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"Do you have a bowl?" he slurred, giggling loudly. "A bowl?" "Yeah a bowl" "Are you serious?," I rolled my eyes. "I swear," he raised his right hand and placed it on his chest, "This round kind...

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Sam’s pov
Getting home was rather tricky. After school day was over I headed for detention but it turned out I was sighed up for double detention, why who and what the fuck were some of the questions I proposed to the teacher in
for 2 extra hours.
Time went in fucking slow motion, making me impatient with each second, the usual chat chit at the dinner table, clearing the dishes, watching some shit on TV, Mikey and Gerard finally leaving and then finally was my turn to shine. No, not as an incredible student and no, not as daughter of the year but the excellent actress the drama teacher never once picked to play Wendy, squashing the dreams of a young heart in a matter of a second. Not that I'm bitter or anything.
I stretched on the sofa and began shivering, "Dad, I'm not feeling well"
"What's wrong, baby," dad lowered the volume on the baseball game he was watching.
"I'm hot and cold," I moaned in pain, "And my body aches"
he stood up and walked over to touch my moist forehead which I sprayed earlier with water, "Mmm you are sweating"
I squeezed my eyes shut and moaned again.
"Maybe it's one of these things going around now," concern wrinkled his face, "Did you eat anything bad today"
I shook my head weakly, gaging a little into my palm.
"You want a drink?"
I groaned, rubbing my forehead.
"You seemed a little pale at dinner. I'll make you a little of mom's syrup"
I coursed myself mentally, I didn't predict that one coming. Mom's syrup was the most vile disgusting thing you could ever imagine swallowing. It did shit but Georgia once told me they used the same syrup to detect liars back in the day.
That's why I had to drink the entire glass of pink thick liquid, and then it wasn't even pretending, that shit really did make me sick to my stomach, "I'll go to bed"
"You need any help, baby?," he helped me to my feet.
"Naw I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow," I muttered with a brave smile on my lips, "Just a little of mom's syrup and a good strong undisturbed night sleep and I'll be fine"
"Yeah, I guess," he watched me climb up the stair one by one, "But if not we're going to the doctor"
"I'm sure undisturbed sleep is all I need," I shrugged, "You know what a light sleeper I am, the tiniest noise wakes me up and I really need to sleep"
"Good night, baby. I'll be downstairs"
Yeah he'll be downstairs as usual, waiting for the call that never came. God forbid he'll go out with his friends when the slut he's married to promised to call and never did, the best he could expect was a 5 minute conversation with her when he called, panicking that something happened to her. Nothing ever did, she was fine, tired like hell, how's things at home? And an empty promise to call again tomorrow.
"G'night, daddy," I closed the door behind me and couldn't help but do a little victory dance! Not to be cocky or anything but I am a motherfucking genius, he wouldn't even dream peeking in my room tonight!
I applied my makeup and brushed my hair and after picking leather pants over a skirt which would be easier to climb in. I popped two pills, noting sadly that I have enough for another week only; I quietly opened the window and climbed out of the room. Georgia had texted me, because she’d left earlier and told me she’d be waiting. And she had my fucking slashed jeans again goddammit.
I admit, my heart was pumping gallons of blood per second no matter how many times I did this before.
It was a long, nerve wrecking dark way down with sweaty palms and a dizzy head but my feet finally touched the ground and I couldn't be happier.
"You climb well," a voice echoed through the dark yard.
The seconds it took me to turn back and face the owner seemed like an eternal torture before I exhaled, recognizing the outline of their facial features, "Fuck Mikey! You scared the living shit out of me! I was standing there waiting for her and I didn’t even see you!"
"Sorry," he giggled.
"Are you drunk already," I sniffled the air around him, "What are you doing here?"
"Do you have a bowl?" he slurred, giggling loudly.
"A bowl?"
"Yeah a bowl"
"Are you serious?," I rolled my eyes.
