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"In My Pants"

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Frank, Gerard and Ray play a little game... Nothing dirty... I guess =]

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We were all bored in maths. So what do you do when you're bored? Talk normally but add 'in my pants' to the end of every sentence.
"What are you doing tonight in my pants?" Ray asked, spluttering with laugher but we were trying to contain ourselves so that the teacher didn't yell at us.
"The normal in my pants." Frank replied.
"And Ray's going to play his guitar in my pants!" I said.
"Ofcourse he is, he loves it too much in my pants." Frank laughed, and put his hand over his mouth.
"What are you doing?" Asked the teacher, looking at our work.
None of us replied because we would all have to add 'in my pants' to the end of the sentence.
"I asked you a question!" The teacher demanded.
Frank shrugged "My work in my pants."
The teacher gave him a weird look and moved on. Frank laughed and had to put his head on the table because he was laughing so much.
"I can't believe you did that in my pants!" I gasped while Frank laughed even harder.
"You're such an idiot in my pants!"
Suddenly, the behaviour manager, Mr.Starr knocked on the door "Excuse me, is Bob Bryar in this class?"
Bob stood up and went out with Mr.Starr.
"Why do you think Bob went off with Mr.Starr in my pants?"
"I don't know in my pants."
"He's in trouble in my pants."
Suddenly Bob came walking back in and everyone silent as soon as Frank shouted "Oh Bob, you're a naughty boy in my pants!"
Hmm. Oh dear.

~ Hozzie
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