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Not so perfect

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One last flip of my middle finger to Gerard and I shuffled my way to French in the right direction, leaving the guy and the prick whispering loudly. “What was that?” Sam hissed at me, as we wa...

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We made the rest 7 minutes in intense silence.
"Dead man walking," I screamed in Frank's ear.
He leaped backwards; stumbling into a group of guys he was standing with and the moment he caught a glimpse of my face started running.
I gawped at the direction he ran to but then regain back my senses and broke into a run.
It seemed like we ran for miles before we finally collapsed on the lawn just outside the school, huffing and puffing and struggling for a breath.
The sky above me was spinning and the clouds turned into a white swirly blur.
Soft scrambling sound and Frank's shadow brought me back from my trance, the little bastard was trying to tip toe his way into a slow run. I tackled his fucking ass back to the ground with a loud thump making him whine, "I have homework, don't kill me"
I laughed a little, releasing his ankles from my grip, "Why didn't you tell me, Frank?"
"I'm sorry," he sat up and hung his head down, "I figured you figured"
"I didn't, Frank", I shook my head to emphasize my point.
"I'm sorry," he shrugged, "But you followed me so I figured.."
"You're in trouble?," I asked softly, picking up a little branch and tracing the lines on my palm.
"I was grounded till I'm 18 and my mom called my dad to get his ass back from Brooklyn to tell me off," he chuckled, not looking particularly broken, "I gotta lay low for a while"
"For a while?"
"Yeah, do my homework and chores and be a good boy till my mom forgets she grounded me and she always does," Frank gave me his sly grin, "What about you?"
"one month and no allowance and apologize to that Kate chick, Sam got two months cos she not only knew, but she mouthed Dad off the next day too." I smirked.
"Oh yeah," he said cheerfully, "I've got the apology thing too"
"We can get her that face mask thing burglars usually wear," I giggled as the freaked out pale features of Kate appeared in my mind.
Frank laughed as well, getting up on his feet and brushing the dirt and grass off his jeans, "Yeah with love and peace, sincerely yours, the theft club"
I reached out for his hand, still laughing.
"She's hot though, I can offer her a ride on the Frank love express as a compensation"
"Ew," I made a disgusted face, "We don't want her to press charges, Frankie"
We made our way through the empty halls to our English class, hollering with laughter at the ideas for gifts we came up with.
We carried on giggling quietly and scribbling notes to each other for a large portion of the class until the teacher, Ms. Maiden, finally had enough.
"Mr. Iero that's enough!" she clapped her hands to get Franks attention who was on the verge of tears from laughing.
He bit his lips together, nodding at her and trying not to laugh even harder.
"And you miss Fratelli,," she gave me a hard look as I held my breathe to stop from laughing in her face, "Have you have a poem prepared for class?".
"A poem?" I exhaled, smiling widely.
"Yes, a poem," she pierced me with her eyes as she looked me over her glasses with dead serious expression.
"As a matter of fact I do," Sam said snobbishly, looking her straight in the eye.
"Do share with us," she leaned back in her chair, motioning for her to start. Sam patted me on the shoulder, and stood up tugging on her shirt with an air of importance.
I exchanged glances with Frank whose lips were red as a baboon’s ass. She cleared her throat twice.
"Flowers by Samantha Fratelli, it's about honesty and truth" I looked at Ms. Maiden before Sam cleared her throat again; she nodded approvingly.
She turned to the class and cited with dramatic movements, "Roses are red, violets are blue. English sucks and poems do too".
The classroom was silent with only Frank’s hysterical giggles echoing through. A few students rolled their eyes, a few weren't even awake to witness my theatrical performance and the rest watched the teacher’s reaction. Sam bowed and sat back, elbowing Frank to get over himself.
"You believe you are hilarious I presume," her words dripped with coldness and venom.
"I have my moments, indeed," Sam smiled politely.
"I've seen girls like you come and go, Miss Fratelli and they always ended in the same place," she tapped her pen on on the journal in front of her, "You might believe you're amusing and that school is nothing but an amusement park and that you're too good for this but this exact thought will be your downfall, you mark my words," she shifted her eyes from me to Frank, "To the principle office, all three of you"
"Oh man," Frank moaned, gathering his shit from the table and scooping it into his bag, "Not again"
"But Frank didn't do anything!," I protested, picking up my own notebooks.
