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What's happening?

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Why not? "Yeah,i would like a drink." i told him, i don't want to ask him, but i have to know. "Why?" i asked. "I can't leave my mom alone, she's an alcoholic, you see? And i can't leave Alex, he'll be defistated." he sighed, poring my coffee into a cup. "But, sha abuses you!" i screamed. He turned to me, his eyes are red. "Stop saying that!" he yelled at me, suddenly it wass quiet, real quiet. No drumming in the background. "Frank! What's wrong!" i heard Alex scream, he hurried downstares and he was staring at me. "You... Out of my house!" he said, he sounded like he wass going to kill me. "Alex! it's okay,... He jsut asked if i want to stay over at his house tonight, is that okay for yah?" Damn, Frank is an awesome actor! "Well,... Sure..." he shifted from his left leg to his right. "that's everything?" he asked. "Yup!" i giggled. Alex ran back upstaires and the drumming began again. "You owe me!" he giggled at me and he started to eat from a bowl filled whit cornflakes. "You like cornflakes?" i asked, stupid question. he nods . "So, what do you wanna do today?" i ask. "Don't know,... Just 'be' and you should probably leave!" he suddenly snapped at me, this is getting weird. He pushed me out the door. "I'm staying at a friends house tonight, i never want to see you again, okay?" he smacked the door shut. What's happening?
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