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Well, im Sorry Geetarda

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"Yeah like I'd want you to marry you,," I half smiled excitedly looking down and finishing off the cigarette. "Like you'd-," he laughed, "You're such a bitch. I like it. My bad bitch." "So are yo...

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I scrambled to my feet quickly, leaving the comics on the floor.
We stood up against the other and glared at each other without actually seeing the glare but knowing one is being sent. Georgia sighed, and settled herself and her heavy breathing out on the bed.
"Did you draw these?," I jerked my head, motioning on the sketches.
He seemed to lose a bit of his flare, "Yes...No…Um kinda...You like them?"
I shrugged, "I could do better"
"I know," a soft smirk claimed his face, "I just copied them from different comics," his gaze was fixated on one particular sketch over my head.
"So you can't actually draw?," I turned to look at the sketch he was staring at, again of some lame comic cartoon.
"To save my ass," he shrugged, still smirking.
"Are you kidding me?," I pouted, placing my hands on my hips.
‘Yes, he can draw. He’s amazing,’ Georgia monotoned, turning around and placing her head in the pillow.
"Look for yourself," he outstretched his arms and waved them around, "Does it look like I can?"
I studied some of the sketches hanging closer to me, they weren't bad actually but if he just copied them, that doesn't really counts, "But you constantly have your nose in that damn sketch book"
He shifted his eyes back on me, "It keeps my mind off things"
I nodded, pills and sex did it for me.
"In fact I have an art project coming up, will you two help me?," he got closer. Warmth radiating through the clothes.
"Tell you the truth?," I bit my lip a little, "I don't really wanna spend even more time with you"
"Right", he went around me and jumped on the bed, stretching out on it.
"You don't like it either," I explained, "I can feel it"
"Can you?," he laughed bitterly.
"I do," I picked up another wrinkled comic, "I know we're kinda forced together cause of our families and the fact your fucking my sister, and im with your best friend but it's no secret you don't enjoy it and either do I"
Gerard stared at me amused, "You owe me Georgia" he said turning to his girlfriend.
"For what?!," she said sitting up, her hair static
"For the driving lessons," he smiled brightly at my face expression.
"You didn't even let me drive!," she exclaimed, outraged. I knew that fucker would find some way to torture us when he didn't take the money.
"It was just the first lesson," he leaned back into his pillow, "You help me with my art project and I give you driving lessons and keep my mouth shut about some of your stunts"
"What stunts?," I narrowed my eyes. She raised an eyebrow.
‘What stunts?’
"Stealing that bra, sucking me off at that store, fucking me on your parents bed, the girls' bathroom gig, Sam wrecking my parents bedroom, drinking your dad's vodka and filling the bottle with water-"
"You drank it too!," she exclaimed, throwing a pillow at him and looking at me nervously.
"Yeah but you're the bad girl now," he caught the pillow with both of his hands, licking his lips, "And let's not forget the recent school ditching math test skipping incident"
"That's blackmail," I spat out darkly.
"I call it getting what I deserve," he sat up.
"I didn't think even you could sink that low," she shook her head.
"Take it or leave it, sugar,"
"Ugh!," she threw my hands up in the air with frustration.
"God I love it when you make these sounds," he sneered, "Come here," he motioned with his index finger and tapped his hand on his lap.
"Im fucking out," I headed for the door and Georgia followed me when he jumped in front of her, blocking her way out,
"I'm not fucking you anymore" she protested, but he didn’t let her out. I made it up and out for I heard another word.

