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Perfect Is Such A Vague Word...

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A California stuck up 'princess' is being force to leave her true home and into the heart of Tennessee. Can she survive? Can one person be able to change her princess persona? Or will she fail mise...

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Well…here’s yet another story. I know I have a terrible habit of starting stories and NEVER finishing them…Sorry? I’m working on it? Anyways reviews are appreciated, and I swear this will get better as it goes...I think..enjoy? (:

Chapter 1. Perfect is such a vague word.

“Are you coming tonight?” I looked up from my compact mirror as Kristina’s face into view. Her blue eyes sparkling in the hallway light of the ridiculously crowded school. I finished applying my lip gloss and smirked at myself as I shut the silver item.

“Of course.” I said smoothly as I put my books away and fixed my hair. “What kind of best friend would I be if I didn’t go to your party?” I smirked as she shook her head.

“Not a very good one.” she replied as I shut my locker and grabbed my schoolbag.

“It’s a date.” I said firmly and she nodded in approval as we began to walk down the hall. So happy school was over for the day. I loved the social aspects of it, but the actual learning? It’s like cheese…so boring.

“Looking good Delilah.” Skye muttered as he smirked at me while I rolled my eyes and fake smiled at him, when he walked around the corner I gagged.

“Why don’t you give him the time of the day? He’s so cute…he’s so you?” Kristina asked confused as I shook my head and checked my cell phone, so many messages. I giggled to myself.

“You know how I am. I have goals in life. Having a boyfriend and having sex, isn’t one of them.” I explained.

“But you don’t know what you’re missing out on.” she sighed dreamily as I cringed. “It’s just amazing….the feeling you get as he’s sliding in-”

“Excuse me?!” I shouted. “Can you please not go into detail. The thought of you and Sean even ‘acting out’ your emotions is something I really don’t want to think about.” I frowned.

“Sorry.” she blushed. “But you should really consider…I mean you could have anyone you wanted.” she reasoned as she looked around the guys who hung around the courtyard as they waved and smiled at me. I gave a small wave back and continued on my way. Despite the annoying teachers, the ridiculous amount of homework, and the really grotesque food, I enjoyed school. Partially because I was like royalty here. I was loved by all and intimidated by most. Everyone knew me….when you’re popular, things just go hand in hand. I wasn’t ashamed to admit I got anything I wanted. I lived in a nice home, I had nice clothes, I could have anyone I wanted and I had the most amazing friends, even cheerleading, and I lived in the best place ever. California. My one sweet home that’s been good to me ever since I took my first breath. I had dreams, I had goals, I had…everything so far. I could safely say me, Delilah Rose, my life was…perfect.

“Give me all your God damn money.” someone muttered as Kristina screamed and laughed when the deep voice was just Sean.

“My heart…is this close to stopping you asshole.” Kristina smiled as Sean kissed her softly and laced his fingers with her.

“Perhaps you can punish me later for it.” he whispered in her ear and she giggled.

“Perhaps.” she agreed as they kissed again while I gagged at the sound of lips smacking together.

“Can you stop wit the PDA?!” I asked them as I stood there feeling like a total goof as my best friend makes out with her boyfriend. Imagine what people would think?! That I’m a pervert watching two people make out. I might as well have my camera out and put this shit on you tube.

“Delilah…don’t be a cock-block.” Sean sighed at me while I gasped offended. I should shank him in his right side. His short brown hair sticking up perfectly like a damn girl.

“I’m not being a cock-block.” I retorted and he shook his head as he played Kristina’s hair as she smacked his arm gently. They were each other’s vices. I couldn’t understand wh-Ooh shiny shirt…

Wait…where was I? Oh yeah. I couldn’t understand why they seemed to act like that.

“So what time are you planning on coming?” she asked curiously as I titled my head and twirled my hair around my finger…it helped my concentration.

“Hmmm…well I was thinking around 8. I have to go home and change, and I have a score to settle with that bitch Jessica.” I mumbled bitterly.

“So she knocked you out of the number one hot spot…it’s not a big deal. We all know she gives hands jobs in exchanges for votes.” she rolled her eyes as I scoffed.

“It does. Not. Matter. I am ALWAYS number one.” I clarified.

“Oh my God… you’re not talking about that hot or not crap on the student website? That stuff is such rubbish.” Sean put in.

“Shut up Sean.” me and Kristina replied in unison as he stuck his tongue out and checked his phone.

“You’ll always be MY number one.” Kristina teased and I smiled.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way doll. I’ll see you soon. Love you!” I waved. “Oh and Sean…good day.” I said awkwardly.

“Bitch.” he mumbled.