"He disturbed my class," she scribbled something in her journal, not looking up.
"I disturbed your class, they just sat next to me" Sam glared at her.
She finally looked up and sighed, "He didn't prepare the assignment"
"You're so full of yourself, instead of teaching and guiding our blind souls into the light," I shook my head disapprovingly, "You do nothing but look for pupils downfalls", I put the last word in air quotation marks with my hands, "What if he did do the freaking assignment"
Ms. Maiden smirked, "Very well Miss Fratelli, Mr. Iero did you do the assignment?"
I looked hopefully at Frank, in the back of mind I knew what would be the answer but I was hopeful anyway.
Frank shook his head a little, sending me a little pathetic half smile.
"As I said," Ms. Maiden took out two pink slips from her drawer, "To the principle, both of you"
"So I presume the rest of the class all prepared their little poems," Sam motioned on the class with her head.
"Sam," Frank whispered under his breath, tugging on her sleeve.
"No, fair is fair. Why should we get sent just cause she's a hypocrite"
Frank covered his eyes with his hand and shook his head. An angry murmur evoked the rest of the class as they glared at her, nudged their friends and pointed with a pissed off face expressions on their faces.
Ms. Maiden chuckled, "In fact, you're right Miss Fratelli. All these of you who haven't prepared their little poems please raise your hand"
Ten hesitant hands shot into the air, "Please follow Ms. And Ms. Fratelli’s and Mr. Iero to the principle"
These who raised their hands groaned and moaned and threaten me and protested while picking their stuff, "Faster please, I still have a few students who wish to learn"

Sam’s POV
I’d never have so many people tell me to fuck myself and rot in hell in my life! By the time we actually got to the administration office, my shoulder and back hurt from all the bumps and tackles I've received.
"My mom's gonna kill me," Frank bitched darkly, "Again! But not before Belleville high student body will chop my kidneys"
"Me and you both," I sighed, dodging the angry stake like glances from the angry mob of students.
"You really do have a big mouth, princess. Me and Gee had it covered" he frowned accusingly.
"If only you did that fucking poem," I elbowed him forcefully, ignoring his comment about my sister, who was off socializing with Brendon Urie and Tyson, talking about the gig I really cant remember much of.
The principle office opened and a midget, chubby man in a navy blue suit stepped out. He looked overwhelmed by the number of students waiting for him, as he looked around, his eyes locked on my, Gee and Frank's miserable figures, "Ah, Samantha and Georgina-Ellouise Fratelli and Franklin Anthony Iero, the trio that makes early retirement seem appealing, step in,"
‘Georgina Ellouise?’ a drugged up voice chuckled loudly. Georgia shot Bert a glare.
‘Yes. And if you say that again Robert McCracken im gonna have to do some serious damage to your kidneys,’
‘Please, please,’ Mr. Annan said tiredly holding the door for us, and we all ducked inside.

Gee’s POV

Frank and I occupied the three chairs behind Mr. Annan wooden desk while he went out to have a word with his secretary and joked how he should hand out numbers to all these who got sent to him.
I got comfortable in the hard chair I knew all too well, in my few months at Belleville high I got to know this room like the palm of my hand. The framed pictures with the happy smiling family waving out of the snap shot on the desk. 3 sons and an older daughter, they all left home but in the picture they all were young with their puppy dog who died by now at the age of 13, on the other picture was Dennis, Mrs. Annan, he met her when they were 15 at summer camp, she threw him into the mud one night but 10 years later their paths crossed again on a business trip and they married a month later...Yeah I was here so many times I actually knew all about his family, he had a spark in his eye when he talked about them, usually it's to preach but Mr. Annan loved his family I give him that. I proceeded to browse the wall behind his chair, packed with thank you letters from former students and their families, awards, father of the year trophies.
Frank looked less comfortable and I don't know why cause he got sent to the principle like every fucking day, sometimes a few times a day. If I know so much about him, they gotta have some sort of a bond but non the less he looked stressed out and sighed every now again like the weight of the world is on his shoulders.
