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And so it starts again

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Really can't do these, erm just read please you might like it :)

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At home it had all started again. The bright coloured slodges on my arms had merged to form a pattern that most tattoo artists would have loved to claim as a sleeve of theirs but once they had looked closer they would have seen that these marks were not there by choice. No these marks were there by force.

Weeks had past since i'd last seen Gerard, Chris had been extremly tempermental these last couple of days so I haven't had the courage to even venture to work. Only school is safe at the moment and even thats a pain. Lessons drag, exams loom and my best friend can hardly look at me because she thinks i'm sick. I love one of my clients. Not that it matters. He doesn't know. He never will. Em's right though, i'm stupid, who falls for someone their being forced to sleep with? You just don't. Your meant to fall in love with the boys you choose to sleep with, not forced. But not me; I loved the fact I got told to go spend time with Gerard. Chris thought he was punishing me, he thought he was making my life hell but he was wrong because every moment I spent with Gerard made me feel more safe and more secure. Like I had a place I could run away to. But now that place was gone. He'd moved on. Forgotten all about me.

"How's buisness going?" I mumbled over my chicken and lettuce sandwich. I had noticed that every other day Emilee, God bless her little cotton socks, had started making an effort for school. This was because every other day Emilee had buisness. Which a certain young Frank Iero just happened to take. "You and him talking yet?" Emilee blushed and looked around to see is Frank was looking, which like always he was.
"I don't know what you mean" she turned back to me and gave me a cute little smirk "if you mean Frank, yes we do talk, but nothing more" I backed off questioning her, since the Gerard fiasco we haven't been as close, it's almost as though I crossed a line. I know she's only trying to protect me but she just doesn't understand how much I miss him. "He's miserable you know" I looked up at her, I wasn't sure if i'd missed half of the earlier conversation because I was lost in thought so I patiently waited for her to continue, pretending that I was chewing a large bite of my sandwich. "Gerard. He's miserable. He misses you" I stared at her wishing for her to carry on, eventually after moments of long silence she sighed "Ok, Ok. I didn't want to tell you because I don't really agree with it but after the mood you've been in for the past couple of days I can't take it anymore. I want the old Andy back. Not this shell of her" I smiled slowly, i'd missed her bluntness. "He told Frank that he didn't like how your a.....well you know. And that he couldn't tell you not to be it because he understands why you do it... He's been following your stepdad around trying to get dirt on him... I think he's planning to go to the police about how he treats you....." I couldn't process all this information fast enough, so this is why Gerard had been avoiding me these past couple of days? Why all of a sudden he hadn't wanted me anymore? He was trying to help. "Andy... He's going to save you"
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