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Chapter 9

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Patrick's finally moving on off of Pete, well, at least he thinks he is. Written by Ruth. Thanks for all the reviews!

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7 days. A whole fucking week and that asshole still hasn’t written back. I told him I want things back the way they were. Is that too much to ask? I sighed as I thought about the whole thing in my backyard. I was lying on the grass, staring up at the purple and pink sky; the sun setting. With Wentz, that is too much to ask.

"There you are," a familiar voice drifted to my ears. I cringed once I recognized it. My head lolled to the left as I saw my mother at the back door. "I thought you were upstairs wasting your time on that stupid computer of yours," I bit my lip so my smart remark couldn’t slip. "Well, anyway that Jew boy is out front looking for you. What happened to that Wentz kid?"

"He’s in New York. Has been for a week," I told her, looking back up to the sky, "And his name is Joe." I heard her scoff, her natural reply to anything related to me. "Whatever," The sky had gotten darker and more beautiful if that was even possible. It was quiet, the only noise made were by the crickets. I wonder if Pete and Brendon were enjoying themselves with the loud sirens, bright lights, and loud rude people and—who am I kidding, they’re having the time of their lives.

I felt warm, soft lips press against my cheek. "Hey Stumpy," Joe greeted me. "Hey Joe," his fingers touched my cheeks lightly, wiping off tears that fell silently. "Wentz." It didn’t even sound like a question; more like a fact that we both already knew. He lay down with me, placing his head on my stomach. "Tricks," he sighed, his fingers playing with the hem of my shirt. "You’re going to have to forget about him. He’s thousands of miles away and hasn’t written to you that I know of. What good is he to you now?" He paused waiting for my answer. I cleared my throat. "You’re right. I should just forget about him," Joe suddenly appeared before me, a wide smile taking up his face. "That’s my Patrick," he said. He pressed his lips against my forehead, kissing it. My fingers had reached his neck and I pulled him toward my lips for a long kiss.

He pulled away from me laughing, "What was that for? Not that I don’t mind."

"For being there for me," I gave him a shorter version of the kiss, "For putting up with me," another kiss. "And for just being you," I didn’t pull Joe in for a kiss this time, he did it on his own. "I need to be myself more often," Joe smiled before rising to his feet. "Come on," he offered his hands to me as I sat up. "Where are we going?"

"Carnival. Come on, let’s go!" Joe pulled me up to my feet and led me into my house. "Where do you think you’re going?" I heard my father call from the sitting room. Grabbing my hoodie off its hook, I replied "out," I let the door slam behind me.

"See you later babe," Joe muttered into my ear as we walked up to my front door. "Bye Joseph," he waved goodbye as I opened the door, slipped inside my house, and made my way to my room silently. I turned my computer on, out of habit for the past 7 days. As the low hum of the computer filled my room, I took the thin strip of four black and white photos Joe and I took in the photobooth from my pocket.

I smiled at the first one where Joe and I were smiling at the camera. The one under that photo had us in fighting stances, my mouth wide from laughing. The third photo had us with scrunched up faces, Joe growling at the camera. The last picture had us sharing a kiss, a quick one. I propped it up on my dresser and the loud ping from the computer made me jump. A new email in my inbox from Pete. I took a deep breath before reading it.



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Subject: RE: URGENT

“They always bring up how you changed.”

Hey. Sorry it took so long, I just had to think some stuff through. I know things aren’t the same anymore, some nights it gets so bad I almost pick up the phone. I really do miss you Patrick. I miss us. They are reasons why I was acting… weird. I’ll tell you when I see you. New York is great, but it can’t compare to you.

Love you too.
P. Wentz.
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