"I swear," he raised his right hand and placed it on his chest, "This round kinda hat you put food in"
"You left the party to get a bowl?," I exclaimed, "You don't have a bowl in your place?"
"It's just Gee, Ray and this chick he brought, Mike, so far"
"Mike?," I pouted, "Who's Mike?"
"This girl he always brings with him," he shrugged.
"But don't worry," He leaned closer, whispering.
"Why would I?," I chuckled awkwardly.
"Well you know," he nudged me in the ribs.
"No I don't know"
"Well you know," he nudged me harder, winking.
"Will you stop already," I snapped.
"Forget I said anything," he raised his hands over his head and stumbled back into the bushes.
I stepped forward and grabbed his arm before he literally became one with the nature.
"Oh come on," he leaned on me, "Don't get all pouty"
"I'm not," I shrugged him off.
"He likes you," he nodded violently. “But he does silly things sometimes,”
"You're drunk, Mikey," I rolled my eyes. I knew he liked me. And I knew he did stupid things.
"I know what I'm talking about," Mikey slammed his fist on his chest, wincing.
"Sure, dude"
"Trust me, I fucking knew him since I was a baby," He held his hand at knee level.
"Whatever," I shrugged.
"Honest," he adjusted his glasses clumsily, "He asked about you"
"He did?," I looked up a little.
"Yeah, he told me to tell you to hurry up," Mikey frowned at no particular reason.
"What about that Mike girl?," I grimaced.
"What about him?,"
"Mikey!," I exclaimed angrily, "You said Ray came with a girl"
"He’s just a friend, and a boy" he shrugged, "He’s not with Gee or bee or cee"
"What about R?," I asked cautiously, crossing my arms on my chest.
"He’s not with that letter either," he chuckled, "And for the record, he’s not with M either’
I smiled a little, I mean maybe guys talk although for the life of me I had no idea why would Ray tell personal shit like that to Mikey of all people, they weren't particularly close.
"Boo!” he exclaimed jumping on Sam
"Mikey," I groaned.
He giggled like a silly school girl,
"Shut up," I smiled wider, "Now what about a bowl?"
"Oh yeah," he held his head in his hands, "I need one"
"Well fuck you," Sam grumbled, "I'll get it, stay here and be fucking quiet"
He nodded violently and crossed his legs, watching Sam climb up the tree again and into my room.
Sam’s POV
I grabbed my robe from the hanger and wrapped myself with it, taking off my shoes and throwing them from the window.
I guess Gee hit Mikey because I heard him yelp but I couldn't say I regretted it much, I could've been on my way to Gerard right now instead of this stupid bowl hunt. I swear that the first thing I'm gonna do once I get there would be to check their cupboards for fucking bowls.
I tip toed my way downstairs but Dad was already snoring rather loudly. An old video of my biggest brothers baseball game was playing.
The 13 beautiful green-eyed teen waving to the camera was my brother and the little girl, trying to pick up a heavy bat was Georgia. No matter how many times she dropped the bat and no matter how many times the older team mates laughed at her, I always resumed my mission with a determined face expression and biting her lip she swung the bat, hitting me who stumbled into the frame at the precise moment on the head. And there were our Mum and Mr. Way laughing their heads off and even the ever gloomy Gerard was sitting behind his mom, hiding a little smile in the corner of his lips. I cant belive I knew him when I was that young. It was like. Fate.
I smiled at the memories, we were so happy back then, I could taste that day, the easy wind blowing across everyone's faces. It was a Saturday afternoon, our team won another match and celebrated by having a picnic right there on the field, not far from our house.
I bit back the knot forming in my throat when my gaze fell on my dad. He wasn't as young now, hints of grey hair sold out his real age and we weren't as happy now. All that was left of these days is an old tape and a few memories.
I covered him with a blanket and turned off the TV and picked the first bowl I could found and snuck out of the door the moment I could, running to where Mikey lay, humming to himself.
He looked up at my robe, "You're not going?"
