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Slippery When Wet

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Frank's got it ALL figured out

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Frank's POV

I slowly made my way to school, not bothering to rush even though I knew I'd be late. I was so deep in thought I couldn't care less about the detention I'd most likely receive.

I found out a few things yesterday...

1. The act of manual stimulation of the penis is called a handjob (Google)

2. Gerard gave me a handjob

3. And I fucking liked it

I'm just really confused right now. I've never had any sexual feeling towards anyone. And then I have this freaky and completely inappropriate dream about Gerard. I mean, he's... a dude.

I'm not supposed to like guys!

He gave me a fucking handjob, and I let him do it.

I feel so... so violated.

But he did say he was only helping me out.

But still, it was way out of line.

I walked through the silent hallways. Everyone else was in class, where they're supposed to be. I went over to my locker to get out my books for today.

"You're late" I jumped at the sudden voice but I soon frowned when I realised who it was.


"What the fuck do you want?" I snapped

He pouted, "You don't sound too happy"

"Like that's such a big surprise" I slammed my locker and went off in the wrong direction to my next class.

"Hey..." he said, grabbing my hand, "What's wrong?"

"Well, let's see. The fact that you wacked me off yesterday" I said

He started laughing. The bitch actually started laughing.

"How the hell is that funny. You took advantage of me" his laughter stopped and he looked at me as if I were crazy.

"I took advantage of you..." he said, pointing to himself, "Well, I surely wasn't the one going, Oh Gerard, please touch weiner... PLEASE!" he used this high pitched girly voice for the last part.

"I don't sound like that" I yelled

"Whatever Frank. You can't put this all on me, cause you sure as hell didn't stop me once we started"

He was right. Why'd he have to be right.

"Well... well I hate you" I stated, like an angry 5 year-old going on a temper tantrum.

"Oh, I beg to differ Frank... you love me"

"I do not"

"Yes you do" he said, bringing his face close to mine.

My eyes immediately dropped to his lips. God, his lips. I wonder what they taste like.

Wait, what?

I let out frustrated groan before I stormed off. But being the unobservant person that I am, I didn't notice that the floors were wet so I slipped and fell flat on my ass. Ouch.

Gerard burst out in a fit of giggles, "Nice one, Iero"

I tried to get up, but I ended up slipping again.

"Do you need a hand?" he asked, offering to help me up.

I rolled my eyes before letting him pull me to my feet.

He was still smiling, obviously holding back more laughter. And I tried my hardest not to burst out laughing at my own clumsy-ness.

"Well, I'll just be getting to class now" I said before walking away.

While I was rounding the corner I heard him burst out into another fit of girly giggles.

I couldn't help but crack a smile.


Hope you liked it!
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