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Chapter 2

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Gerard starts to get kinda worried...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2010-04-10 - Updated: 2010-04-10 - 468 words

I woke up, after having a weird dream about running away... I'm not sure what from, but I was running and I couldn't stop because something was after me. But anyway I woke up, opened my eyes and she was right there. Right infront of me, watching me sleep.
I sat up straight "Who the hell are you?" I asked loudly, pulling my blanket up so she couldn't see I was topless.
She just laughed a little, bent down and rolled under the bed. I jumped out and looked underneath it, so that I could confront her even more... But she had already gone.
I glanced up and noticed Frank looking at me all funny. Well, I must've looked pretty weird.
"What are you looking for?" He asked, getting out of his bed.
"You didn't believe me yesterday, so you wouldn't believe me today." I told him, still searching.
He sighed "It's that girl isn't it?"
I nodded and sat up "I woke up and she was right there, just looking at me."
"And you just let her?"
"No, I obviously asked who she was. But she just smiled and hid under my bed... And now she's gone."
"Well it's pretty obvious, isn't it?"
"What's obvious?" I asked.
"Yesterday you were sure that you'd seen this weird girl after the show, but you hadn't. It was just your mind playing tricks on you. And it worried you so much that you dreamt about it. And you woke up after this girl went under your bed... And you got paranoid and started searching underneath your bed and obviously, you found nothing!"
I rolled my eyes "I know what I saw Frank. You don't have to believe me, but it is true."
He laughed "Ofcourse it is. Put some clothes on Gerard, we've gotta get going."
What else could I do? I just followed his orders and got dressed. 'Maybe it was just a dream?' I thought, looking in the mirror. But as I did, in the reflection I saw her standing behind me. I twisted round "Hey!" but she disappeared in an instant.
I turned round and punched the mirror as hard as I could. It smashed in an instant and I started bleeding.
Mikey ran in "What did you do that for?"
"I'm so fucking confused!" I yelled
"That's not really an excuse to go around breaking mirrors!"
He cleaned up all the blood, but it didn't hurt. My head was spinning with thoughts of this girl. Who was she? Why was she following me? Is she another one of those obsessed fans that follow us round all the time? No, she can't be. She's to good at what she's doing to just be an obsessed fan. I don't think I'm the first person she's followed around.
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