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Final Moo-stakes

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"No, seriously, world hunger is totally my fault, I keep throwing out food when I could easily give it to Kamodo" "Kamodo?" it was easy to distract Dad, "Did he make you do it?" "No, he's just 12...

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Sam’s POV
How I drove the car was beyond me, I never drove one but I remember fighting with Gerard about the seat belt so Georgia just wrapped it around me, holding the other end and Gerard was babbling all kinds of directions at me.
The night was silent, the road was empty so we were cruising around in his old beaten car...Well cruising would be an overstatement since we did a lot of halts and stops.
But it was fun, he didn't yell as much as he did on our previous lesson but was giggling and humming something to himself, "You should totally get trashed before you teach anything"
He mumbled something, I wasn't sure he understood.
"We need some music," Georgia announced, casting him a look.
He smiled and nodded.
"Well?," I raised my eyebrows, waiting for him to do something about it since he had that system to operate the radio, which I couldn't pick up for the life of me.
"What you wanna hear?," he couldn't wipe that idiotic smile off his face.
"Um I don’t know," Georgia shrugged.
"The misfits?"
"With just a touch of my burning hand I send my astro zombies to-," he was cut abruptly due to my sudden burst of laughter.
"Fuck you," he grimaced.
"I meant the radio," Georgia smiled slightly motioned on the piece of crap that was a radio in it's previous life.
"I believe you can push a fuckin' button," he snapped.
"Didn't you have a system?" she replied sarcastically
"Fuck you"
"Nice vocabulary"
"Suck dick"
"Suck a penguins dick"
"Do they even have one?"
"Well they have babies therefore they fuck therefore they have one for you to suck"
"Mm technically," She really tried to stop grinning but even I couldn't help it and his hilarious pouting wasn't much of an help, "Birds reproduce differently then mammals, they don't have dicks, they just spray the females supposed vagina with their junk and hope for the best"
"Then suck that," he huffed, crossing his arms on his chest.
"Aw I hurt your wittle feewings?," Georgia snorted, reaching out for the radio, "You wanted to be a tight pants singer when you gwow up?"
"Fuck. You,” he said turning around and trying to no doubt, eat her face or something like that.
"I think we already did that, wittle wockstar," she cooed, wincing at the horrible static the dying radio was producing.
"Lookout!," he yelled, pushing her away from the radio.
A car was speeding on our lane, sending us into a shrieking fit. I ducked and covered my face with my sweaty palms. He jerked the wheel roughly to the left, I was tossed back in my seat violently and the last thing I saw when I peeked was a cow shaped mailbox sliding from his damaged shield and the mailbox pole having an intimate encounter with the car silver front.

Georgia’s POV

I was so drunk I couldn't pry my eyes open from the first go.
Gerard's loud moan echoed in the silence of the night and he shift in his seat, "Oh god!" he exclaimed, grabbing my face in his palms, "Wake up. Please wake up. Please baby wake up!" he slapped me gently on both cheeks.
Opening my eyes was such an effort, I was much rather float in the state I was in, "Georgia, baby!," his frantic voice kept me kinda conscious, every time I felt like dozing off, I'd concentrate on his voice and come back.
I finally managed to stay on top for long enough to flutter open my eyes and started laughing.
Gerard pulled back and exhaled, "It's not funny. You scared the living shit out of me"
"Baby wake up! Please! Please," Sam doubled in her laughter fit, and I rested my sweaty forehead on the wheel.
"Very amusing," I heard a hint of a smile in his voice.
"Don't die please!,"
Suddenly the realization hit me and made me laugh even harder, "Sam ran over a cow!"
"What?," Sam chuckled.
"You fucking ran over a cow," I motioned on his front shield, wiping tears off, "Poor cow"
Gerard started laughing too, "That was her final moo"
We sat there laughing like three mental cases...Well it was close, we were wasted out of our minds, in the middle of someone's lawn with a cow blood on out hands...That is until a distant police siren snapped us out of our craziness, well it snapped Gerard and he snapped me. And Sam carried on laughing
"Shit!," I said worriedly
"We could make a steak," Sam giggled uncontrollably.
"Change places with me," he unwrapped my seat belt from around me, "Fucking now"
"No I'm tired," Sam, yawned dramatically.
"I'm not fucking kidding," he exclaimed, opening the door on his side, "You're underage and drunk and just crushed a fucking car"
I watched as he ran around the car and opened the door on my side just when the police turned around the corner, he pulled me out just as they pulled over and a big policeman stepped outside the car, "Let me handle this," he whispered, holding my hand.
"Good evening, license and registration please," he directed the flashlight at us, making us squint and shield our eyes with our hands.
Gerard opened the door and reached into the car, past Sam handing the officer his paper work while I avoided looking at him. Dilated pupils and all that jazz.
"You have ID?" he shone his flashlight on me.
"Not on me, sir," I tried my best to pronounce all my syllables.
