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Frank POV/Gerard POV

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"I can help you with it, y'know"

"... How?" I asked.

He smiled at me again, while I continued to stare blankly at him.

"Well..." he said, stepping closer to me, backing me up until I was pressed against the cold metal of the lockers.

The feeling of his hot breath on my skin made me shiver, "I can think of a whole lot of ways to make you scream"

I swallowed nervously. There was no-one else in the halls. Everyone was either in the cafeteria or outside having their lunches.

"Show me" I said quietly

Gerard's POV

I kept my eyes locked with his as I slowly let my hand drift down his torso. I pressed my index finger against his lips, instructing him to keep quiet while I fixed his problem.

He nodded eagerly.

I placed my hand on the front of his jeans, keeping my motions slow and delicate. He bit down on his lip before letting out a low sigh.

I stroked him through the material, gradually adding more and more pressure.

My eyes stayed on him the whole time, watching as his face contorted in pleasure.

"Uhh.. sh-shit" he mumbled

I un-did his belt buckle and the button at the top of his jeans before slowly taking down his zipper. He moaned, but more out of frustration.

"Gerard, please?" he whimpered.

I couldn't help but smile. I love it when they beg....

Mr. Frecher was going on about that book we're supposed to be reading but I really wasn't paying attention.

I watched Frank squirm from his seat as my breath brushed across the back of his neck. For some reason I enjoyed doing this to him.

I let out a long sigh, sending a huge breath over his skin.

His whole body shivered and he groaned lowly.

I smiled to myself.


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