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Ch. 2
Before Class.
‘Dang it,’ Ellen thought, ‘I could of swore I gave him his calculator back.’ Ellen sighed as she placed her books down to take out her books. ‘Ok it’s just one class you see him in. Right?’ She changed her books quicker than she thought she would, ‘AP English first and then AP Art.’
“Hey Ellen,” Jake smiled taping the back of Ellen’s shoulder. Ellen jumped. The last thing she expected was for Jake to come up and even look at her.
“Shoot.” He smiled at her and helped her pick up the books that fell below his feet. “I’m sorry.” She said while picking every paper on the floor.
He’s smile was amazing. He’d half smile and his white teeth would still show. His hair was light almost blonde, and his eyes were baby blue. “It’s no problem. “ That smile, with the half smile, that made her melt was always the reason why she’d blush. He was the hottest, and smartest, senior she has ever met before. She shared only one class with him last year and had a hard time concentrating.
The halls were now crowded with students and the teachers all around the place. “Uh,” she hesitated before continuing, “Sorry again.” ‘Why the hell are you sounding so stupid right now?’ She asked herself.
“It’s not a problem.” He smiled and walked to the other side of her, “Well see you around.” She nodded.
“Yeah, see you.” He turned and walked away as Sam and Drake came in.
“You see,” Drake looked away from Sam, “I told you she was going to die in the end.” Sam rolled her eyes and looked up at Ellen.
“We were watching ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ and actually it was so much more romantic than I thought it would be.” She smiled at Drake.
“I’m glad you had fun.” He gave her a kiss on the check and left to go pack up. “I saw Jake talking to you. Now spill.” She moved to the locker next to mine and opened it.”
“Ok what is this Jake talk I just heard you talk about?” Jesse came from behind Ellen while she played with her fingers and looked up.
“It was nothing guys. Just a ‘Hey what’s up?’ nothing to fuss about.” She rolled her eyes, “besides I’m not interested anyways.” Ellen smiled and picked up her book bag.
“Good,” Jesse said smiling. “Because I had my eyes on him, so I call him.” Sam rolled her eyes at Jesse.
“By the way, you didn’t tell me if you meet Gerard.” Ellen sighed.
“Yes. I met him. He’s in my Math class but that’s it. Thankfully,” Ellen smiled at them.
“Thankfully? You mean sadly, right?” Jesse said. “He’s cute. The gothic type of guy is actually pretty cute.” Jessica picked her lip gloss out of her backpack. “He’s yummy too.”
“I sadly must say. I agree with Jesse,” She looked over to Ellen, “He is pretty good looking, so what do you mean thankfully?” Ellen rolled her eyes.
“Let’s just say if you don’t make that first impression good you’re not headed for a good start.” Sam was confused and so was Jesse. The difference between Jesse and Sam was that Sam cared about Ellen so much more.
Finally the bell rung, “Damn it! I wish I was in AP English.” Sam sighed. “Well, see you guys later.” She waved back heading for Gym.
Art Class.
Gerard was already seated in the same spot he was yesterday afternoon. He was ready to continue his drawing from yesterday too. The single smile he drew yesterday now had a nose and eyes to go with it. “She looks beautiful. Is it a special someone?” Mr. Brown asked waiting for everyone. He pated Gerard in the back and watch the fellow students come in. “Welcome everyone.”
‘It’s you,” Ellen thought. ‘Shoot, you weren’t here yesterday, where you?’ She asked herself all these questions like ‘Why is he in AP Art?’ and ‘I wonder what he draws?’ and mostly ‘What in the world is he doing in my seat?’ She walked over to him, “You’re sort of in my seat.” He was confused until he remembered it wasn’t yesterday and this wasn’t an empty seat.
“Sorry,” he murmured and moved over to the next seat next to her. “Is this one taken by anyone?” She shook her head.
“No, but I’m use to working in my own table, alone, with no interruptions.” He ignored that selfish comment and tried to remember her name. She looked straight at him. “Well are you going to move?” She started talking out her materials. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to sound so rude.” Ellen took the seat next to him.
“It’s no problem.” He moved his drawing from her space. “Um. What’s your name again?”
Before it could reach completely to his side she stopped it and studied it. All the details were beautiful. “My real name or what everyone calls me?” He didn’t know how to respond to that. She looked up at him. “Elizabeth is my real name,” it was so low and gentle, “but it doesn’t suit me so ever since I was a kid everyone started calling me Ellen,” she smiled proudly then her smile fated,” sometimes Eli for my real name, but that’s only my friends.” She went back to studying the drawing. “I love what you drew.” He stopped staring at her and looked down to the drawing. The smile was defiantly hers. The rest was drawn like a comic book style.
“It’s alright. The details need a little more work,” He looked up at her face. ‘This was the face he imagined or pictured.’ In her mind she saw someone else.
“That’s not what I think. It looks excellent.” She studied the shades and the shadows Mr. Brown crept up behind them. “Truly amazing right Mr. Brown,” Ellen was use to Mr. Brown popping out of nowhere. Gerard smiled and so did Ellen.
“Truly,” Mr. Brown agreed with Ellen, she look for a quick second at Gerard and then back to her new drawing.
‘She seems completely different, more confident than outside of this class.’ The rest of the class went by fast for Gerard. He wanted to know more.
“Hey Gerard,” Ellen stopped him before he could leave remembering she didn’t give his calculator back. “I hope you didn’t miss it.” She hand him the calculator and started walking out the door. He walked beside her. “You’re welcome to sit with us if you like.” He shook his head.