Finally Mr. Annan closed the door and went around his desk to sit in his fancy chair, the room was silent but the echoes of the gym class outside bouncing on the walls, "Well?"
I shrugged.
Mr. Annan leaned in his chair and laced his fingers on the table, "Frankly I don't know what to do with you," he shifted his gaze from me to Frank, "I'm so familiar with you, I don't even have to look at your school records".
I bit my lip, looking over his head.
"I'm not asking for explanation, I don't need lies. I know what happened, what I want to know Miss and Miss Fratelli is what I should do with you, you skip classes, talk back to your teachers and disrespect them. I've put up with this behaviour so far only because of you point average, Georgina you are an excellent student, now however, Samantha the tune is different"
I didn't move a muscle, he was in fact right, I forgot the last time I did my homework or paid attention in class.
He looked over at Frank, "And you Mr. Iero I'm not even talking about grades anymore, the only reason you still have a place in my school is out of loyalty to your mother, a wonderful woman you should've learned to appreciate by now"
"Technically," I muttered, "It's not your school, it's the government's school and is fully sponsored by the tax payer"
Mr. Annan bit back a smile, "Forgive my error"
I nodded, smiling. That's what I liked about him; he was like your granddad and not a strict principle.
He turned back to Frank who refused to look at him and fiddled with his fingers, leaning forward and giving him a hard look, "Time after time you break your word, and if nothing else I thought you're a man of your word. Nothing helped, not therapy, not the school counsellor, not the conversations we had, not my phone calls to your father"
My jaw dropped slightly, Frank didn't look like the type to go to shrinks. Georgia looked him over curiously as though I just found out he turned into a werewolf by night, if we were alone I would've checked too but Mr. Annan carried on, "You have every kind of reputation you might have, you do drugs, you smoke, you drink, you do not attend classes. Why do you even bother to show up occasionally is beyond me"
"He wants to study," Georgia put in loyally. I too felt the urge to throw in a good word for Frankie. He was a good guy, clever too. He was just too hyper to sit in a classroom for 8 hours and bury himself in books. I don't understand why instead of lecturing no one helps him. It seems like you gotta have a certain character to do well in school, You gotta be patient and sit still all the time and these who don't fit that exact profile gets picked on by the teachers and categorized as stupid. Frank can't sit still for 45 minutes; hell he can't even sit still for lunch. I had a short attention span too but he had even a shorter one. It’s almost like natural selection and it's not fair cause Frankie can do it.
"Miss Fratelli," Mr. Annan shushed Gee, raising his hand, "I understand you guys, I do. I was young once and every time I look at you," he nodded at Frank, "I see myself, but the road you're heading in isn't a good one, I'd hate you to make the same mistakes and get burn. I get the need to be free, to rebel-"
I chuckled, picturing Mr. Annan in ripped jeans and a misfits tee. Frank and Gee exchanged quick glances as a little smirk played hide and seek on his face.
"Yeah," Mr. Annan smiled, "The old principle what does he know"
Georgia nodded in agreement without intending to do so, making Mr. Annan laugh even harder, "God Miss Fratelli you remind me of Dennis so much"
"I hope you don't intend to sexually harass me because of it"
He threw his head back and roared with laughter holding his big belly, "You are charming Miss Fratelli, you're absolutely priceless,"
"No I'm serious," she giggled. It made me chuckle too.
He nodded and gradually returned to his principle mode, "As well as I know you I realize it would be useless to make you promise to get back on track, you are stubborn and rebellious and I don't think I will be fulfilling my principle duties if I do that knowing full well I'll be seeing you in my office tomorrow too, so what do you think I should do? What will make you realize that what you're doing isn't acceptable?"
I shrugged, biting my lip, "Will you agree to what I'll offer? No, you'll listen, nod and make me do shit I don't wanna do, then what's the point?"
"You know me as well as I know you it appears"
"That's the problem," I sighed, "You don't know me, you think you do because I fit a certain stereotype but you really don't. You see before, I fitted the okay student sassy bitch criteria but now when shit I do doesn't fit that stereotype you get nervous, teachers don't know what to do cause how could I cross my line? How can I fit one stereotype and then the other? How can I act like one and be the other? There's nothing in your text books about people and emotion all you know is to label the student so it would be easier for you. Frankie makes trouble and smokes weed so there's no way he's smart. I used to get okay grades so how possibly could I rob a store", I took a breathe and waited eagerly for his respond.
