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Chapter 7

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Patrick and Joe start to get to know each other and Pete tells them some news. Written by Ruth.

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It felt right, if not right at least nice, to be attached to Joe’s lips. I reluctantly pulled away when I needed some air. I took his hand and led him up the stairs to my room. I heard him chuckle once he entered. “It hasn’t even been twenty minutes and I’m already up in your room.” Joe smiled looking around my room. “You work fast, Stump.” I couldn’t help but laugh. “Shut up Joe.” He moved towards me, his fingers curling around my belt loops. “I know one way you can shut me up.” He whispered before his lips found mine again. My fingers had found his unruly hair and twirled at the brown locks while his tongue twirled around mine.

Joe pulled away, smiling. “Haven’t seen Wentz do this, have you?” He was headed for my neck before I pushed him away. “What?” He asked his confusion clear across his face. “What is your problem?” I asked moving back so that his breath didn’t hit me anymore. “What?” He repeated. “What is your problem with Pete? Did something bad happen between you two or do you always make fun of him?” I questioned. It really was annoying me how Joe was attacking Pete. He still is our best friend. I saw Joe roll his eyes while he sat on my bed. “It’s just Wentz doesn’t get it.” He spoke after he glared in silence. “He’s loaded and gets showered in gifts whenever he wants it.” Joe’s voice had an edge in its tone, something like envy. He shook his head slightly before he looked at me, his blue eyes shimmering in the golden sunlight that peaked through my window. “Pete’s a great guy but he’s just too blinded by his stupid gifts to see that there was someone valuable in front of him all along.” A small cautious smile played on his lips and then my heart fluttered. That was the nicest thing anyone had ever said to me, ever and I sure as hell know that I needed to hear it.

He patted the bed and I sat next to him. He rested his chin on my shoulder, his nose nuzzling my jaw line and his lips pressed tightly to my neck. “Someone was bound to steal you away.” He murmured as he trailed kisses up my jawbone and to my lips. For what felt like two glorious hours, only to find out that it was only 30 minutes, I pulled away. I caught my breath while I stared up at Joe’s eyes. Somehow, Joe and I were now lying on the bed, his thighs on either side of my hips. “I just have to ask.” I started as I watched his chest heave for air. “Are you gay or not? I just want to make sure.” The latter came out shaky because I really did not want to ruin this.

To my surprise, Joe smiled. His fingers went up to my forehead and gently pushed a strand of hair away from my face. “No.” He said the smile still on his face. “Then why–” “Shut up, Patrick. You didn’t let me finish.” I stayed silent as I waited for the young boy to finish. “I’m not gay. I have never liked guys in my life before, just you. I’m certain I won’t like another guy either.” I was smiling so wide my cheeks were starting to hurt. He laughed as he placed a kiss on my cheek.

Loud knocks on the front door drifted up the stairs and into my room. “You gonna get that?” Joe started to move off of me but my hands on his hips kept him in place. “No. That’s probably one of my parents who forgot their keys. I don’t want them to know I’m here.” I informed him while he played with the buttons on my shirt. The knockings became louder and then I heard my name being yelled. “Patrick!” A rock tapped my window and I lifted myself up sighing. “What do you want, Pete?” I asked loudly, squinting against the glare Pete’s sunglasses were giving off. “Open the door!”

I rolled out of bed and went downstairs to let Pete in. “Why did you run off like that this morning?” Pete greeted me. “Why hello Pete, nice morning we’re having.” “And why do you smell like cigarettes?” Pete had ignored my sarcastic greeting and kept asking his own questions. “And have you seen Joe.” A different but familiar voice asked. I looked over Pete’s shoulder to see Brendon, Ryan, and Andy. Ryan and Andy were barely awake as they lean on each other. “I’m right here.” Joe appeared behind me, his hand slowly creeping up my back. Joe and I shared a smile while Pete and Brendon exchanged a confused glance. Widening the door, I let the guys in. We sat in the living room, Brendon staring intensely at Joe and me.

“Why are you guys here at 8 in the morning?” Joe started. “To tell you guys something. Why are you here?” Brendon replied, studying us. Pete punched him in the leg and then smiled at us. “We wanted to tell you something important but you ran off before it even happened.” Pete took off his sunglasses so he could see us clearly. “What is it?” Joe prodded while I stayed silent. Pete’s grin grew wider. “I don’t think you’ll believe it.” He gushed. Trust me. I don’t want to.
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