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I don't love you.

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Kitty and Scarlett find Gerard and Frank - but it's not what they imagined...

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Frank swallowed. Scarlett was sitting opposite him and looked at him nervously. "Frank?" she asked. "What is it...? I'm worried... You're scaring me... What did you want to tell me?"

Gerard held Kitty and breathed in her scent one last time. He pushed her away from hin gently and looked at her. "I have something to tell you... I'm so sorry. I really am, babe..."

Scarlett began shaking; she hated this feeling - not knowing what was coming next. She had a gut feeling it wasn't good news Frank was going to tell her.
"I'm leaving you..." Frank begun.

"...I don't love you, like I did, yesterday." Gerard finished. Kitty stared at him, her heart sunk. she thought she was finally getting back on track. With that, Gerard let go of her, kissed her cheek softly and disappeared out of her house; just like that.

Scarlett began to sob uncontrollably. "What? Frankie? Why? Why... Are you doing this...?" she held her head in her hands and cried harder. Frank looked at her. "I'm so, fucking sorry Scarlett. You'll always have a place in my heart, and never fucking forget that, okay? He kissed her head and turned around; took a deep breath and left; just like that.

A few hours later, Frank was at Gerard's house; the atmosphere held an almost unexplainable feeling - a mixture of relief and sadness. Heartbreak was in the air mixing with this new found love, as well as confusion, upset and anger. Frank held Gerard. He smiled against his soft black hair. "I can't believe we're... Leaving. Tonight. Everything, all fucking gone. Left behind us..." Gerard placed his finger over his lips. "Where it belongs. Behind, in the past. We can finally start looking forward to the future." he closed his eyes and nuzzled his ear. "I love you, Frankie." Frank kissed his cheek. "I love you too, Mr. Way!" the pair fell asleep in eachothers embrace.
Kitty stared at Scarlett, shocked. "WHAT THE FUCK?" she screamed. "They're both fucking idiots! Leaving us like this? Huh, wow. I bet they never fucking loved us!" She looked around the room, and tried to think. "They'll both either be at Franks or Gerards. Come on."
Scarlett lifted herself from the sofa. She was the one who'd taken this the hardest; there seemed no problems between her and Frank, and he was gone, just like that. She'd never felt pain like- like THIS- it felt as if her heart and stopped working and her body was slowly dying. "Where are we going?" she asked between tears. "To find thos gutless fuckers." Kitty hissed. "They can't get away with hurting us like this. i bet they've got other women! Both of them. Fucking worthless."
Scarlett and Kitty linked arms and braved the cold night air. They dodged drunks singing loudly outside the pub and walked briskly along empty streets with lonely cats and litter blowing the breeze. They arrived at Gerard's house first, and Kitty, filled with anger, banged on the door - once was all it needed - and it flung open. Scarlett held her back. "It's dark in there... They're probably sleeping. Can't this wait 'till tomorrow? They obviously didn't lock the door properly." Kitty was already inside. "Fuck it." she whispered bluntly.

Frank woke up, his eyes adjusting to the new surroundings. He smiled at the paintings and doodles of Gerards; the cigarette packets and coffee mugs littering his living room. He kissed Gerard's lips lightly. "Hey, babe, wake up!" Just as he opened his eyes, Frank pushed another kiss onto his sleeping face. Gerard grinned against his mouth and the pair kissed, this time the lust and curiousity oozing from every pore in their bodies. They tore at eachothers clothes, their wondering hands lingering.

Kitty walked around the hall and stiffened. "In there!" she whispered to Scarlett. "They're in the fucking living room." she pushed the door open, face to face with Gerard and Frank. Half naked, panting, the pair were kissing eachother with so much passion and lust the sound the door and Kitty had made made no impact whatsoever. Frank pulled Gerard on top of him and moaned softly as Gerard's hands explored his body. Kitty and Scarlett stared. Kitty exploded, "You FUCKING sickos! What the fuck are you doing!" she ran out of the house, out of her mind, leaving a sobbing Scarlett behind.
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