"Of course I'm going," I tossed my robe into the bushes, put on my shoes again and grabbed Mikey's arm, tugging him along, "I wouldn't miss it for the world"
Mikey disappeared from the moment we entered the house.
It wasn't a crowded party, there were a lot of people but not to the point you couldn't breathe. Some took the party out to the yard, mingling on the front lawn and on the porch, bathing in the light projected from the house, I was glad Mikey was too drunk to worry about the lawn.
The music was blaring, the sounds spilling out of the windows and the front door like an over flown pool.
I stood at the doorway, studying my environment, I knew some people from my classes and from my detentions, some waved, receiving a nod back, looking for a familiar enough face.
I caught a glimpse of Gerard laughing in a dim corner. At first it took me by surprise, in all the years I've known he wasn't the one to laugh, and it was a real smile, not a smirk, not a sarcastic smile, not a half hearted smile and not the one splattered all over his face when he comes, just a sincere smile. On instinct, I headed in his direction but backed again when I saw with whom he was.
A guy. He was standing with his back to me, long legged, short brown hair and a chill washed my insides over... This guy looked exactly like…Matt

Georgia’s POV

"I saved you a bottle as promised," Ray dangled a beer bottle in front of my face.
I turned around, a smile taking place of my frown, "Thank you", I brushed his hand while closing my fingers around the bottles neck and taking a sip.
"So does it tastes better then a bought drink?," he laughed, leaning closer.
"Mmm," I closed my eyes, swirling the cold drink around my mouth, "It does"
"Great party," he motioned on the room with his own bottle, "I told Mikey to get a live band next time"
"Oh and he remembers?," I arched my eyebrow.
"No it was before he drank that half bottle,"
We laughed, "You know he showed up at my house asking for a bowl?"
"He did?," Ray shook his 'fro joyfully, "That kid is unbelievable".
I squirmed a little under his choice of words, I mean I was the same age as Mikey, did he consider me a kid too?
"You know any live bands that would come play this small gig?"
"Well um," he cleared his throat and cocked his eyebrow slightly, "I play in one"
"Really?!," I exhaled, "I didn't know, what do you play?"
"Drums," he took a sip, smiling.
"Oh I thought you were just exercising," I gestured to his arm to the muscles which he definitely had.
"Naw, I just practice a lot," he looked me straight in the eye, making me blush.
I looked around for a new distraction, feeling really hot suddenly, "So you know a lot of these people?"
"Some," he followed my gaze's path, "Most are younger"
I huffed at the age reminder, "So who's Mike?"
"You know him?," his smile grew wider, "Awesome"
"No, Mikey told me you came together," I gulped a big proportion of the remaining beer.
"Yeah," he looked over my head, which wasn't much of an challenge for him, "There he is with Gee"
I cast a glance over my shoulder, a frown already claiming a place on my face which I was careful to remove before turning back to Ray, the Mike guy looked familiar, but I could only see the back of his head.
He chucked a little on his own beer, "Don’t you worry. Last I checked, old Gerard was straight," he wiped his mouth. I wiped the remaining of the beer he didn't get off his chin, nodding along, "Im not worried. I trust him. God knows why."
"Yeah I know," he smiled down at me, "He keeps telling me how great it is to have a girl like you. And that I should try to get with your sister."
I smirked, "Right. Good luck with that."
"Oh my god, you made it, baby," Gerard slurred in my ear, wrapping his arms around my waist and planting a big sloppy kiss on my neck.
"Did you just say oh my god?," I wriggled away, very aware of Ray's facial expression.
"Mm," he reached for me but I stepped back, stumbling into Ray a little who quickly put an arm around my shoulder.
"Still sticking candy up your nose to impress chicks, Toro?," Gerard gave him a hard look even though it took him a few minutes to focus it on him and grabbed my wrist roughly, tugging me to his side.
"Stop, Gerard," I intentionally used his name to stop him from making a fuss.
"You heard her, Gee," Ray released my arm from his grip.
