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Empty Hallways, and Plans

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"Then promise you won't do anything stupid," he crossed his arms on his chest with a determination. "Sure," I smirked. "And don't smirk while you do it" "OK," I looked down, trying not to grin. ...

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The halls seemed really empty knowing Frank won't be there. I should really make some new friends, it was comfortable being just Frank, Mikey and me without having to risk humiliation and meet new people, particularly cause they all looked lame but what if Mikey left too? I had to have a safety net or something.
The shock and bitter resentment for the principle kept me quite throughout the day, no one spoke to me either. Mikey was doing some kinda shit and Gerard was pouting and glaring every time I crossed his sight and I fell asleep with the thought that even if I just fade, no one would notice. Perhaps wonder where I went and what trouble I got into now but they won't be sorry or sad, maybe they'll even feel relief cause I was such a hassle for everyone.
It felt like I blinked and it was morning already and what a grumpy morning it was! Everyone were in bad mood, Mikey grumbled uncontrollably about how tired he was, I bitched about how I'm gonna miss Frank and fade when he's gone without anyone's noticing, Gerard was so irritated, he was close to having a nervous breakdown Sam just bitched to everyone about everything and got in their faces If we didn’t speak back and I'm sure that if it wasn't a big no, no in the parental guidebook my dad would've told us all to fuck off and leave him the fuck alone.
I sulked alone at the table, dad already left to work, dropping off Mikey who had some project to finish off. I rested my head on my arms and closed one eye while the other watched Gerard roam the kitchen. He made himself breakfast. That is when he didn't cast evil looks in my direction.
All the scents made my mouth water, "Make me breakfast too"
"Make your own," grumbling he put everything back in the fridge.
"Oh come on," my stomach joined in the whining, "I made you coffee"
"Um no," he cocked his eyebrow, "You made yourself coffee and offered me to finish what you didn't drink"
I rolled my eyes, "You're so petty, bottom line is that you drank coffee I made"
"Why don't you get off your fucking ass, make 4 steps and make your own breakfast," he said coldly.
"Oh the village called," I smirked, "They want their bitch back"
"You want help packing?"
"Ha ha, you're soo funny. I can't contain myself"
He bowed a little, taking a giant bite off his sandwich. I heaved myself off the chair and stretched, arching my back. I walked around the counter and glared at him while opening the fridge to search for food. There was a lot of food but none that I could prepare or wasn't lazy enough to bother. I mean come on! Making toast or pouring juice?! Why should I bother when I have shit ready within reach, the only problem was that he won't share, a minor setback if you ask me.
"Come on, Gerard. Don't be so selfish," I batted my eyelashes slightly, lowering my eyes the moment he made contact.
Unfortunately he didn't fall for that this time, he actually moved the plate a little bit to the further side.
"Just a tinsy winsy bite, Gerard baby," I pouted playfully, using his ‘baby’ as a bait.
"You won't like it," he dismissed me, chewing the blissful heaven in his plate.
"I'm sure I will,"
"Doubt it," he smiled a little.
"Oh come on! It's my food! My money! My house! I demand you give me a bite!," I cried out, on second thought, preparing my own would've been less difficult, "Unless it's like a rat poison, then I'll be happy to let you finish"
"God," he sighed, "Don't you have some bitch business to attend to or something?"
Well desperate times calls for desperate means. Or something like that...
I grabbed one half of the sandwich of the plate and took a huge bite, giving him enough time to groan and tear it out of my hand.
It took maybe 4 seconds for the fire to spread in my mouth and burn every inch of the delicate area. I opened it widely and fanned frantically on instinct as though I was trying to put it out, it spread quickly down my stomach as I swallowed unintentionally, jumping up and down, letting desperate squeals escape my vocal chords.
"Told you won't like it," he laughed.
"Ooooh hottt," I wiped away the sudden tears blocking my view, still jumping around the kitchen, "Hooott. Sooo Hooot"

He handed me his glass of juice which I drank eagerly despite the bitter taste it left, "Fuck you"
"I told you so,"
I felt my mouth with the tongue, everything seemed numb and still burning, "I can't feel anything. You damaged me. I'll sue," I wagged my index finger at him with a severe expression on my face.
He grabbed my finger and pulled me down on his lap, quickly slipping his tongue in my burning mouth. It felt so nice, I relaxed against him and pulled his face deeper into mine allowing his hands to rest against my waist.
Soon the burning sensation of the hot chilli turned into a hot sensation of a different kind as his tongue explored my neck, extracting little moans from me.
His breath became more shallow with each moan he manage to extract from me, he pulled back, running his hand through his hair, his face flushed with familiar excitement, "What's your first class?"