"How old are you?"
"16, sir"
"You've done this?,"
"No I was driving," Gerard kinda tugged me behind him, making me roll my eyes.
"And were you drinking before you got in the car?" the officer frowned his brow still shining that damn flashlight into our eyes.
"A little," Gerard shrug," Maybe half a bottle of beer"
"He's lying," Sam protested loudly, receiving a death glare from Gerard and a questioning glance from the officer.
"He is?"
"Yeah, I was the one driving"
Gerard threw his arms in the air," Will you fucking stop?," he chuckled at the officer, "She doesn't even know how"
"I do too," She pouted.
"Please stay out of this," he said under his breath.
"No, you can't take the blame over something I did," She said loudly.
"Samantha, you fucking don't know what you're getting into," he whispered, gritting his teeth.
"I was driving," I stepped up.
"No. I was driving"
"No. I was"
"You're the liar"
"Silence!," the officer called out, "You think I'm running a day camp here? You all will face serious charges for driving under the influence of alcohol so don't try to be heroic," his gaze jumped from me to Gerard, "I will ask one last time," he paused for the dramatic effect like the drama whore all policemen were, "Which one of you punks drove the car into the mailbox?"
"I did!," we cried in unison.
He rolled his eyes, "That's it! All of you in the car! Maybe a night in prison will encourage you to tell the truth"
"A whole night?," I whined, "It's just a cow and not even a real one"
"Tell that to your new cell mate, honey" he held the back door for us with a severe look on his face.
"Aw dude, you know what they do to guys like us in prison?." I paused before getting in the car.
"I have some ideas," the officer gave me an amused smirk instead of his usual I-have-a-stick-up-my-ass-and-I-can't-get-it-out face expression.
I, however, wasn't that amused, "Yeah, lots of butt sex right?"
Gerard moaned in the back seat, "You would be doing that a lot, buddy," I bended my knees a little to have eye contact, "With guys like Dick and Don having you for breakfast.” Gerard tried not to smirk at me, but failed. “My boyfriend’s arse will look like a clowns pocket,’ He squeezed my knee reassuringly while trying not to laugh.
"Get in the car, darling," the officer urged Sam to get in, putting his hand on her shoulder.
"What about the car, dude?"
"We'll take care of it"
"You just couldn't keep your mouth shut, could you?," Gerard glared at Sam when she settled her figure in the back seat of the police car, tightening Ray's jacket which I still had on me.
"I didn't want you going to the prison all by yourself," she said pathetically, "Losing your ass virginity without me pointing and laughing”
‘Dads going to kill me.” I said numbly.
"Aw baby," he wrapped his arm around me and lowered his voice, "I wouldn't Sam. you however would be charged with serious crap then I would've. You're underage"
"Now what?"
"Now we keep up the game, they can't prove shit like that and admitting now would be the kiss of death"
"What about the finger prints?" I muttered under my breath.
Gerard chuckled in my ear, "It's a fucking mail box, and you think they care?"
”I bet my dad is going to care,” Sam sighed pathetically.
And he did. Oh boy how he did, the drama whores in uniform kept us in an ass small room for a few hours, asking tricky questions and tossing around empty threats. I was surprised at the amount of fuss they made over two drunken kids and a mailbox, nice mailbox but a mailbox all the same.
And then they let the lion into the cage, my dad stormed into the room, his unshaved face flushed.
I shrunk back into my chair with Gerard's comforting hand on the chairs back, reassuring me, "Don't worry, he won't hurt you"
I smirked at the surprisingly optimistic Gerard, "Cause you'll do what exactly? He’ll eat us alive.”
He didn't answer and turned his attention on my dad who crossed his arms on his chest and glared at us from time to time, pacing, "Have you completely lost it?"
Neither of us gave him an answer.
"What the hell is wrong with you?," he roared, "I don't recognize you anymore, pretending to be sick, sneaking out of the house, lying, stealing, drinking, what else should I expect from you?"
I sighed, I was tired, hungry and very much aware of the liquor's fading symptoms and the approaching hangover from hell.
"Was it your idea?," he focused his raging eyes on Gerard.
"Yeah," Gerard nodded, "And I'm sorry, Mr. Fratelli. I take complete responsibility for Georgia, and im sorry for bringing her into it."
My dad was taken aback a little by the sincere confession but I was having none of it, "No it wasn't"
"Yeah it was"
"I gotta be a man and take full responsibility over my error"
Sam chuckled, "Yeah get back to me when you become a man, but seriously the whole thing was my fault. The party," I counted on my fingers, "The drinking, the driving, world hunger, every thing's my fault"
"Oh don't even go there," Dad wagged his finger, "Don't even try to pull the whole saint me act, you lie to me constantly and I don't believe a word you say"
"No, seriously, world hunger is totally my fault, I keep throwing out food when I could easily give it to Kamodo"
"Kamodo?" it was easy to distract Dad, "Did he make you do it?"