“Heard that.” I replied as I got in my car and drove home in an excitement. Kristina always had the best parties. Even though I didn’t drink or hook up, I did love my dancing. Hey, I don’t have to be a whore to be popular okay? It just comes naturally. People love me, and that’s the best quality anyone can ever have.

You can quote me on that…

I sighed happily as I made my up to roundabout drive way to my house. It was so….gorgeous. I couldn’t believe I lived here sometimes…

I grabbed my schoolbag and walked inside the door. I smiled as I saw mom drinking her regular afternoon coffee.

“Hi mommy.” I said happily as I kissed her cheek.

“Hey honey how was school?” she asked me softly. Her expression was one I’ve never seen before.

“It was good…is something wrong?” I asked curiously. I was usually good about these kinds of things…a ‘gift’ if you will…

“Delilah your father-”

“Hey pumpkin.” My dad said as I gasped.

“Hi daddy…you’re home early? Did something happen at the office?” I asked softly. Not to brag, but my dad was the best lawyer in the state. I frowned as he looked at my mom and then at me.

“Honey we need to talk.” he put in as he looked at me. I got my honey eyes from him. It was looking in the mirror sometimes.

“Okay…but is this going take long? I do have a party tonight…and well my presence is needed.” I replied as he sighed.

“Linda…do you want to take this?” he asked her as she looked at him before nodding and looking back at me comfortingly.

“Honey because the economy isn’t the greatest right now…your father’s job is making quite a few pay cuts. We’re going to have budget our money…a lot.” she explained as I shrugged and nodded.

“Okay…I guess I can lay off the extra shopping trips…no big deal. We’ll get through this.” I smiled. “Can I go now?” I urged.

“Delilah listen to us.” My father sighed. “This is much more important than shopping trips.”

“Well how bad can it be?” I asked confused. I really didn’t care what my father was going to say, I have to get ready! Can’t they understand that? My fashion sense takes time, it just doesn’t magically happen.

“Sweetheart my job is transferring me.” he said carefully and I looked at him.

“Okay where?” I said holding my hands out.

“We’re moving to Tennessee sweetie.” My mom put in and I looked at them like they had a million pimples on their face.

“Tennessee?” I asked confused as my father nodded. I shook my head as I frowned and stood up as I put my arms around them both.

“I’m gonna miss you guys.” I said biting my lip. My father rolled his eyes while my mom shook her head.

“Delilah sweetie, you don’t understand. We’re all moving to Tennessee.” he replied.

We’re all moving to Tennessee. was all I heard as it replayed over and over in slow motion. My blood boiled.

“Are you insane?!” I shouted. My blood was boiling. “I can’t move! My whole life is here! My friends, my school, Jamba Juice.” I frowned.

“Sweetie there’s Jamba Juices everywhere.” my mom consoled. I scoffed.

“But it’s not HERE. I can’t move, there’s no way I’m going.” I clarified.

“Delilah please come down. You don’t really have a choice in the matter-”

“Are you serious?!” I yelled. “You’re actually making me go to Tennessee?! Tennessee?! Where there’s like country people…and cows.” I scoffed.

“This is not happening! I belong here. I have friends, I get good grades, I’m popular, and I’m a cheerleader for crying out loud!” I cried out.

“You’ll make new friends, it’s going to be okay.”

“No it’s not!” I sighed and rubbed my temples.

This is so not happening to me…

“Moving?!” Kristina shouted as we stood outside her house while everyone else had stayed inside and partied. I haven’t spoken to my parents since they told me we’re moving to Tennessee. Tennessee! You have got to be kidding me.

“This is so not fair!” I sighed as I leaned against the balcony.

“You cannot be serious!” she put in and I shook my head.

“This is terrible. I’m being forced to go. I can’t leave my life here. This is my home.” I mumbled quietly as she sighed and took a drink from her red plastic cup.

“Are you sure you can’t get out of it?” she asked carefully as I scoffed.

“If I did, you think I’d be sitting here moping?” I asked her as she frowned.

“This so fucked up!” I said putting my head in my hands. My world was crashing down right before my eyes. I couldn’t go on like this. I wanted to die right here, right now.

“It’s going to be okay.” she said sitting next to me as I shook my head furiously.

“It is NOT going to be okay!” I snapped. “I’m leaving here for Tennessee! What the hell is even out there anyways?! There’s no way I’m gonna get in photography school now.” I lamented and started to feel tears form in my eyes.

“You’ll find a way.” she comforted as she pulled me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around here and cried softly into her shoulder. The worst part of all this? Was leaving her. My best friend.

“What am I gonna do?” I whispered.

I should’ve known perfect wouldn’t last forever…
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