I crept through the halls to my locker, keeping all my senses alert in case I see a Matt Bellamy look a like, which Gee told me about the other day. She still didn't let go of him, torturing herself in her dreams and hunting her sleep. My skin crawl at the thought of him.
"Frank?” I jogged the rest of the distance to our lockers, hoping with all my heart it wasn't just an illusion of someone who looked like Frankie. Georgia squealed and followed me
He turned around with a weak smile on his lips, making me gasp, "What did they to you?"
I took him all in with my eyes wide open and jaw hanging low, "A suit?" Georgia asked nonplussed
He shrugged apologetically, "It's my new school uniform"
"God Frankie," she clasped my hands on her mouth. He was wearing a red and blue striped tie matching the navy blue pants and blazer with a little lion on his pocket, and a crisp white button up shirt, "Oh my fucking god!"
"Hey! I think I look rather hot," he swirled around himself with arms stretched wide.
"Yeah but still," I insisted on gawping at him uncontrollably, "The only time you wore a suit was at your aunt Marie's funeral"
"And at uncle's Alberto's funeral," he smirked.
"And at cousin Miranda's wedding but it was essentially the same thing" Georgia said dryly with her head tilted to the side
"And even then you bit and screamed your way out of it," I nodded, leaning on my locker, unable to take my eyes off Frankie, he looked taller…hotter…yummier!
"I admit suits brings unpleasant memories but what can I do," he shrugged pathetically.
"Where did they submit you?"
"Um some all boys catholic school in Manhattan," he slowly placed random items in his school bag, "Saint shit, something like that"
"All boys?" Georgia gasped loudly, "Frankie, no girls?!"
"Except for the nuns," he wriggled his eyebrows playfully, "You know what they say about nuns"
"The horniest women ever," she completed his sentence, high fiving him, "But is fucking a nun moral?"
He chuckled slightly, "And putting me in an all boys school is?"
"Good point"
"But there's this twin all girls school across the road or something"
"You sir," I poked him in the stomach, "Landed in a gold mine"
"I'll miss you though," he smiled his sly Iero smile, ruffling Georgia’s hair "Between all the vaginas, your image will stay with me.”
I giggled, "Ah such a sweet thing to say"
”Its true. You’re my baby aren’t you?” He said solemnly looking at me. I squirmed a little bit.
“Yeah, Frank. So you better watch out in that gold mine.
A breathless Mikey choose that special moment of bonding to appear, "When you guys are coming?"
"To where, dude?" Frank frowned, sliding a few books into his bag.
"The party!" Mikey exclaimed, "The fucking party you forced me into having!"
"I can't, man," Frank rested his hand on Mikey's shoulder, "I'm grounded, a step out of line and my next stop is boot camp"
Mikey groaned, turning to me, "And you?"
"You know we’re grounded too," I said, lowering my eyes to the floor, "The earliest is midnight"
"No!" Mikey cried out, running a nervous hand through his hair, "You gotta be fucking there!"
"I'll be there, dude"
"No like early to set shit up with me"
"No big deal, man. Just arrange a table with the booze and a few snacks and you're set"
"Yeah but what about the music," Mikey started to hyperventilate, "What is best to start the evening with and what's-"
"Dude," Georgia called out sharply, "Just put some Metallica on and it would do"
"What about your brother?" Frank zipped up his bag and loaded it on his back, wearing a strange face expression, "Isn't he coming?"
"I guess", Mikey shrugged.
"Then you're all set," he clasped his hand on Mikey's back, "I gotta go"
It was a sad moment, Mikey looked like his cat died and knowing this is the last time I see Frank in these halls brought little tears to my eyes, "Give 'em hell, kid," Georgia and I threw our arms around his neck so that between me and the tie the oxygen supply was fairly little.
"I promise," He kissed my cheek lightly, "You too, babe. Now watch out, this twin business is getting me excited.
He outstretched a hand to Mikey, "Take care, man"
"Five minutes in a suit and you're already a prick," I laughed, rubbing my eyes a little.
"I'm telling you," He rolled his eyes.
"See you, dude," Mikey shook his hand.
With that Frank ran out of the hall with his bag on the shoulders, but the way he flipped his finger back at us just made me think it wasn't the last we heard from Franklin Antony Iero.