"No, he's just 12," I shook my head, "He doesn't party"
Dad gave me a quizzical frown.
"He's this starving boy in his little village in Africa, and it's all my fault, I could mail him these bananas and make him and his 12 sisters so happy" Sam concluded, smiling at me.
"Will you f...stop please?" he roared, "This is not a joking manner"
"You think Kamodo is laughing?" I shook my head disapprovingly, I noticed Gerard bite back his smile and try desperately to pull a serious face.
"No, I just..." dad looked kinda upset he fell for our joke but since I didn't crack a smile he was confused whether I was really joking or not.
"Then why you said that?" Sam frowned, "Poverty is his reality while you joke about it"
"Yes but-"
"Sure it's easy for you to laugh but you're not the one that has to get up before even the sun rises and before all the pretty African birds go all tink, tink," I glared at him, "And then walk fuckillion miles just to get water for breakfast. No you have it all ready for you, hot water, cereals, all the bananas you can eat-"
"Sam, Georgia," dad said gravely, rubbing his temples, "Shut up before I deport you to Africa"
"Ignorance is not bliss, father," I declared loudly, trying to cover up for Gerard's stuffed giggle.
"You're not gonna smart ass your way out of this time," he wagged his finger in my face, "I had it with you and your stupid sarcasm," he turned that finger on panting Gerard who worked up a sweat, trying to hide his laughter, "What were you thinking letting them drive? Drunk, underage! I thought you had more sense then that"
"Oh so you're gonna stack every bit of my fault on Gerard just cause you don't believe me?" I said loudly indignant that my boyfriend was getting the blame. Sam just looked at the wall and examined her nails.
‘It was me, Dad,’ She said bored.
"Don't believe her Mr. Fratelli," Gerard sighed, slouching in his chair, looking dead serious, "She lied to the officer too, I drove the car, I convinced her to sneak out for the party"
Dad looked dumbstruck from me to Sam to Gerard, I could practically see the tiny wheels of his brain doing an extra shift. On one hand, apparently we were a liars, but on the other we said we was guilty so who does he believe. His irresponsible daughters or the guy who claims he's guilty.
"I don't understand why you do what you do, Sam," he sighed, "We never had that kind of troubles with your sister. Until now."
I rolled my eyes, here we go again.
"She was never like this before… she was…’
"She was an excellent student, gifted girl, polite, nice to everyone, kind and generous and never ever got in trouble," Sam citied in monotone, "I know, I've heard that all before but I'm not her"
"True," he nodded, "You could only wish to be at least a little similar to the person she is"
That hit a sore spot, making me physically wince, "You know what it's time you learn to see her for who she is and not who I was. We’re twins, but we’re different. I love her, for being a completely different person."
"And what's that, Georgia?," dad cocked his eyebrow, "A trouble making lying alcoholic?"
"Yeah. Listen to Georgia. Maybe it was her this time," Sam bit, still not looking at anyone.
"But sir," Gerard said quietly, "It wasn't Gee’s fault, she just was at the wrong place at the wrong time"
"Like she was in the wrong place at the wrong time in the store? Your heart will get you in a lot of troubles, son. She got to take responsibility over her actions"
Gerard blushed madly, "Yeah but over things she didn't do? Isn't it the wrong lesson you try to teach her?"
"She is right fucking here," I pointed at my chest.
"Right," dad rubbed his face, "So you are of course grounded, no allowance what so ever, and one more step out of place and I will send you away for good"
"I can't fucking wait," Sam grumbled.
"Oh you want to go right now?!," he was getting worked up again.
"Sam," Gerard elbowed her slightly.
"Whatever," She grumbled.
"I talked to the officer and it's community service for the both of you," he smirked at us, "It will be you and all kinds of convicts there every Saturday morning, you should make a lot of new friends"
"Awesome," Sam grinned, "I always wanted a bad ass boyfriend. Im not as cool as sister here."
"Samantha," dad dragged out my name, putting his hand through his hair.
"Teach me how to lie through shit, free pill supply"
"Maybe even more serious shit"
"I heard heroin is a real party stopper"
"Long beard, tattoo king, 78 year old pimp"
"Yummy!," I nudged Gerard who looked extremely pale.
"Your parents would be here first thing this morning, Gerard," he said, "Now let's go, you have a few hours before church"
"Church?" I exclaimed, stopping midway up the chair.
"Yes," dad nodded, holding the door for us, "I think you three have a lot to think about"
"Well let me think at home," Sam whined, dragging her feet towards the exit, "I'm grounded after all"
"I want father Thomas to have a word with you"
"I don't want to have a word with him" She said walking out the door.
"Tough. Now be quiet, please. I have nothing more I want to discuss"
"Tough," I snapped, "Cause there's plenty I want to discuss with you"
"That catholic school I picked has your name written all over it"
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