Gerard looked like he was about to snap something back but some tall dude approached me, receiving the full attention of all three of us, "Are you Georgia?"
"Yeah," I looked him over, frowning, "Who are you?"
"I'm Dan," he kinda smirked at me, clearly had two beers too many, "Would you mind coming with me to the bathroom?"
"Um why would I?," I chuckled at his weirdness.
"Well," he glanced at Ray and Gerard, leaning closer, "I heard you like to get friendly there"
"What the fuck?," I exclaimed, feeling my cheeks take on a unfaltering red glow.
"Come on, swee-," but he didn't get to finish that sentence cause Gerard's fist knocked him down to the floor.
I gasped, clutching my bottle closer to my chest as Gerard jumped on top of Dan.
I was pushed back by Ray who jumped into the mass of other guys to get Gerard off cause he was getting his share of punches.
It seemed like every fucking guy in the room was in that pile while the girls stood back, shrieking. Once again I thanked god Mikey was no where to be seen and probably way too drunk to care about the carpet on which about 31 guys were wrestling.
I stood back a little to avoid the flying fists and stumbled on the carpet, falling flat on my back and spilling the rest of my beer on Mikey's precious carpet. Everything began spinning around and as I shut my eyes to stop the sensation I felt a strong hand grab my arm and pull me roughly on my feet.
The room was still spinning on me and when I finally focused my gaze on the person who was still holding my arm, I wish I didn't, especially since a glint of silver blade was visible in their other hand, everything went still around me and blood drained from my face....

My jaw dropped and flashbacks threaten to cut the oxygen flow to my brain...Me on the floor...Me being kicked and Matt…Matt…Matt… Oh my god! Mike is Matt?

"You OK?," He looked over my shoulder at the guys on the floor and tighten his grip on the blade while I took his image in. The silky brown hair I was looking out for so desperately was cut, all that was left of it now... short. His features that were blurred and distorted suddenly came into focus. How could someone so cruel be so beautiful? And he was, he was athletically built and had strong facial features, the type that was carved on you memory if not on your skin, piercing cold eyes. I felt like fainting.
"I'm...I...I'm," I stuttered, shifting my eyes on the knife. “Why the fuck are you here?”
He noticed my stern stare and kinda chuckled, "I missed you princess. You cant get rid of me that easily."
I nodded, afraid to pull my arm from his grip, his touch made me numb and sick at the same time, I wanted nothing more then to run out of there, out of his sight.
"I’ll tell," I whispered and he finally dropped my arm. I looked at the fight and then at his cruel features in a complete loss for words, "Oh, cos they’ll believe you. You know they’ve known me longer then they’ve known you. I come up here every summer. You swing it, princess" he kinda rolled his eyes.
I nodded and turned around to leave for the kitchen through my drunken daze and thick wall of tears.
I swear that if I could run, I would've. I would've run forever. But I couldn't, my feet wouldn't carry me that fast. Everything around slowed down; the entire fucking universe was slowed down thanks to the alcohol claiming my body but the screaming in my head.
What I had not told everyone that was a major factor in my “business” for want of a better word, with Matt, was the fact if I didn’t do whatever he said, he’d beat the shit out of me. That’s why I was so affected when Gerard hit me – even if it had been an accident. i couldn’t get over the fact he was here. Back in my life and haunting myself again.
Some guys were swinging on the fridge door and laughing loudly.
"Dudes," I gave them a look that meant business.
"Get off the fucking door, motherfucker," I spat. The emotions of meeting Matt and picturing Mikey's face when he sees the fridge door in some different location swirled in my head and I had to get it out of my system.
The guy who was swinging got off the door and smirked at his group of fuckers, "Or what?"
"Or I'll break this fucking vase on your fucking head," I glared at his snickering baboons, "And feed you the fucking brain"
"Let's go," one of the idiots nudged him, "She's crazy"
The elder motherfucker followed him, muttering something about the toilette lid.
