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Her knight in skinny jeans

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Gerard trys to save Andy from the horrible life she lives. Let's just hope he isn't in too deep.

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Have you ever had one of those moments where time stands still and everything around you becomes clearer and easier to understand? Well this was one of those moments.

Chris was so much stronger than I was. His nails were clawing into the back of my head as he dragged me across the landing by my hair. "I've had enough of you, your no daughter of mine, how dare you talk to me as though you are a part of this family"
"I'm...I'm sorry" I whispered choking on the tears that were streaming down my face. What had I done to deserve this you might be asking yourself. Nothing. Nothing at all. "I'll go to bed, i'll keep out of your way. I'm really sorry"
"You think your so clever don't you? Bragging at the dinner tabel that you have an A in art. Nobody cares Andy, not even your own mother"

I can't rememeber what happened after that. I blacked out from the pain. This time he'd gone too far. This time the marks he'd left on my delicate white skin were too strong to be covered even by the best make-up money could buy. This is why when I walked into class the next day withh two black eye's, a bust lip and a gapping cut on my forehead the teacher finally started taking notice of what i'd been trying to tell someone for years. I needed help.

They asscorted me to the head's office straight away. I endured 3 interviews while clasping a cup of coffee in my hands. It was ice cold before I could stop my hands from shaking enough to take a sip. I think I mumbled a "Thank you" when they offered it to me, at least I hope I did, I don't want him to have beaten my manners out of me. I don't remember when he joined us but Gerards arm was clamped tightly around my waist, his lips on my forehead whispering comforting words to me and himself. He was scared.

At 12 o'clock new came in, Chris had been arrested. But I didn't feel safer, I could never go back to that house. Not after last night. Never again. My mum finally came, she stood crying in the corner, she couldn't bare to even look at me. I didn't blame her. The man she loved had beaten, abused and sold her daughter for sex. She couldn't forgive herself for not noticing before. I still loved her dearly. It was decided that I would stay with Gerard, just until a new house was bought and ready, they said that it would ease the pain, help it fade away sooner. I knew that these memories wouldn't just dissapear over night, they were going to be with me for the rest of my life. I felt mean for imposing on the Way household but when i arrivedd there they'd decorated and prepared me my very own room right next to Gerards. They accepted me as though I was part of the family and didn't ask me to talk about what had happened with Chris although if I ever got upset and needed to talk they all offered their support and a shoulder to cry on. Especially Gerard. My knight. My little soilder. He would be right there if he heard me crying in the night, holding me close in his arms offering me a barrier against the nightmares that still haunt me even to this day. He loved me and that's all I would ever need. His love would hopefully get me through this disaster I called my dad.
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