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The guy behind the red door

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Gerard tells Frank about his night with Andy although Frank doesn't seem to understand

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(Sorry about the delay in writing the second part, it's hard to find time & creativity while doing GCSE's, anyway's hope you enjoy leave me a comment to let me know what you think)

"So how was last night then? Did you say his name was Gerard?" I nodded slowly, my best friend Emilee Summers was one of the few people who knew what I did, she was one of the few people who would ever understand why I did what I did. "How was he?" I looked at her laughing
"I can't believe you just asked that, don't you think that sounds a bit like the plastics we sit infront of in english? And if you must know......I actually enjoyed it" Emilee stared at me for what seemed like forever with a puzzled look on her face her big blue eyes looked scared and almost glistened with tears "what's wrong? You only cry when it's cold and it's bloody boiling...what's wrong?"
"You've never enjoyed it before. Never. You can't start enjoying it because then you of them properly, Andy your not, your beautiful and intellegent, your actually going to accomplish something with your life. Please promise me you'll be more carefull next time, remember in Pretty Woman Julia never kisses on the lips so that she doesn't get too involved"
"Your really using Pretty Woman as an example? She ends up with the guy!" We were both laughing when I saw him over her black glossy hair "that guy's looking at you butt again" I said giggling she turned around slowly and he looked away quickly "have you found out his name yet?"
"Frank Iero, he's in my buisness class"
"Ohhhhh right, you like?"
"I like. Alot."
"Go talk to him" I was smiling when I caught his eye "omg! That's him, that's Gerard" I whipsered quickly into Emilee's ear. She caught his eye and gave him the dirtiest look ever "stop it, he's nice."
"Fine. I just don't wanna see you've not liked a guy since Chris started..."
"I know."
"I just want you to be safe"
"I know."
"And...we don't know what he's really like" at this point I slowly started walking over to Gerard, I don't know what made me but all I could think about was how happy his kisses made me the night before, how soft and gentle he was with me and how caring he was. Unlike every other man i've been with" "Andy! Andy! Where you going!?" Gerard turned round and smiled when he saw me this made my whole body tingle, just his smile made me happy. I've never felt like this before but before I could talk to him Emilee had grabbed my arm and dragged me away to the canteen.

"Dude who was the chick?"
"Hasn't Gerard told you? That was the hooker he slept with last night"
"Mikey shut up, but yeah mum paid for her to sleep with me, she's called Andy and......well she was pretty amazing"
"Your mum paid for you to sleep with somebody?"
"All you could hear was his bedsprings downstairs, it was the most akward tea ever"
"Mikey I mean it shut up. Frank it wasn't like that.....I like her."
"You don't know her though"
"Yeah..but I will do soon....I'm seeing her again tonight.....I might even ask her to stay over night"
"Your kidding me. I'll have to buy ear plugs"
"Mikey, I mean it, I will punch you so hard"
"Look the bells gone, I gotta get to buisnnes"
"Frank your not mad at me are you?"
"No. I just think you could do better"
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