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The Big MSN Arguement

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The biggest MSN arguement I've ever been involved in.

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The Big MSN Arguement

I sat down and turned on my computer. Oh, cool. CJ's online.

Hollie - Hiya.
CJ - Hi.
Hollie - How are you?
CJ - I'm fine, how bout you ginger?
Hollie - I'm not ginger.
CJ - No, but you were.
Hollie - It wasn't!
CJ - I'll prove it!
[Enter Luke]
CJ - Luke, was Hollie ginger?
Luke - Yes.
Hollie - It was red. And anyway Luke is your friend, ofcourse he'd say that!
CJ - Fine, get your proof.
Hollie - Maybe I will!
[Enter Ophelia]
Hollie - Ophelia, was I ginger?
Ophelia - Yes.
Hollie - :O
CJ - Ha! Told you!
Ophelia - Oh, hi CJ.
CJ - Do I know you?
Hollie - Ophelia, don't.
Ophelia - No, but I know stuff about you.
CJ - How?
Ophelia - Uhh... From Hollie.
Hollie - slaps head
CJ - Hollie, what does she know?
Hollie - Okay, okay... I asked her for advice on how to ask you out.
Ophelia - Yeah.
CJ - Oh.
Ophelia - CJ, are you single?
[Enter Sammy]
Hollie - Sam, was I ginger?
CJ - Yeah, I'm single. But I'm not going out with you.
Hollie - Oh no...
Ophelia - I'm not talking about me. Will you go out with Hollie?
Hollie - Ophelia!
Sam - What's going on?
CJ - No, I won't.
Hollie - We're just friends.
Ophelia - Oh well Hollie, you don't need stupid faggots like him.
Hollie - Ophelia, don't call him that.
CJ - Excuse me, who are you calling a faggot?
Luke - (:
Sam - Luke, what the hell?
Hollie - Uhhh... Back to the point. I'm not ginger.
Ophelia - I'm calling you a faggot CJ.
Hollie - Go on, call me ginger.
CJ - I'd rather be a faggot than a pathetic Year Six, who thinks she knows everything.
Ophelia - I'm not pathetic.
Sam - That come back was pathetic.
CJ - You are pathetic. I won't go out with her, she's already asked and I said no. End of.
Hollie - Yay, end of.
Ophelia - You're such a know it all, aren't you?

I quickly signed out, before I could view anything worse happening. I put my head in my hands and started crying. I hated anything like that happening. I turned off the entire computer and went upstairs, to bed. I wanna forget this.

I changed it slightly, but you get the basic story line.
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