I put down the vase next to some couple who were making out on the table and armed with a couple of beers made my way to the back yard. It was pretty empty, not as noisy, not as bright. I sat on the porch and popped the first bottle open.
The first one was used to silence every echo bouncing around in my head, the second made me light headed, the third made me numb and immune to earth problems and issues, why should I worry when I could fly.
The 4th made me feel lyrical so I burst in a song, the 5th made me giggle with no reason and after the 6th I found myself spread flat on the grass, humming a distant tune, barely prying my eyelids apart.
"Gee?," someone cupped my face, "Gee, honey?"
"Daddy?," I beamed, "I'm sorry, daddy"
"Oh Georgia," they moaned, pulling me up to a sitting position, "How much exactly did you drink?"
I groaned, trying to calculate, "I didn't drink. I swear"
I squinted, shutting my eyes open a few times when Ray's face popped in front of me, making me gasp, "Where's my dad? He was here a second ago"
"No Gee, he wasn't, you just drank too much." he took off his jacket and wrapped it around me.
"Are you sure?" I quizzed.
"Yeah, I think I would've noticed if a grown man jumped into the bushes," he chuckled.
"Bushes?" I frowned, confused out of my mind, "Why would anyone do that?"
"Never mind," he shook his head, "But there's someone I'd like you to meet"
I whined, "I don't wanna"
"Oh come on," he squeezed my shoulder lightly, "For me"
I shrugged.
"And you won't even have to get up," he immediately jumped up to his feet, leaving me swaying lightly, "I'll be right back"
I shrugged again, picking up a few bottles to see if there was anything left and shaking out a few leaves out of my hair. I wondered how long I was out of it to enable small creatures plan and decorate their little homes in my hair. It wasn't even that loud anymore, and the few people who were there when I was last seen conscious were gone.
Next time I looked up, I saw 3 figures approaching me. Ray, Matt and Eliza.
"Georgia,", Ray sat next to me, "This is Mike"
I looked at the guy who sat across me and sickness rose in my stomach, "We met"
"Yeah you look kinda familiar," he pointed his bottle at me winking.
"Gee is a good kid," Ray propped himself on his elbows, "She doesn't hang with your crowd"
"I'm not a kid," I grumbled bitterly.
"Oh my crowd knocks out her crowd," Eliza laughed joyfully, casting a glance on the 4th person the dumped himself on my other side.
I looked at him too, gasping at the sight, "What the fuck happened to you?"
Gerard had a swollen lip and a cut across his cheek accompanied by a black glowing eye.
"Oh he's fine," Eliza patted his back lightly, "He's a fighter"
Gerard gave her half a smile and returned the cool bottle to his red cheek, "You should watch out for Gee, not knock out her crowd"
"Sorry I don't baby sit," she cooed at me.
"I don't need anyone looking out for me," I rolled my eyes at Gerard.
"Oh I saw how well you can look out for yourself," Gerard made a face at me.
"Well no one asked you to," I poked him
"Aw feisty," Matt watched me with amusement playing in her eyes, "Fresh out of the womb and already talks back to her elders"
"Lay off her, Mike," Gerard smirked.
"I'm just saying," he shrugged, taking a sip from her beer, casting me a ‘hey we used to be more than just good enemies’ look
"Well you mess with her crowd, you mess with me cause I'm her crowd," he said sternly, slurring a few of the words.
"Oh will you just fucking shut up?," I moaned, earning a wet kiss on the ear for my troubles.
Ray chuckled, "Georgia is a cool kid"
I swear I would've slapped him for calling me a kid again if it wasn't for Gerard’s hand rubbing gently my lower back.
"Yeah not everyone is as bad as you," Gerard jerked his chin at Eliza.
"I'm not bad, I'm just old enough to take care of myself," she smiled sweetly at me.
"I've done some bad things myself," I chipped in and the moment I did, I wish I didn't.
Matt cocked an eyebrow and laughed, "Like what?"
