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“Right, are you watching carefully now?” He smirked as he breathed on the spoon he was holding in his hand and then skilfully balanced it on his nose.
“You must have a big nose or something because mine just isn’t staying on” I laughed as mine clattered noisily on the floor for the 458th time. We were sat facing each other, legs crossed, sharing a tub of ice cream.
“No it’s just cause you suck” he leaned in and kissed me, he was getting better. Instead of pulling away as soon as his lips met mine, like he’d just received a nasty electric shock, he’d actually stay for a good couple of seconds before retreating and blushing like mad. “Now that I’ve shown you my mad spoon skills, what you want to do?” I looked around the room slowly.
“Hmmm I don’t know… I could pound you at Halo?”
“You? Beat me? At Halo? Aha, don’t make me laugh” he got up and turned on his Xbox.
“You so shouldn’t doubt me” I pulled him back by the back of his belt and kissed him.

Let’s just say we never got around to playing Halo.

“So how did the hooker go?”
“Frank, for the last time stop calling her that, her name is Andy. And for your information…We played Halo”
“You did not! You pounced on her! I could hear the menu music all night, you could have at least put a cd on or something that was actually interesting to listen to”
“Maybe you shouldn’t stand with your ear pressed to my door. Look Frank, I know you think I can do better, and I know you think she’s a sketty little whore but she’s really not. She’s funny, cute and smart. I want you to meet her”
“You sound like your dating. Gerard open your eyes, if you carry on seeing this girl your going to be skint”
“I know were not dating, I’m not stupid you know, you know what just leave me alone”
“Gerard! I didn’t mean it come back! Gerard!”
“You shouldn’t have called her… he really likes her. Just come round while their at it and you’ll know how much”

“How was last night? You didn’t call me, you usually call me when you get in”
“…I didn’t go home last night Em… I stayed at Gerard’s House” Emilee stared at me with a look of horror on her face. “Em…Emilee, breath, please Em, it’s not a big deal”
“…It is though” she glared over my shoulder “don’t look now but here he comes” she growled through her clenched teeth and then stormed off towards Science. I turned around slowly and there he was standing an inch away from my face.
“Oh….Gerard, hi, what’s wrong?” he didn’t answer with words but with his lips. He forced them against mine and nearly made my knee’s buckle with his shocking strength. “Woho Gerard, calm it, people are looking” I smiled slowly as I looked up at him and my eyes met his hazel ones.
“Please say your coming round tonight, I… I need to see you”
“… I’d love to… but I can’t”
“Wh-Why not?” then his face darkened as he realised why I couldn’t see him “another guy?” I nodded slowly looking down at my shoes, hoping that the floor would magically open up and hide me from his burning eyes that were drilling through my skull. “Oh… I see” and with those three words he was gone, his head disappearing out of view in the masses of school kids. They were not the three words I was hoping to hear out of his mouth. The three words I wanted to hear have eight syllables and eight letters long.
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