and I linked mine into it. He lead me through the lobby out to the hotel offices. He opened two oak doors and ushered me into his office. ‘Wow Gerard, I am impressed.’ I walked through his office looking at the numerous awards he had framed and put up onto the wall. On his desk was a photo frame with Lindsay, Bandit and another child. ‘Did we become a daddy again?’

‘Yeah that’s little Veronica. She’s 4 months old now.’ I stalled for a moment when he said her name. I almost thought he was going to say Virginia. ‘Born in November.’

‘Gerard, I do know what month it was four months ago.’ He gave me a smirk and walked over to a cupboard door. He pulled out a bath robe and handed it to me. ‘Here put this on so I can get your dress fixed immediately.’ I took the bath robe and look around the room for a door. Gerard realised what I was searching for and pointed towards the cupboard ‘Next to it is the door to the bathroom.’ I gave him a grateful nod and showed myself to the bathroom.

Once again I slipped off the dress, making sure I didn’t mess the hair or make up. I put the robe on and made sure I tied it tightly. I came out into his office and he was sitting behind his enormous desk. I held my dress up with one finger and he jumped on the phone to get a staff member to come collect my soiled garment.

‘Come sit down, I am getting some more coffee brought up seeing as you destroyed your last one.’

‘Excuse me! I didn’t destroy it, you did darling.’

‘Me? How is it my fault?’

‘Well maybe if you were standing so close to me!’ He smiled at me again and shrugged his shoulders.

‘Sorry I can’t help myself.’ There was a gentle knock at the door and Gerard allowed them to enter. Rob came in with a tray of freshly brewed coffee and placed it on his desk. He took the dress and scurried out of the office. ‘Do you still smoke?’

‘Of course I do! I’ve changed Gerard, but not that much.’ He stood up and showed me out to a small courtyard outside his office. We lit our cigarettes as he looked me up and down. ‘You have changed haven’t you?’ He lifted his hand and fingered a curl that was hanging on side of my face. ‘Why did you chop it off? Did you fall asleep in the chair or was this on purpose?’

I blushed as I took a step away from him and repositioned the curl to where the hairdresser had set it. ‘Yes it was on purpose. I wanted a new look.’

‘I liked you better with long hair, but I am not complaining about the darkness of it. Dark hair definitely suits you.’ My cheeks felt as though they were on fire as Gerard kept complimenting me.

‘So why did you change jobs? I never thought I would see you as a general manager.’ He stepped on his finished cigarette and looked down at the pavement. He mumbled something I couldn’t make out.
‘Sorry I didn’t hear that.’ I was leaning down closer to his face so I could hear his response.

‘I said that it was no longer fun.’ I let out a giggle as I leaned up against the concrete wall.

‘Work isn’t meant to be fun Gee. You and I both know that. Work is miserable and crap and…’ I didn’t get to finish my sentence as Gerard’s lips were pressed up against mine. At first my body went all rigid and for a split second I didn’t know how to react. It didn’t take to long for my body to come to life and react. I curled an arm around his back and pulled him into me.

He trusted his hips into mine as he deepened the kiss and pushed his tongue into my mouth. I tightened my grip around his body as he snaked his hand underneath my robe. Suddenly he stopped the kiss and rested his head on my shoulder ‘I am so sorry Vee… I just couldn’t…’

‘Shhh’ I placed a finger on his lips and looked into his eyes. ‘Don’t apologise. Don’t ruin this moment by apologising.’

‘B-but I need to apologise, I shouldn’t of done that.’

‘I don’t care because I know I shouldn’t be doing this.’ I launched my lips back onto his as I ran my fingers through his hair. He pulled away only to lift me up and carry me back into his office. He gently placed me on top of his desk and kissed me again. My robe fell between my legs and he ran his hand up my leg to my thigh. He moved away from lips and started kissing my neck. Small moans escaped my lips as each kiss sent electric shocks through my body.

There was another silent knock at the door and Gerard rested his head onto my chest in defeat. I let out a giggle and slowly manoeuvred myself onto my elbows while gliding him off my body. I jumped off the desk and ran around to sit in the seat opposite it. ‘Come in’ he called out. Rob popped his head around the corner of the door with my dress hanging on a coat hanger. I ran up to Rob and thanked him a million times over.

As soon as the door closed I dropped the robe to the ground and started to pull the dress over my head. Gerard sat his desk and watched as I dressed myself. I pulled at the dress making sure it was straightened out in all the right areas. I noticed Gerard staring at me so I did a little twirl followed by a bow in his direction. He let out a laugh as I bent down and picked up the bath robe. I placed the robe on the a chair and stood still staring at him.

‘So… I guess I should go. Court is probably wondering where I am and why I haven’t got her parents.’ He walked around his desk and lead me towards the door. I reached out and grabbed the door handle and he placed his hand over mine. I looked up at him, ‘What?’

He bent down and placed a kiss on my lips, he then moved towards my ear, ‘Can you keep a secret?’
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