He smiled nostalgically, "You should stop by to talk with Dennis, you find you have a lot in common"
I rolled my eyes, "Yet again you classify me by something. I'm not your wife, I'm not a geek, I'm not a bitch, I'm me. Samantha Lewis Fratelli and there's nothing in your books about a Georgina-Ellouise Fratelli or a Samantha Lewis Fratelli or Frank Iero, that's why we intimidate you"
"You're very articulate Miss Fratelli," he shifted a few papers around, "Very sharp. That's why it's such a shame you throw your life away"
"I'm not throwing my life away," I frowned, "You don't know what I will be"
"Your young mind still can't understand that your actions now will hunt you tomorrow, what you do now effects your future. I heard that glimpse of pride when you said you robbed a store, would you want a future employer to know that? You think your actions are erased when you want to? Would you be able to convince them you're not the brat you used to be when you were 15?"
"People make mistakes," I argued.
"That's right and no one cares why or how. You were right, people label others, it's easier to sort the world into black and white. All humans do that so don't sit here and say you don't. People don't care why or when, all people care about is the action itself," he noted my grimace, "And yes, it might be unfair or right but that's how the world goes"
I shrugged, looking significantly at my watch.
"I see your time is precious, mine is too that's why I'd like you to go see the school counsellor tomorrow," he said.
"What?!," I exclaimed, "I don't need a shrink, I'm not crazy"
"Thanks," Frank looked at me annoyed.
"Sorry," I lowered my voice tone, "I don't need a shri- I won't go!"
"Miss Fratelli, save it," Mr. Annan raised his hand again, "Please. Be kind enough to go see Mrs. Sander first thing tomorrow morning and don't even think about skipping and of course a month worth of detention will help get my point across this time, starting today. Georgina – the only class you seem to be failing on is Art, as I’ve heard your relationship with the Senior Teacher is… rocky at best" Georgia glared at a spot on the desk. Frank and I looked at her in surprise. Her and Gerard? Rocky?
‘We had a fight one lesson…’ she sighed
‘Which resulted in fifty dollar’s worth of damage. Next time you have a lover’s tiff, please don’t pour paint over Gerard’s head, and then make up, and how do you teenagers put it… ‘make out’ when I come to see what the fuss is.’ The corners of his mouth turned and Georgia’s eyes sparkled. ‘Two paint covered students using a desk to have sex on, is not what I expected to find. You’ll have six hours a week one to one tuition with him,’ I cringed at Mr. Annan saying sex. How gross
‘Do I have to…?’ Georgia asked looking at the window behind his head. ‘I mean, its not like we have to spend enough time together already…’
"Oh,that sucks," I murmured. “ Is that not the point of a relationship?’
‘Boo you whore. Just cos the only time you can be bothered to see Frankie is at school or when im round Gerard’s,’ She bit sulking, Frank raised an eyebrow and sighed.
"As for you Mr. Iero," he gave Frankie a hard look who shrunk back in his chair, "I'm very sorry. You know what was the deal, one more episode and you will have to leave. I tried to be understanding but you got to understand my side too, as of tomorrow you are expelled. Please be kind to empty your locker"
Silence consumed the room for a while until Frank nodded and stood up, his chair's screech stirred me and Georgia, "You can't expel Frankie!" She screeched.
"I'm afraid I just did," he leaned back in his chair with a sigh.
"But you can't!", I cried out, "It's all my fault, it really is"
"Sam, Gee, stop," Frank squeezed our shoulders gently.
"But it is," I stood up sharply, "You can't! Let’s make a deal too, I go to the shrink and you unexpel Frankie"
Mr. Annan smiled softly, "How about this, you go the counsellor and Mr. Iero is still expelled"
"You're such a prick," Georgia slammed her palm on his desk angrily, "Sitting here telling us fiction about how much you understand us and how you see your family in us when all along you wanted to fuck us over"
"Now that's enough Miss Fratelli!," he barked at us.
I was taken aback and stepped back, slightly stumbling into Frank.
