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Demolition Lovers

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Scarlett remembers her and Franks first kiss.

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Scarlett jumped, the sudden loud bangs at the front door startling her from her dreams. "Who the fuck...? At this time... Ugh..." she mumbled to herself, dragging herself sleepily out of her warm bed. She slowly padded downstairs, her feet tripping up every so often and startling her to opening her eyes. She flung the door open and was shocked to see frank standing there, wide awake with a nervous smile. "Uhm..." Frank giggled. "Hey, Scarlett. Nice pajamas!" She shoved him in the chest hard. "What do you want?" He looked blank. "What do I want...? Oh, I, you know. I just couldn't sleep so I thought - hey! - why not see my friend Scarlett? I mean, you don't mind do you? I could leave if you really wanted-" She took his hand and pulled him in. "Coffee?" she offered. He smiled and nodded. They walked into the kitchen, Frank pulling a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and lighting one. He inhaled long and hard, his heart beating nervously. How exactly was he going to do this?

Scarlett filled the heavy kettle with water and rubbed her tired eyes. She turned to him and looked at him, cocking her head sideways. "So you came here, at almost 8 AM in the morning, for nothing." she stated. He played with the bottom of his t-shirt, a nervous habit. "Yeah... I couldn't sleep, like I said. You were the first person I thought of." She smiled, her fringe falling messily over her eyes. First person he thought of. She poured the hot water into the cups and stirred the strong black coffee. She jerked her head into the direction of the living room and carried the cups, Frank trailing behind and nibbling on his bottom lip.
The awkward silence deafened the two as they sat sipping at their hot coffee. Scarlett suddenly felt extremely self aware; he she was, in her childish pajamas, messy hair, no make up - with the boy she was practically in love with. She swallowed and tried not to worry too much. Frank looked up from his lap, and smiled warmly. "Kitty and Gerard are cute together, aren't they?" he said out of the blue. Scarlett stuttered - "Uh, well yeah, I suppose so." He took a sip of his coffee and looked around the room nervously. "...Almost makes you wish you had someone else. Someone to love." Scarlett nodded, her heart beating crazily. What did all of this mean?
Frank looked up at Scarlett, his hazel eyes meeting her icy blues. "There was a real reason I came here so randomly and so early." he spoke so quietly she could hardly hear. "I - I... wanted to ask you something. Or tell you something. Both really. I just don't really know hwo to word it..." Scarlett put her coffee on the table and placed her hand on his knee. "You can tell me, you know you can. You can tell me anything, Frank." She smiled at him.
He took a deep breath inwards, and, without a second thought or another word spoken, took her gently but firmly by the shoulders and began to kiss her. He moved his body closer to her, one arm around his body and the other stroking her cheek, neck, her hair. Scarlett, shocked by this, let her guard down and kissed him back. Her hands ran through his black and blonde hair, he pulled her onto his lap; his kissed left her lips and trailed onto her neck, their breathing hard and heavy. Frank lifted his head and rested his forehead against hers, looking into her eyes. He smiled at her, and at the same time they both started laughing.
"Will you be my demolition lover?"
Scarlett laughed and blushed. She nuzzled against his ear and whispered, "Yes."
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