"All kinds of bad shit," I blushed under her stare.
"Ooh and she swears too!," Eliza gasped in mock shock.
"Lil’ Gee is a real bad ass," Gerard nudged me playfully, "She robbed a liquor store and got us all this beer"
"Is that so?"
I gritted my teeth, it sounded so childish coming from him. I bet that if Ray said it, it would've had an serious impact on Eliza.
"It's true they fell on their asses cause Frankie tripped over his open shoe lace and got caught but still it's the thought that matters," they all hollered with laughter while I glared at Gerard with resentment.
"The younger generation has a lot to learn," Matt reached into his back pocket and I tensed a bit, expecting him to draw a fucking sword out of there but all that came out were a cigarette pack and a green lighter, he offered the other guys a cigarette which they both accepted. Purposely not offering me one.
Gerard noticed my humiliation and the looks I've been giving him and gave me his cigarette, I took a long drag, letting the smoke fill me from within.
"I didn't realize the kiddie smokes," Eliza blew her smoke in my direction.
Gerard gave me a smile, "I think we started together?"
I shrugged, "I don't remember"
"Yeah," he nodded, "I think we did"
"Aw Gerard, corrupting the youngster," Matt clicked his tongue.
"Yeah my pleasure," he winked at me, making me roll my eyes to the sky.
This was so surreal, after weeks of tormented nights and sweaty palms, nightmares and the terror I felt every time I had to walk somewhere alone in school, this is how I find myself facing him, not in a duel but at a party. Actually I think it was a duel, a mental fight for something I wasn't sure I wanted or needed but it was a battle non of the less.
"So tell me, Georgia," Eliza drawled out my name, "You're what 10?"
"16," I clenched my jaw.
"Same," she waved her hand dismissively, "Are you still a virgin?"
I gulped, immediately directing my gaze on Gerard, "Oh come on, Eliza. Are you?"
"Funny you should ask, Gee." she purred, "You should know"
I lowered my eyes, plucking random leaves from the ground, feeling a bit nauseous.
"You wish, darlin'," he laughed nervously.
"Don't be so shy," she giggled, "We're all adults here. Well almost"
"I, for one, don't wanna know about your sexual status," Ray laughed, dumping his half finished cigarette into his beer bottle, "No offence an all."
"I was just wondering," she shrugged.
"Yeah I'm sure you'll be the first to know when Georgia sleeps with someone," Ray threw some leaves on her.
"Oh so she is!," she exclaimed, ducking.
"How should I know?," Ray sent his hand through his bouncy 'fro.
She cocked her eyebrow at him, smirking, "Aww Ray, I thou-"
He kinda tackled her to the ground, they played fight for a bit and then he chased her into the house while Gerard and I shared another beer bottle and the rest of the cigarette. Matt shot me a smug look, before following them.
"Don't mind Eliza," he shifted himself closer, "She's a bit blunt but she's OK"
"Yeah a real doll," I laughed bitterly.
"She is once you get to know her"
"As you obviously did," I said coolly.
"Oh baby," he rested his head on my shoulder, "She was just teasing"
"Whatever," I shrugged him off.
"I swear I never even kissed her," he stared into my eyes.
"I don't care"
"My little jealous baby," he cooed, smiling.
"I'm not your little anything," I hissed. An evening of people picking on your age will definitely make you sensitive about the subject.
"Aw touchy," he smiled, "Let's go for a ride"
"Fine but I'm driving," I insisted.
"You don't know how to drive"
"Then teach me"
He looked me over like if I was joking but I gave him the most serious look I could master, but I guess the alcohol played a major role in his decision, "OK" he pulled me up to my feet, sneaking a quick kiss and leading the way to his old car. Sam whirled out of the house, twirling her way towards us. She kissed me on the cheek, and pinched Gerard’s bum before collapsing into the driver’s seat. Gerard and I exchanged looks but he kissed me, randomly and passionately so he can’t have minded that much.

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