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Chapter 1

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Gerard Way thinks he's got a stalker.

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Gerards POV...

"Gee, that was awesome!" Frank yelled, hugging me "You were amazing!"
I hugged him back, smiling "You were better!"
He laughed "Yeah I was, wasn't I?"
We broke apart from the hug and that's when I first saw her. Her hood pulled over head, making it impossible to say what colour her hair was. I couldn't see most of her face, either. She was hidden by shadows. All I could make out were ruby red lips, smiling. Smiling at me.
I wasn't scared at the time. She must've been there for a long time, because the concert had ended several hours ago. But me and Frank were still talking about it. It was my first concert sober and one to remember.
"Hey!" I called to her, thinking she'd walk over. But she disappeared into the shadows.
Frank turned round "Who did you call to?"
"There was a girl!" I told him, running toward the alley she had disappeared down. Frank followed and looked aswell.
"I don't see anybody now Gee." Frank said, then he put his arm round me "You're just seeing things."
"But I swear, I wasn't!" I argued back, but I knew it was pointless. When you argue with Frank, you're gonna lose. Like it or not.
"Ofcourse Gee. Let's go back to the bus and forget all about the little, scary, girl in the alley..." Frank said sarcastically.
I turned around and made sense of what Frank was saying. I was just seeing things. Her lips were way too red.
But as we were getting on the bus, I saw her again. She was still smiling and she was still looking at me. Atleast I think she was, I couldn't see her eyes.
"Hey!" I called again, running after her this time. But she backed away a little, hidden by shadows and by the time I reached her she had just gone. Completely vanished.
Frank ran after me, laughing again. The rest of the band came aswell. "What are you doing?" asked Mikey, looking puzzled.
"I saw her again! She was right there!"
Frank didn't laugh this time "Gee, stop it. It was funny the first time, but now it's slightly scaring me."
I shook my head frantically "No, she was really there!"
Ray came forward "Who was there?"
I told them about the girl with the red lips. They all seemed concerned "How old did she look?" asked Bob.
"Uhhh I'm not sure. Not as old as us."
"Well, it doesn't matter." Frank said, taking my arm "We're leaving the country today anyway, for our next tour. So it doesn't matter. You'll never see her again."
I went back with the others to the tour bus, trying to believe what Frank had said. But somehow I just knew. That wasnt our final meeting.
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