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This is the best day ever.

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Frank and Gerard share a passionate kiss and make a life changing decision - will Frank go along with it?

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Scarlett cradled Kitty; she was crying, sobbing and mumbling something about this whole mess being her fault. Frank stood there, serving no purpose and felt out of place. HE was the cause of the problem, the guilt apparent on his face. He looked up at Gerard's house, almost expecting him to peer out of the window with a goofy grin and laughing at everyone's depressing faces. No such luck.
"Is there anywhere else Gerard could be? Did he like going anywhere when he was younger?" Scarlett always had a clear head in terrible situations. Kitty sniffed and wiped her eyes hard. "I - I don't think so... I've looked everywhere - the park, the woods, the coffee shop, his house; I've asked around to everyone and no one knows where the fuck he is!" Scarlett held her best friend closer. Frank looked around, the sky was just getting dark now. It was a deep midnight blue and in the direction of the sunset purples and pinks mixed together and formed colours never seen before. He suddenly remembered something. "Hey, Scarlett, I've thought of something," he quickly handed her the keys to his flat. "Go back to mine, take care of Kitty there. It's getting dark and cold. Take care okay? I'll be back when... When I am." He ran from them and around the corner, down the long street and cut off through the alleyway between the tattoo shop and an abandonned warehouse. He climbed through the wire, cutting his arms in the process - but he was so numb the pain didn't shock or worry him. He ran through litter, dead cats mauled by foxes and pieces of wood from the dead trees - 'till he came across a ladder leading upwards onto the steel roof of the warehouse. He began to climb, the cold metal shocking his hot and clammy hands. He hauled himself upwards onto the roof and saw a figure in the distance. Smoke was coming from his hands - a cigarette in one, a sketch book in the other. Frank breathed a sigh of relief to himself and walked slowly and carefully up to him. "Gerard?" he spoke softly.
Gerard turned to Frank and stared blankly. "What the fuck are you playing at, Gee?" He took his jacket off and placed it around Gerard's cold body.
"I've messed up, Frank. Big time. No one wants me around so I ran away..." He looked around. The sky is so pretty tonight. I came up here to paint it... I thought it'd take my mind off of... This... It didn't." He laughed softly to himself, shaking his head at his own naiveness. Frank smiled. "I know you did. I know you better than you think, Gee..." Gerard looked up at him. He seemed so childlike; so small, so scared; he was cold and shaking, fragile and broken. heartbroken. Frank leaned down and kissed him on the lips. Gerard responded quickly, his body warming up as his broken heart beat weakly. Frank swallowed and sighed. He got up and stood close to the edge on the roof of the warehouse. Gerard watched him.
"You know, I was stupid." he begun. "Stupid for thinking I could ever let you go... Ever forget about you. Forget about what happened between us... I was so fucking wrong." He turned around. "I... Gerard. I love you too. And I don't know what the fuck to do about that." he burst into tears and Gerard rished up to comfort his best friend. He held him close to him, and swallowed; what he was about to say broke his heart.
"Frankie... Look at me. Do whatever your heart tells you. You love Scarlett? Be with her. You love me? Be with me. You don't want either of us? Then don't have us. I want you to be happy, and Scarlett would as well-" Frank cut him off sharply, "My heart's telling me to do this:" he kissed his lips, softly, pulling him closer to him. The pair kissed eachother passionately for what seemed like hours - their hearts healed from the misery caused.
Gerard stopped and looked at Frank. "Let's run away. Frank, we can do it. Come on! No one has to know. No one will ever know. We can just disappear. I love you Frankie; I'l ldo anything to be with you..." Frank swallowed, the wind blowing his hair crazily around his face. "But Scarlett, Kitty..." Gerard's eyes filled with tears and he forced Frank to look deep into his eyes. "I love you. You love me too. We can finally fucking be together. Forever. For as long we want, all the time... Tell me you DON'T WANT that, Frank..." Frank looked away. "Exactly, because you do."
Frank closed his eyes. "Fine. Let's do it."
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