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Chapter Three

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‘Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, for the first time, Mr and Mrs Crowe.’ The doors to the ballroom opened and revealed Courtney being held in her husbands arms sharing a kiss. A round of wolf whistles and cheers spread through the crowd. Andrew let his bride down to her feet as he took her hand and they started to walk into the crowded ballroom.

I watched from the bridal table as Court made her way through the sea of people. As my eyes wandered over the crowd, I caught a glimpse of Chris, who sent me a small wave with a cheeky smile. I weakly returned the favour and silently prayed that this night would come to and end.

The happy couple finally made it to the table and our entrée’s were brought out. I wasn’t all that interested in mine and just dragged my finger along side the plate. My body was at the reception but my mind was back in Gerard’s office. I kept thinking about his lips on mine, his tongue massaging mine, his hands running feverishly up and down my body.

I was broken out of my day dream by a tap on my bare shoulder. I turned to see Rob the bellboy standing behind my chair. He bent down and whispered into my ear ‘Mr Way requests your company on the balcony.’ Rob disappeared before I had a chance to thank him for passing on the message. I turned back around to face the crowd in the ballroom and scanned the room to find the exit for the balcony. As I got up to get out of my chair a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me back down onto my seat.

‘Where do you think you are going?’ Courtney hissed into my ear.

‘For a smoke, is that okay with you?’ She eyed me up and down. ‘Fine, just hurry up we are going to do speeches soon.’ I turned away and exited my seat, rolling my eyes in the process. I walked along side the bridal table and descended the small set of stairs onto the ballroom floor. I hurried across to the glass door that lead out to the balcony.

As soon as I pushed open the door, the cool evening air helped create goose bumps across my arms. I subconsciously rubbed my arms as I looked around for him. I didn’t have to look far. He placed his suit jacket over my bare shoulders and arms. He titled his head towards a dark corner of the balcony and I followed him. Once we were covered in darkness he slipped his hands around my waist.

‘Are you sure you are okay with this Vee?’ I looked down towards the ground as my nerves were beginning to take over.

‘I have wanted this more than you will ever begin to understand.’ He leaned in and placed a soft kiss on my forehead.

‘But are you okay about keeping it quiet?’

‘I would do anything to have you by my side Gerard, but I just need to know you want this is much as I do.’ Gerard sighed and took a step back. ‘Vee I have been living in the hotel while Lindsay has been talking with divorce lawyers.’

‘But shouldn’t we wait till it comes through?’

‘I cant wait that long Virginia, I need you in my arms now, but just have to keep it quiet. No one besides Rob knows that my wife and I are a part. Hell I don’t even know if Veronica is even mine.’ I recovered the step he took away from me and wrapped my arms around him resting my head on his chest.

‘We will get through this together.’ We stood there holding onto each other for what seemed like forever. My mind was running a mile a minute. I couldn’t believe that I was getting what I wanted for such a long time. It just seems to good to be true.

‘Virginia!’ My arms immediately dropped from his waist to my side. ‘Vir-gin-ia!’ I removed his jacket from my shoulders and trusted it into his chest. ‘Virginia where are you?’ I took in a deep breath and emerged from our dark hideaway. ‘There you are! Where have you been?’

‘Hi Chris. I was uh just around the corner, how are you enjoying the night?’

‘It would be better if I had my girl with me.’ He wrapped his arms around me and went to place a kiss on my lips. I leant my head away from him and his kiss landed on my cheek instead. I rested my head on his shoulder and sighed quietly to myself. He tightened his grip around me and it made me feel worse. Since being back in Gerard’s arms, nowhere else seemed safe.

‘Come on honey, lets get you inside, you must be frozen.’ He draped an arm around my shoulders and guided me to the door back into the ballroom. I looked back over my shoulder to see Gerard come out of the darkness. He was buttoning up his jacket when he caught my eye. He blew a kiss in my direction as I turned away.


I didn’t pay much attention to the friends and family that spoke about the newlyweds, I was to busy thinking about away of getting out of the relationship I was in with Chris. It was bad enough that I had cheated on him by making out with Gerard in his office, I couldn’t have another relationship behind his back. I know how much it hurt me when Damien did it to me, and I don’t want to inflict that pain onto Chris. He didn’t deserve it.

Eventually I broke out of my brainstorming session in my mind and flocked with all the other unmarried girls onto the dance floor in hopes of catching Courtney’s bouquet. I didn’t really want to partake in traditional wedding event but Courtney pushed me down to the dance floor with her. ‘I will aim for you’ she whispered as she turned her back to the growing pack of woman.

I pushed myself to the back of the group. I listened out as the DJ counted down to 1 and Courtney set her flowers into the air. I watched with shock as the flowers flew over the crowd woman and landed in my arms. A cheer ripped through the ballroom and Courtney smiled at me, proud with her efforts. My cheeks turned a hot shade of red as everyone clapped and cheered.

I was still in a state of shock that I didn’t notice Chris standing opposite me. I looked up from the bouquet in my hands and saw his blue eyes staring at me. What he did next not only shocked me, it petrified me. He moved down onto one knee and held a small velvet box between us.

‘Virginia Madison, will you marry me?’

The whole entire ballroom feel silent.

I looked up at Courtney who was smiling and giving me the thumbs up. The bitch had helped execute this plan. And directly behind Courtney was the man who had stolen my heart. He looked as shocked as me. His eyes met mine and we held each others gaze for a few seconds. I watched as he headed out of the room.

‘What did she say?’ I heard a guest murmur to another guest. It was then I snapped back to the situation at hand. I realised I had to give an answer.
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