“Nah I can’t have my brother sit alone.” He shook his head again, “God, I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do when he’s on his own.” Ellen couldn’t help but laughing a bit.
“I’m sorry.” He lifted his back from his back to his side.
“No, don’t be, it’s hilarious.” Ellen notice the black jacket he had on today with a black band shirt he was wearing. She was wearing a ‘Jackson Pollock’ style of shirt with some light blue jeans and her hair up in a pony tail.
“What does he do?” She dared to ask.
“Stick metal into toasters.” She stopped laughing and this extreme worried look came upon her face. “Don’t worry he’s fine. Mikey Way is always fine.”
“You sure…” He stopped looking at her looked forward.
“Yeah, he’s better.” There were almost by her locker. She didn’t dare ask him better from what.
“Well both of you are welcome to join us,” She said with a warming smile. She was just so innocent wasn’t she?
“Nah its o”---
“Hey, Gerard, get your ass over here!” yelled out Frank Iero cutting Gerard off.
“And I wouldn’t want you to meet me friends.” He narrowed his eyes at Frank.
“Oh. Well I’ve met him before.” She looked away. “So I’ll see you later,” she said awkwardly. He nodded and walked towards Frank.
“You fucking moron.” Gerard bit his lip. By the time he knew it Mikey was right next to him.
“What? I saved your ass! You must have been talking about Jesus or some shit.” Gerard rolled his eyes. “What? Stop doing that.” Gerard walked pass him and making his way through the bending machine. He pressed the button to B7 and grabbed his apple and took a bit of it.
“Hey Gerard, if you don’t appreciate the things I do for you then you screwed up. Do you even know Ellen? She’s like ‘Oh let me be Ms. PARTY POOPER!’ and oh is that the right thing to do! Man I bet she doesn’t even know who the Beatles are, or Smashing Pumpkins, or even Iron Maiden. “Smashing Pumpkins was Frank’s favorite band of all times at the moment and Iron Maiden was Gerard’s’.
Mikey was an 10th grader so he didn’t bother asking who Ellen was, because the more he thought about the name Ellen he thought about Gerard and his grandmother Elena who passed away about a year ago.
Gerard’s Home
“Ma, we’re home,” Gerard through his books on the floor and the keys on the table. “Also Frank’s here!”
“Alright,” Gerard’s mother, Donna, shout out from the kitchen.
“So how do you like the school now,” Frank went in front going down the stairs already knowing where Gerard’s room was. On the door was a nice big sized poster of Iron Maiden he got from a concert. “It’s fucking pathetic isn’t it?”
He shook his head. “It’s alright, better than my old school.” Frank opened the door and through himself on Gerard’s bed making himself feels right at home.
“Fuck man,” Gerard sat on the table opening his laptop, “Can’t believe you spend two whole months at a fucking all boys school.” Frank shook his head. “I wouldn’t last long there.”
Gerard ignored that comment and started playing a track form his music library. Some loud music started playing with a teenage boy singing.
“Shit, is that us?” Frank jumped off the bed and pulled his head in front of the screen.
“Fuck yeah.” He looked at him for a split second then look back, “this is ‘Honey, This Mirror isn’t big enough for the two of us’ and we rock!” He yelled.
“Oh did Mikey hear this.” Gerard looked up again.
“Only a thousand times, he is my brother.” Frank rolled his eyes.
“Whoa and you didn’t tell me at lunch or whatever! God damn it Gerard! Does anybody else know? Like Mat or Ray?” He shook his head. “Fuck yea, but why in the hell didn’t you tell me in lunch or whatever?” Frank groaned.
“Because I was busy talking to a girl at snack and because at lunch that asshole of a guy Jake was around.”
“Jake isn’t an ass, he might be gay, but isn’t an ass, and two that girl was Elizabeth Blood. You know we talked about her already.” He nodded.
“So that’s her last name.” Frank sighed and rolled his eyes.
“Yeah whatever, that’s like the only cool think about her. And it wasn’t even a choice. Besides she introduces herself as Elizabeth or Ellen never adds the last name.” He got up for his side and went back to Gerard’s bed. “One time in I think on the first day of school she brought a fucking bible to school, a bible. Who the fuck brings a bible to school? When some of the guys asked her why she did she always said it was just for the quotes,” he rolled his eyes, “Yeah right.” Gerard looked back at Frank about to speak until Frank started talking again, “Oh and there was this one time where this guy named Jim came from behind her and grabbed her by the waste to kiss her from behind or whatever,” he paused reaching out a rubber ball Gerard had on his nightstand, “God damn it.” He finally got and started throwing it up and back down, “where was I? Oh right well basically she started screaming hysterically, or some shit.” Gerard didn’t know what to think by now.
“Shit…” he paused and looked down to the wooden floor. From that point on he assumed Ellen was rapped.
“What can you say? Shit happens,” He looked over at Gerard and then paid attention to the ball he was throwing up in the air, “You know who’s hot and fuck-able? Jessica Rizal, she’s hot. And pretty cool too…” Frank laughed, “And she’s all yours.” Frank’s dark brown hair was low lighter since the door opened and gave some light.
“Gerard dinner’s ready,” Mikey opened the door to let them know, “and she send me down here to tell you.”
“Shit 6 already?” Mikey nodded. “Ray and Matt are coming over today so get your basis ready for tonight.” He nodded and walked back up the stairs.
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