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“You can’t make that shit up,”

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“Dani. Dani?”

“Hmm,” I looked up to see Keltie, Brendon, and Ryan staring at me.

“Are you ok. You’ve been out of it for awhile. Writing away in your notebook,” Brendon sat on the couch arm next to me, placing his arm around me.

“Oh I’m sorry. I was just thinking back on the past two years. You know this is the two year anniversary of his conception.”

Keltie raised her eyebrows, “Really? You remember when you and Brendon conceived him?”

Brendon and I both winced, “Brendon’s not his biological father.”

“He’s not?”

“It’s a long story. Here,” I passed the notebook I had just written the past two years of my life in, to Keltie.

I watched as she leafed through it, a quizzical look on her face.

“Sounds complicated.”

I glanced up at Brendon, who placed a kiss on my lips.

“You can’t make that shit up,” Brendon said.

“My baby’s last name is Ross, he was created with the help of Brent Wilson, and his daddy is Brendon. It may seem a little complicated. It is, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

A/N: To my readers. I'm sorry I've kept all of yall waiting for so long, but I have finally finished "My Baby's Daddy." Thanks to those who diligently kept reading and patiently waited, even when the author was having extreme cases of writers block (:
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