He sighed heavily, putting his hand through his balding head, "It is not my intention to act as a prick, as you put it and I sure don't want to...Set you up but apart from you, I have responsibility for other students too, for their parents and for my staff, I can't have you disturb the flow of the lessons each and every time"
"Fuck your responsibility," Gee spat out, "And certainly fuck your staff! You can't just expel Frankie!"
"Sam," Frank pulled me a little away from the desk on which I leaned, I probably looked like I was going to charge at Mr. Annan cause I was so in his face.
"Me and Franklin made a deal and he broke it and that's all you need to know Miss. Fratelli," he circled the desk and opened the door for us, "Please return to your classes, Franklin you may wait for your mother outside"

Gee’s POV

Frank dragged me out to the hall, past all the angry students who glared at Sam evilly, I was too shocked to flip any of them off. Once in the empty hall I threw my arms around Frank, "I can't believe he expelled you!"
He chuckled, at first surprised in my embrace but then he rubbed my back gently, "That OK I've seen it coming"
"Oh Frank it's all my fault," I pulled back to look at him. Sam sighed and leant against a locker
He grabbed my face sternly, "You listen to me, it's not any of your fault, he would've caught me one way or another"
Suddenly a little cough echoed through the hall, I spun around and frowned...
"What do you want?"
Gerard looked at us darkly, "What are you doing?"
"Non of your fucking business," I hissed angrily.
He shifted his eyes from me to Frankie, from my arms around his neck and to his hands on my back, "Can I talk to you, Iero?"
Frank shrugged, letting go of me, "Go to class before Annan gets you again"
"No I'll wait with you. Mrs. Iero must know it's my fault," I insisted.
Frank rolled his eyes, "Georgia stop, it's not your fault and trust me, you don't wanna be here when my mom storms in".
I contemplated the situation, I really didn't want to be there when she arrives, hell would break lose and then some. I nodded and started walking down the hall with Sam
"What the fuck?" Gerard called out to me.
"What?" She whined with annoyance, "What'd you want now?"
"French is in the opposite direction," he smirked, motioning to the opposite direction.
"Don't fucking boss me around," I snapped. Everything just burst out of me and I lashed at him as usual, "You have no right, you bloody stalker.’ Sam glared, and I elbowed her for getting involved.
He blinked, "But French is that way"
"So fucking what? What if I don't want to go to fucking French! What if I know a short cut? What if I dropped French and signed up for Japanese! How do you know I'm taking French anyway, you son of a bitch?"
Frank stepped back, looking a little worried when Gerard took a few steps towards me, "First, Mikey's in your class and second we don't have Japanese here and third don't fucking talk to me like that bitch!"
"Then don't stalk me," I pushed him against the lockers, "Every where I turn I see your fucking face!"
"I can't help it," he reached out to grab my waist and pressed me against him to stabilize him against my wrath, "I'm fucking drawn to fucking prostitutes"
"Well your mother is in New York," I pushed him again, losing control by the second.
"Yeah pimping yours," he yelled.
"Um guys?," Frank and Sam chipped in a small voice.
"Fucking stay out of this!," Gerard glared at him.
"Don't tell him to stay out of this," I waved my arms around violently, "You're not the boss of him, he can fucking be in the middle of this if it's his fucking soul's desire"
"I'll boss whoever the fuck I want to!"
"Motherfucker you wont!"
"Dudes," Frank stood between us, facing Gerard, "Knock it off"
"Stay out of this, Frankie," I placed my hand on his shoulder and walked around him so I could yell directly at Gerard.
"Go to your class," he crossed his arms on his chest, trying his best not to give up control.
"What if I don't fucking want to?" I smirked.
"Georgia, go to your class,"
"Just fucking go!"
He clenched his jaw, "Go"
Frank looked desperately from my angry face to his burning features, "Please Georgia, we need to talk"
I bit back my frustration, Frank got me. I can't yell at him and I can't refuse cause he asked so nicely to leave them alone. One last flip of my middle finger to Gerard and I shuffled my way to French in the right direction, leaving the guy and the prick whispering loudly.
“What was that?” Sam hissed at me, as we walked off. “The perfect couples lover’s tiff?”
“We’re not so perfect anymore, Sam,” I sighed. “I’ll talk to you later about it. Im…not In the mood.”
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