Georgia’s POV
"You gotta help Mikey," I cornered Gerard at his locker while he was putting some books away.

"Aw the ever friendly Miss Fratelli. Though I have to say, you are my favourite out of the two," he smiled into his locker, giving me a quick glance, "How have you been? I've been good thanks for asking"
I rolled my eyes, waiting for his little act to be over, "No seriously, he's freaking out"
"Aw the shock," he chuckled, shaking his head a little, "Mikey is freaking over some shit. What is it this time?"
"The party"
Now it was his time to roll his eyes, "He'd be fine"
"But you gotta help him set up," I insisted, "Don't be a bitch, he's your brother"
"So what," he slammed his locker shut a little more forcefully then needed to lock a locker in our school, mine rarely opened without violence, "He freaks out everytime something is a little out of his control, that doesn't mean I have to rescue him every single time"
I snickered, "You save him everytime, huh? That's not what I've hear-"
He caught me off rudely, "What have you heard?"
"Never mind," I sighed impatiently, "Bottom line he's your brother and he's nervous and he needs you to be there for him tonight"
"Why do you care anyway?"
"He's my friend," I shrugged, "And I feel kinda guilty for forcing him into it and dumping him when he needs support"
"Whoa!," he exclaimed, freezing on his tracks all together, "You're feeling guilty?! Over a friend?! Holy shit!," I rolled my eyes as he looked me over with astonishment, "You actually have feeling?!"
"Give me a sec to wrap my mind around these news"
"What mind? And just one sec?," I laughed, "I think you'll need more then that"
"Bitch" he said kissing me, with a glint in his eye.
"Fucker," I said dryly.
"Fine, since you asked so nicely," he paused to emphasize a point of me not being nice apperently, "I'll help him"
I nodded approvingly.
"I'll help him set up and be back when the party starts off"
"What?," I frowned.
"I don't want you to be home alone," he felt like he should deliberate more cause of my face expression, "You know cause you're grounded"
"So what," I smirked, "I don't need guardians"
"I know," he reached out to touch my face but I pulled back, "I just didn't want to leave you alone"
"Gerard. What the hells going on?" I held his hand when he reached out again, "I don't get the fact, that your bitching me one minute and all nice the next. Its like you’re menstruating Seriously, I’ve told you I cant take this
"I'm not," he pouted, "I'm just-"
"Yeah I know," I cocked my eyebrow at him and adopted sweet tone to my voice, "Going through a tough time lately, but it doesn’t affect how you feel about me, and im the best thing that’s happened to you so far…."
"Well yeah" he smiled, pushing my fringe behind my ear. “Im slightly flattered you remembered that, but also not liking the tone of voice.’
"Who said I'm not going to the party anyway," I said, raising a provocative eyebrow which I knew he couldn’t resist.
"You're fucking grounded!," he cried out, throwing his arms in the air, "For months! Do you honestly want more!"
"Well if you don't open your big mouth, everything will be just fine"
"God," he exhaled, "Sugar, you make me wanna smoke"
"Knock yourself out," I motioned at the exit door with my head, "I'm still going"
"Then I'm staying home with you"
"You gotta help Mikey!," I called out frustrated. I don't get why I have to beg him to help his own brother.
"Then promise you won't do anything stupid," he crossed his arms on his chest with a determination.
"Sure," I smirked.
"And don't smirk while you do it"
"OK," I looked down, trying not to grin.
"And look me in the eye"
"How about you fuck off?"
"Sugar-" he sighed.
"Just go help Mikey and I'll be fine. Sam’s got a plan" I started walking away towards my class corridor before he could protest or change his mind.
If he stays home, my whole plan of escaping to the party will be doomed, I don't even know why the fuck I had this conversation with him.
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