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Note + Next Charpter: Used, Abused

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Soo,... FINNALY a new charpter ;D

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So yeah, note thingy...
Wel yeeaaH...
So, My Englisch is getting really sucky, because i've been writing a lot of story's in dutch.
So i might have some really weird words or stuff, in the next one but please just say it then... If you would like to say it! Yeah, ... Also i want the whole freakin' world to know, that in 9 days... I will be half a year together whit my boyfriend blush blush sooo... Now the charpter!! Party

I wake up, rolling on the floor. Shit! Stupid bed. I kick my bed and then i hear a noise, is it going to break down or something, when i turn a see Alex drumming. He's nuts, it's morning! I smack him on the head and run down the stairs. Mom's gone! I mentaly squeel. I pick up a bowl of cornflakes and go sit on the counter, where i like to eat my cornflakes. The bell rings, i'm in my pyjamas. But that doesn't matter, i'm not going to see anyone special today, it's saterday, so no Gerard. I jump off the counter and open the door. Gerard. Shit! "How do you know where i live?" i attempt to see cheerfull. "Don't Know, mikey told. I guesse." He didn't look cheerfull. "Hunny? What's wrong?" I try to hold his hand, but he refuses. "Why did you run off?" He said. Wass this all 'bout me running away from him. He should understand! But he can't, He haves a lack of information. "Come and sit down,... I'll explain." He flopped down on the couch, in his own lil' sexy way. "Gerard, look. My mom..." i felt a tear. All ready? "what about her? She haves nothin' to do whit this." he snapped. "She abuses me." I said looking down, I never actualy said that word. "She... abuses you?" He said, i heard some disbelieve. Then i feel two arm around my waist. Hishead being barried in my shoulder. I sigh and hug him back. "Darling,... It's okay." I told him.

How can this be 'okay'? He's being used, abused. It can ruin his live! It allready did! A feel a tear running down my cheek, i ignore it. Can it get any worse? "Frank, do you wanna live whit us?" i asked him. I look at him, those words seem to make him happy, for about 2 seconds. "No, i don't want to live whit you guys." He got up and walked over to the fridge. "You want a drink?" What's his problem?
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