Georgia POV
We were right in the middle of a heated argument, loud and full of insults like they always were. It wasn't about sex anymore, it was about something much more important, "For the last time, zombie do not have fangs!"
"Yes they fucking do!," he claimed passionately, waving a sheet of paper with the fanged zombie in question in my face.
"No they don't," I swatted his arm from waving the paper in front of me, "Vampires do, zombies don't"
"But it's art," he threw his arms up in the air, frustrated and began pacing, "It's a way of expression and if I want my zombies to have fangs I can draw fucking zombie with fucking fangs"
"But even art has rules. You can't take a banana and start calling it an orange"
"What fruits has anything to do with it?," he scrunched his face.
"It was a metaphor," I sighed, I rather be in school then have this conversation with him.
"It was a sucky one," he chuckled lightly, "I didn't get it"
"Don't blame my metaphor making ability for your stupidity," I rolled my eyes at him, "Point is there are rules you can't break"
"Aren't rules meant for breaking?,"
‘So if rules aren’t meant for breaking, why do you drink, smoke, steal alcohol, go to parties, and fuck guys then?’ He asked triumphantly.
‘Um,’ I said glaring, ‘I don’t fuck guys. Just you.’
‘Aha!’ he laughed. ‘So rules are meant for breaking?’
"Yeah," I stammered, "Yeah but still you have to follow some rules to avoid chaos"
"What's so wrong with chaos?," Gerard arched his eyebrows, "I think chaos is really purified and freeing. It makes you doubt. Create new truths"
"But still zombies don't have fangs"
He laughed, "Stubborn ass"
"Gee are you home?", Mikey's sudden cry made me tense and feel like a deer caught in the headlights, I probably looked the part as well.
"Down here!," Gerard called back.
"Are you nuts?," I hissed, looking around for places to hide in.
"What the fuck?," he smirked, looking amused at my scrambling around like a scared chicken.
"Hide me," I whispered, anxiously glancing at the door.
"Why?," Gerard remained on his spot, his eyes opened widely.
I grabbed my bag and slipped into his closet, wriggling between the soft soap scented clothes, for a teenage boy his closet wasn't half as bad smelling as Mikey's.
Soon after, Mikey entered the room, "You're alone?," he sounded rather surprised.
"Um I guess," Gerard sounded unsure and I'd bet my life he was glancing at the closet, he can't act to save his life.
"I thought you went with baby Gee, and Sam" Mikey sounded closer, "Didn't see either of you at school"
I chuckled into my hand, ‘Baby Gee? Really? What the fuck?
"Why would I?," Gerard's chuckle a little bit too forced.
"Cause you want to marry her! “ Mikey sang out a little, and sat on the bed judging by the loud cracking sound.
"What?" Gerard exclaimed nervously, "Don't be completely stupid"
"Oh come on!," Mikey cried out cheerfully, "It's so fucking obvious. You were talking about it the other day… the ring, the setting, the-“
"Shut up, dumbass," I think Gerard did painful things to Mikey cause I heard some really muffled voices and sounds of a silent struggle.
"So touchy," Mikey finally gasped loudly, "Just ask Gee to you know. "
"Fucking shut up," Gerard voice grew closer, like he was walking towards the closet. I gasped a little when something leaned against the closets door, "Why aren't you in school anyway? School day isn't over you little bitch"
"Lunch. Want some?
"No I think I'm gonna head out for school now"
I could picture Mikey shrugging as he headed upstairs and he's voice echoed through the stairways, "Gee and Gee sitting up a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G"
"Shut up already," Gerard yelled out before ripping the door open and yanking me out by the hand, "Let's go"
While we snuck out of the house with Mikey still humming the tree song in the kitchen, I didn't say anything at how flushed he was, and how pink his cheeks became, but deep inside that made me laugh. Did he really like me that much? He couldn’t have been thinking of asking me to marry him. I always knew that space between his ears was deserted of any activity indicating sense walking the streets of his skull. Nope that village was completely vacant...But then again Mikey usually didn't know what he was talking about.. He thinks that because we fight often it indicates some kinda lust when clearly it isn't...I mean there was some kinda lust but not much beyond it...Maybe Mikey knows I'm a love dependant idiot? The mere thought of Gerard loving me that much to want to ask me to marry him, made my legs feel jelloid. He looked at me out of the corner of his eye and winked. I shook my head and smiled.
"So you wanna do it," I giggled.
"Hmm?," he took a drag of his freshly lit cigarette.
"Kiss up in a tree," I laughed, grabbing the cigarette from between his fingers.
"Fuck youu," he drawled, a hint of a frown sneaking on his forehead.
"It's a bit more tricky," I could taste him on the cigarette and the smell reminded me of his soft skin, "We can fall off and break shit"
"Why?," he shrieked in a high pitched voice.
I resisted the temptation to smile and pouted playfully instead while lowering my own voice to what I thought sounded like him, "Cause it's the great scheme of life, people are born and die and turn into ash and come back as stars"
"Why?" he squealed again.
"She doesn't talk like that," I told him laughing, clearing my smoke littered throat.
"You sound like a mouse," he laughed, taking back his cigarette for a short drag before I snatched it again.
"I do not," I argued. I did not sound like a mouse.
"Just admit it,"
" I will if you admit you sound like a transvestite"
"You do"
"Double ha!"
"Denial, denial ,denial," I hummed.
"You know Mikey doesn't know what's he's talking about," He got real serious out of the blue and wiped off my smirk too.
"Yeah like I'd want you to marry you,," I half smiled excitedly looking down and finishing off the cigarette.
"Like you'd-," he laughed, "You're such a bitch. I like it. My bad bitch."
"So are you"
"Guys can't be bitches,"
"Guys?” I exclaimed, turning my head in all direction, "Where? Where? Lemme see!"
He rolled his eyes and I laughed.
"If you think I might like you, you're wrong"
"I don't do girls anyway baby," I smirked, "Sorry, Geetarda"
"I don't do whores," his shoulders tensed, a sign I knew all too well, Geetard was pissed.
"Hey, now. Im only a whore for you. What’s the matter? I asked, pure curiosity laced in my un mouse-y voice. He looked at me, and smiled sadly. “I love you Miss. Fratelli. I really do,’ I smiled back at him
“I love you also, Mr. Way,’ I looked at him honestly, ‘I really do.’
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