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Abused Heart's Stick Together.

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Andy is a teenage prostitute, she is abused by her step dad and finds herself enjoying one of her "clients" a little more than she should.

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(Sorry if this isn't very good)

Silence was a strange thing to hear in my house, it wasn't calming or soothing like most people thought it was it made every inch of me nervous. Usually the only sounds you can hear in my house are people arguing or screaming at the top of their lungs for help. I didn't like silence. Silence was to perfect. Silence was a trick; it made you calm, it made you think that you were safe when really the very spot that you stood in could be the very last spot you ever stand in. Silence was just his way of getting in your head.

I stood in my room surrounded by posters,hundreds of eyes staring down at me, hundreds of eyes all wishing they could forget the horrible things that they have witnessed in this very room. I started to get changed out of my uniform, most people would be happy to get changed out of their school uniform but it made me want to cry; this uniform was the only way I get out of this house and I hated having to take it off. I slowly took off my jumper exposing my arms to the bright light that seeped through my blinds, it illuminated my white skin and familiar purple and green patches that covered my entire body. The more items of clothing I took off the more these patches would repeat themselves, I quickly recovered my multi-coloured skin; my mum would be heart broken if she saw what he had done to me. I looked at the bag hung on the back of my door; all I had to do was pack and I could be gone, but where would I go? There was no where.

There was a loud slam downstairs, Chris was back, Chris was my stepdad. He was also the bruises and also the reason for the nightmares. I walked downstairs to find his smug face stood waiting for me at the bottom, God I hated him. "Your needed at seven" oh did I mention I was a prositute? Well I am; this way he didn'thurt me as much as he usually did. I nodded slowly and he smirked. "6 Brushes Avenue, he's called Gerard, his mum organised this because it's his first time". I nodded and walked back upstairs "she wants the girlfriend treatment!" he was loving this so much, Chris hated me; this was because he wasn't my dad and he couldn't see why he had to live under the same roof as me. I got ready slowly, I had to look smart but also very pretty overwise the guy wouldn't even bother with me. I walked downstairs "you better go hadn't you? His mum paid good money for this so don't you dare let me down. You know what will happen if you do" I looked down at my arm the colourful patches had been covered in thick white make-up so that the guy i was about to fuck wouldn't notice them. Chris was watching me, making sure I knew what he meant, I nodded and walked out of the house. "I'll be checking up on you, so no funny buisness"
"I know you will be" I mumbled and slopped off to my appointment. I was the sixteen year old prostitute, most people would ask why I hadn't just moved out and left Chris and all of this behind but the truth was I couldn't. I couldn't leave my mum and little brother to deal with this monster; one day I would. I would save enough up and we could move far away, far far away but this was a while away because I had a part time job in a run down comic book store which paid very little for long boring hours. I'd reached the house I was going to be "working" at for the night, it looked very neat, not the normal sort of setting for a person hiring a teenage prostitute. Nothing was out of place in the garden, nothing over grown or untidy; it was perfect.

I knocked on the bright red door still staring at the garden, it seemed to tidy, unnaturally tidy in a strange way. The door opened slowly, there was a small woman stood in the door way she had very red lips and very tidy blonde hair but her cheeks were slowly going wrinkled with age. "You must be Andy, Gerard is waiting upstairs" she smiled and moved out of the way letting me inside "by the way I don't normally do this for my son" I nodded looking round the hall, inside the house was even more tidy than the outside; every piece of furniture matched, there were family photographs on every part of the walls in beautiful frames and huge bunches of flowers on the surfaces of the glistening polished tables. I looked back at the woman and she pointed upstairs slowly "please be gentle with him, it's his first time" I nodded again and walked upstairs slowly. I knocked on the door that had been painted black and spray painted in bright colours to spell out "GERARD!"
"It's open!" I walked inside slowly, there was a guy sat with his back to me on the computer, he had long messy hair that looked like he'd just got out of bed. I stood waiting for him to turn around but he didn't even bother looking at me, he just kept his eyes fixed to the computer screen. "So your the prostitute?" he said after a while of akward silence "are you drop dead pretty? Plastic, fake boob's, fake hair, fake eyelashes? Oh and lets not forget really not wanting to be here?" I don't know what came over me but i burst out crying and once I had started I couldn't stop. "No actually" he spun around quickly on his chair and stared at me. "Woho! Please don't cry. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you" he ran over to me quickly and sat me on the bed "don't cry, please, im not good with crying girls; actually im not good with girls at all" he handed me a tissue. I smiled a little.
"God im sorry, I don't usually act like this. I don't know what brought this on, sorry" he smiled and stroked my arm slowly.
"It's ok" he slowly looked down at his hand "why you wearing whitner on your arm?" I tried getting some words out but none of my sentences worked "why are you covered in bruises? Do your clients hurt you?" I shook my head. "Tell me, cause theres loads, it's not normal"
"I bruise easy thats all" he was shaking his head. "It's not the clients" he stared at me "like I said it doesn't matter" he ran his hand down my arm smiling.
"Your alot different to how i imgaianed you" I smiled "I just thought you might be a bit of a slapper and not talk to me and know?"
"Sleep with you?" he nodded. "We don't have to do this, it's totally up to you. We could just sit here and talk if you want?"
"Would you get in trouble for that?" He was looking at the bruises. I shook my head, I wouldn't as long as Chris didn't find out. "I'd like to do that so I can get to know you before sleeping with you."
"Ok, sure" I sat facing him on his bed "erm what do you want to know?"
"Erm...full name?"
"Andy Lee Buck" he smiled.
"Great, the first girl I sleep with has a guy name. All my mates already think im gay now their really going to think im going to slept with a guy" we started laughing, his laugh was cute and he slowly edged closer to me. "How old are you?"
"16, you?"
"Same, erm...what music you into?"
"Oh loads, I love all sorts. Best bands are Iron Maiden, The Pixies and The Smashing Pumpkins"
"My mum has found me in a girl version" he was smiling and looking extremly pretty.
"What do you mean?"
"I love all those bands, I listen to them all the time" he was smiling "what films are you into?"
"Well the whole genre of horror" he was smiling even more.
"Guessing you like horrors?"
"Can't live without them" he was softly stroking my hand "so where abouts do you live? I've never seen you around"
"I live on Evergreen Road but I don't really go out much, the only time I go out is either when im doing this or my saturday job" he must have sensed this was a touchy subject and moved on quickly without questioning me.
"Oh where do you work?"
"You know the comic book store on Melborn Street? Well there"
"I go there all the time, i've seen you though. I'd remember that"
"I would too, but I work mostly early in the morning" he leant in and kissed me quickly and pulled away before I even had time to closed my eyes. "You don't have to stop you know, im kind of yours for the night"
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