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Remembering our past (well, part of it)

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It's Cienna's turn to realize her destiny but what if it gets her killed in the meantime? Will Jake be able to protect her from the dangers of their past?

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Cienna's POV

Jake seemed pretty freaked out last night (the understatement of the year!). I was asleep between him and Trixie when he started talking in his sleep and then he just freaked out and started screaming! He must of had one hell of a scary dream, I've been having really bad dreams too but nothing that would have had me screaming like that... that I know of.

I woke up to Fu nudging my arm, I still couldn't get over the fact that there was a talking dog! Allison would love to see Fu. Allison? My sister. Pushing this thought aside, I got up and followed Fu out of the shelter. We were the only ones awake and it was still very early in the morning, we walked down to the rivine and I saw that Lao shi was awake and was meditating a few feet from the water. He looked our way and gave me a small smile

"Come join me young dragon." The title still spooked me, I knew I was a dragon but up until now no one has really called me by it. I was always just Cienna or Kid. I walked over to where the old man sat and found a spot next to him. I listened quietly at all the sounds around us, Fu sat off to the side. Five minutes later Gramps spoke,

"Your energy is very strong young one." He informed me, this comment made me nervous for reasons that both scared and excited me. "About last night." He continued, "Sometimes, Dragons have night terrors..."

"That wasn't a night terror." I heard myself say. Shut up and listen! he obviously knows more than you do!

He looked at me relieved "I know." he said looking down. What was he trying to hide? "This happens fairly frequently, I don't want you to worry about it too much. "We need to leave for home soon. would you like to come back to the United States with us? You can stay with us until you can get registered and can go home, you can also get some quick survival training for until you get your new master." I didn't know what to say, that was a big proposal for someone whom I've only met for a couple of days. He could see my hesitation.

"I will give you some time to consider your options." He got up and left, then I could go home? Do I have a home?! Just then I remembered Allison, my sister. A sister, thats a start. If I stick with them what are my chances of coming back? What are my chances of survival? A LOT better than if I stay here alone. This is so confusing!

"Go with him. You'll find all you need." I heard someone whisper in my ear. I looked around to see who spoke to me, no one was there. I stood up to get a better look but I couldn't see anyone. When I turned back to sit down I noticed a young woman across from the rivine, "A-are you talking to me?" I asked stupidly, Ya, she walked up behind you to speak in your ear and then hopped across the 10 foot bank. She stared at me and I could feel a cold sweat breaking. I got up and walked to the edge on the bank and watched to make sure she was even alive. I waved over at her and I suddenly felt the ground beneath me give way and I fell into the rivine, which somehow turned into a very deep river. I screamed as I broke the surface before I got pulled under, the woman sat at the bank and watched as I drowned.

Jake's POV

I woke up with a sore throat and a mild headache, Trixie was awake too and was watching me nervously.

"How you feeling now Jakie?" she asked, Spud woke up and rolled over, "What's up man?" he asked groggily. I opened my mouth to answer but was stopped by an overwhelming sense of panic, I ran out of the shelter and saw Gramps and Fu walking towards our camp. I felt another surge of panic as I noticed Cienna was no where to be found.

"Where's Cienna?" I asked trying to cover up my unexplainable panic.

"She's down by the water, I asked her to come back to the states with us and gave her time to consider." he explained, confused. The water! I ran towards the sound followed by Gramps, Fu and my friends. Danger, water. I ran down the slightly sloped hill and see no one, I turn to G,

"Where is she?!" I demanded.

"I don't know" Gramps replied shocked. I looked over at the now river and saw Claws standing on the other side, not caring about what everyone thought I yelled out to her, "WHAT DID YOU DO?! WHERE IS SHE?!"

"Yo, Jakie. Calm down man!" Trixie reached out to me, I ignored her and watched as Claws pointed into the water, I ran to the side and saw where the ground collasped into the fast moving rivine. I could stand the current if I jumped in, that was all the motivation I needed. I threw my jacket off and examined my jump, Claws looked at me icily

"She will know her purpose now too. Leave her!" I waited, watching the surface for any sign of Cienna. Sure enough, her head surfaced as she came up for another breath of air, she gasped and screamed for help and went back under. She can't swim! I jumped into the river and quickly found her frantically trying to resurface. The current was strong but my wings had a great windspan so I could swim around with less trouble. I grabbed her around the waist and turned upward, but I couldn't tell which way was up! I was running out of breath and Cienna went slightly limp in my arms, I raised my arm above my head in hopes of breaking the surface. I felt my grandfather's dragon tail wrap around my wrist and begin to pull us out, he dragged us to the riverbank.

I got up on my hands and knees and started to gasp for air, I easily regained my breath and turned to Cienna who was on her side coughing, Trixie was rubbing my back and Fu was patting Cienna's. She looked at me and gave me a look that told me that she knew about us... about my father, she remembered? Then it wasn't just a nightmare. I raised my hand to tell her that we would talk about it later.

Cienna's POV

As I lay under the water I had those moments that people say always happens before you die, you see your life flash before your eyes. This is what they meant, but it wasn't my life.


I was flying through the forest, my partner flying ahead of me. We flew into a clearing and I saw a man standing with blood all over his hands and a dead finx (foxlike creature that lives in forests inhabited and controlled by nymphs). We stood there facing each other and the man spoke,

"We meet again my children. Jay, Christina, It's a shame I had to kill you and I am terribly sorry but it had to be done!" he acted innocent but he was speaking to the dead, his victims."My child..." he started looking at Jay (Jake) "... Now is finally your time! Look around you, look at what I have done for you! Join me and you will see how we can live a life of royalty and respect. You will not waste your time slaving over those who will only kill you and beat your body when you die." We knew his game, we knew it well. I looked over at Jay and growled a warning at the approaching man, Jay turned to him defiantly and met him head on. "I won't let you do this again! You will no longer take us down and destroy our world! You are no longer my father and we are not your students anymore, we won't let this continue!" He screamed at his ancestry. The man transformed into a large, dark purple and black dragon. We attacked him at once and soon found that we were too weak, we weren't going to win this one again. Still, we fought until we were both slaughtered.

We were only 17 years old.

The worst part? I already saw this one before. I'm not new to the ending or the gory details.


I felt the force release me from the bottom of my watery confinement, I struggled to the top and gasped for the air my lungs had been burning for, I screamed out for help hoping someone was nearby. I got pulled under again by the strong undertoe... I'm not a good swimmer. I tried as hard as I could to get to the top again to try and scream for help one more time. I got really tired and felt my arms and legs fail me, someone grabbed me from across my waist and I felt the pull upwards. Before I knew it sunshine flooded my face and I could feel the fresh air. I looked up and saw that Jake and I were being dragged by Lao Shi's tail towards shore. Jake jumped in after me? I felt myself fall heavily onto the thick mud and started coughing. I sat up as quickly as I could and turned to Jake, there was so much I wanted to tell him, but could I trust him? How did I know that he wouldn't turn me in to the council as a lunatic? He raised his hand up to me telling me to drop it for now and we'll discuss it later, did he know?! Is this really Jay?


Very Long chapter, sorry! So now Jake and Cienna know (well, remember) their unfortunate past together, Gramps knows whats happening to them and is well aware of who they are. I know it might seem weird that they are getting so close so quickly but keep in mind that they have shared a multitude of lives together so theyre pretty much picking up where they left off.
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