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Since when did immortality mean never dying?

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Scarlett thought she had it all when she had the perfect boyfriend and life with Frank, until he and Gerard hid a dark secret from her and her best friend Kitty...

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The cold wind tickled Scarlett's face, pricking against her eyelashes. She blinked furiously, not allowing herself to cry. She couldn't, not yet. The cold metal rubbed the palm of her hand as she stood over a sleeping Frank. She smiled to herself, remembering; the one thing she loved was waking up in the morning next to him. It was perfect - the cute, dumb expression his face held as he slept silently, his hair ruffled childishly. He always had his arms firmly around her, never letting go... Only this time, he had. For good.
Scarlett sat next to Frank on the bed - he was always a heavy sleeper - and so didn't even stir when the covers where shifted off his body slightly. She stroked his cheek softly, nuzzling his neck. She couldn't believe how perfect things where only a few months ago, and how much they've changed. She closed her eyes, and remembered...

"But!" Scarlett moaned, "I don't want to go! It will just be you and Gerard, sucking eachothers faces!" She jerked her hand away from the grasp of Kitty's. "It's embarrassing in public with you two." Kitty smiled at her best friend. "Ah," she took her hand again. "But this time Gerard is bringing his friend Frank... And we all know how you feel about him!" she teased, a smirk playing on her lips. Scarlett went red, and walked faster to the pace of Kitty. "Well... Fine, I'll come this once," Scarlett pushed her fringe out of her eyes. "...Does everyone know I like Frank then...?" Kitty laughed and began to run into the direction of Gerard who was waiting around the corner inside the local coffee shop.
Gerard was inside by the window, on a tall padded leather stool, the red hardly noticable under the scuff marks and tears. His head was downwards, staring at the illustrations that dnaced in his sketchpad; his shoulder length black hair circled his face as the pencil smoothly across the page. Kitty burst into the coffee shop, a smile beaming from her face. She wrapped her arms around Gerard's waist, and as he felt her soft touch swiveled his body around to hug Kitty. He held her against him and kissed her head. "Hey!" he smiled and patted the stool next to him. "You scared the shit out of me! Come and see what I'm drawing." She peered over his shoulder and smiled. "Us!" she squealed. She felt herself going red, and swallowed with slight awkwardness. Gerard was perfect in every sense of the word, and all she could have ever wanted in a boyfriend and best friend. Though sometimes, she wondered why he wanted her and why he chose her over any girl he could have. His hazel eyes stared deeply into her emerald greens. Kitty put her arm around him and sighed, "Where the fuck is Scarlett? And I thought you were bringing Frank today?" "He's here." Gerard spoke, softly. "He just went to get some cigarettes."
Scarlett dragged her feet and saw the shop in the near distance. It was a sunny day - the sky was a clear blue, the sun hot on her face. Her red hair shone brightly, her blue eyes glistening as she took the world in. Slowly she approached the coffee shop, and worries clouded her mind. Does her hair look okay? Has her make up smudged in the sun? Was she too sweaty? She stood still and laughed at herself. Really! Getting so worked up over some guy. That's all Frank was, right? Some guy. She walked quicker and opened the door slowly, looking inside before her feet stepped on the cold hard concrete floor. Kitty beamed. "There you are!" she shouted. Scarlett felt a rush of relief sweep over her as she realised Frank wasn't there. She could stay for ten minutes, accuse Kitty and Gerard of practically fucking eachother in public and leave.
Both Kitty and Gerard's gaze diverted upwards above Scarlett's head. She felt a strong, soft pair of hands on her shoulders. "Sorry, excuse me..." she turned around, and there stood Frank. His brownish-green eyes stared deeply into hers. He smiled sweetly, and laughed shyly at the look on her face. "Scarlett." he said softly. "I didn't know you were coming today!" he put his arm around her, mockingly slapping Gerard's head as he "awww'd" at how "sweet they looked as a couple".
Scarlett pressed the cold metal deeper into her palm. Her face screwed up in anger. Why the fuck did things have to change? He promised! He had promised to be there, to love her forever. All the time spent together, and he did that to her. He chest tightened as the pain pumped through her heart. Tears spileld uncontrollably from her eyes. She breathed deeply and lifted her heavy head from Frank's bed. She stood over him, and suddenly everything that had happened in the past few months replayed over and over again in her head. Kitty. Gerard. Frank. Kitty. Gerard. Frank. She fell to her knees silently in the darkness and silently cried. She couldn't do this. She couldn't hurt him. She closed her eyes...
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