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Chapter 8

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Pete just doesn't understand how much Patrick adores him. Written by Sam.

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I should never think.
You’ll learn to hate me.
But still call me baby.
Without me you got it all.
So hold on.

Trains. Really just a motion blur. Made me feel sick. My head spun, my mouth dry; with words I cannot verbalize. “Patrick,”
“Please. Take me away from here,” an unknown voice came from my mouth; it didn’t sound like mine. He grabbed my wrist, and pulled me through the crowds, tripping and stumbling, and he pulled me outside, into the fresh midday air, into crowds of busy workers and such, boarding their trains. I tore away from Joe’s gasp and pulled in some breaths. “Okay?” he asked. I took another breath, tickling my pink nose, then turned red eyes to him and nodded. “Wasn‘t I right,” he started, “too blinded?”
I cringed, but nodded. Pete was in there now, with Brendon in tow, decked out in designer sunglasses and half a dozen fucking Louis Vuitton bags, boarding a train to New York. “He’d want you to say goodbye,” Joe murmured. “I know,” I squeaked in reply, my eyes brimming, “we wasted o-our time in the b-back of a long, dark-” I couldn’t continue; a sob erupted in the back of my throat and I fell into Joe’s arms. “Breaking boys in two,” I heard Joe whisper angrily, as I stained his shirt with my tears.

“Do you wanna go outside? And talk?” he said, not disturbed by my spoiled eyes, red and blotchy, fogging up my glasses. “M-mhmm,” I responded.
“When I see you,” I said, clearing my throat, “I really see you... upside down,” I pulled my eyes into a puzzled expression, and when I looked up, Pete had that wide grin across his face. “Patrick Stump,” Pete started, “I love you. I love you from the tip of your hat to the baby toes on your feet. ”
I hung my head, so the fresh tears could fall into the patch of grass left vacant as I sat with my legs crossed. A tanned finger brushed my cheek and cooed, “baby boy can‘t lift his headache head?”
“THEN WHY ARE YOU FUCKING LEAVING?! LEAVING ME, YOUR ‘BEST FRIEND’, TO GO VENTURE OFF TO NEW YORK WITH HIM, CRAMMED WITH PLASTIC GIRLS AND EGOTISTIC GUYS, WHY PETE? ” he attempted to interrupt but I continued on my rant; “CAUSE YOU‘RE BLIND. YOU‘RE SO FUCKING BLIND PETE. TOO MUCH GREEN TO FEEL BLUE, I DON‘T NEED YOU! YOU WERE THE ONE THAT NEEDED ME! I‘LL JUST WAIT ‘TIL YOU COME CRAWLING BACK, WENTZ. G-good fucking riddance,” on that note I got up, and strolled casually to the brick wall Joe was sitting on, a big smile on a smug face. “Your mother should‘a swallowed you Wentz!” Joe shouted across the green, as Pete made his way back into Brendon, not looking too pleased. “I did it!” I cried, “I DID IT!”

“It’s you I can’t deny,” I proudly whispered. It was morning, two, or three perhaps. My head was pressed against his stubbly cheek.

Beneath the darkest, moonless sky, in the cover of the night, we steal softly, gentle kisses.
Summer air is sweeping in, over you, and me, I could set, I could set, you free…

I woke on an abrupt note; breaths short, fast, and loud. The picnic blanket beneath us was ruffled and littered with tufts of grass and discarded daisy chains. Joe was snoring loudly. My converse sat underneath the trampoline, where we last night lay staring at a starless sky. I knew what I had to do. Last night it drowned out every thought in my head, it was the only thing that my brain could understand; and now I understood. I searched my jeans for a pen, and found one, with a slight existence of ink. I grabbed a wrapper from one of the chocolate bars we devoured last night, and scribbled: “Hey dude. Had an amazing time last night, for real :)
Gotta go get some study done though, I’ll be done a few hours. I’ll call you when I’m ready, don’t call me cause I’ll be in the library.
Remember: it’s you I can’t deny now. I love you, Mr Trohman :) xxx”
I smiled at the whole cute simplicity of it, and left it next to his hand. I sidled out the back gate and towards the early morning city.


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Subject: URGENT

just do me a favour and read this. i’m so sorry pete. i shouldn’t have said those things, you didn’t deserve it, i just… i miss you, i missed you before you even went cause we’re not pete and patrick anymore, i just feel like we’re two strangers recently, and we need to fix this, come home pete, cause i’ll be missing you like crazy, love, i’ll miss you all the way, but my love for you won’t let me make you stay… and it’s true panda, i love you, i love you with all my heart, more than anything. i couldn’t ask you to stay for me, oh how could i say it…

from patrick
i love you.
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