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Mama, we all go to hell

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Ugh shut up you guys!," Mikey crossed his arms on his chest, "Tell him why we're here!" "We got arrested," Sam and I chorused in unison added quietly, "Again" "Yeah that's why we're here instead ...

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I slept during the entire ride to church, which wasn't that long but all I remembered was getting into the car and then getting out. Mikey had materialised sometime along the way too. I was surprised to see more people then I expected were awake on Sunday morning. Actually I expected to see just us and the priest, staring at the Jesus status, I mean it's fucking Jersey!
But it was actually crowded, I was half asleep nodding to crap, "Hey there's Frankie", I pointed in his direction, he was in his other funeral suit, looking all grumpy and pouty.
"Georgia," dad said with a warning in his voice, smiling his fake smile to the lady from work he was talking to.
"What we're not going to rob anything," I shrugged, tugging Mikey's arm and pulling him and Sam to Frankie.
Dad giggled and I heard him say something about today's generation and kids.
"Hello Mrs. Iero," I smiled politely.
"Hello Georgia. Samantha. How you've been?" she looked down at me and Mikey with dismay in her voice like we've came to corrupt her son some more.
"Good thank you, and you?," I quizzed.
"Can't complain"
"And how are you Franklin?," I nodded at him.
"Very well, Georgina," I could clearly see the muscles around his mouth tighten as he tried his best not to laugh, "Thank you"
"Glad to see you," Mikey joined the conversation with a good imitation of our principle, "How life's been treating you in your new education establishment?"
I looked down to avoid any eye contact with either of them.
"Mm, how would our respectful priest put it," Frankie paused, wrinkling his nose, "I'm burning in hell for my sins"
"Oh I'm sorry to hear that"
"Don't exaggerate Frank," his mom rolled her eyes.
"OK, sorry," Frank scowled at her, "It's the opposite of heaven"
"Are you here with someone, Georgina, Samantha?" she looked around her, "I want to have a word with your dad"
The first thing that crossed my mind was that they were having an affair too, I mean why not, she's single and my dad was married to a slut but I shook it out of mind when I realised how stupid it sounded and pointed to where he was, watching us closely with Gerard by his side, who was looking the opposite of pleased.
"Fuck, guys I can't stand that fucking place!," Frankie exclaimed the minute his mom was out of ear shot, "Total fucking dickheads and assholes!"
"Isn't there any chance she let you back?," Mikey frowned, "Maybe if you were good or something?"
"I was good," Frank tugged on his tie with annoyance, "I've been there fuck knows how long and got just one detention"
"You've been there for like 2 days," Sam chuckled.
"My point exactly," he sighed, "I'm stuck there for life"
"What about that all girls school?," I asked with a smirk.
"That's the only ray of light," he nodded, "Sweet virgins...No actually I take that back, you can count the virgins on one hand. So how was the party?" Sam hit him lightly on the arm.
"Awesome," Mikey exhaled, smiling, "Totally, dude"
I bit my lip, that was cause he didn't see the state of the house yet, "Yeah we missed you though"
"Oh man, it was so great," Mikey recalled dreamily, "The perfect party! We had this fight and people fucking in Gerard's room and someone ripped the fucking toilet lid off and I drank so much and I smoked something too and I made out with a girl I don't even know. Then I was like nooo, cos Belle was there but she forgave me and we had sex in the bathroom. God it was grea-. What?"
Frank, Sam and I were staring at him with our jaws hanging low and eyes wide open, smirking slightly, "You're happy about the mess?" I said loudly
"And the toilet lid?" Sam exclaimed
"And the carpet?" I put in
"What the fuck- you smoked?" Frank said nonplussed
"AND you made out with a GIRL you don't even KNOW?!" Sam and I looked at each other with wide eyes.
"OK who are you and what did you do to Mikey paranoid Way"
Mikey shrugged, smiling, "Yeah I had fun, who gives a fuck about a little mess"
I reached out to feel his forehead for fever, "But Mikey, people fought on your carpet and spilled beer on it"
"And the toilet lid," Frankie gasped, "Mikey dude, the toilet lid, how could they? What kinda animals did you invite over!"
"Fuck off," Mikey giggled, pushing his glasses, "I never worried about that shit,"
Frankie and I exchanged amused looks, "So you didn't hyperventilate over the possible stains on the carpet?"
"There are stai-?," he shook his head, "I don't give a fuck"
"I want to have what you had," Frank laughed, "What else did I miss besides the birth of a new Mikey Way?"
"Your girlfriend misses you," Mikey leaned to whisper loudly to Frankie, pointing at Sam, "She confessed"
"I did not!," Sam swatted his arm, blushing madly, "I never told you that!"
"Yeah you did," he nodded, stepping out of my reach.
"Dude," Sam glanced over at Frankie, "I didn't" I rolled my eyes, grinning
"Yeah you did!," Mikey insisted, "In the bushes"
"Oh when you almost tripped, asking for a fucking bowl?," I smirked, " You were fucking wasted!"
"Not that wasted," Mikey murmured uncertainly.
"You should've seen him," I turned to Frankie, "I need a bowl," I swayed on my feet, mimicking Mikey's slurring and the heavy Jersey accent he got when he was drunk, "This hat with food. Bowl. Ooh you love people eek"
Frankie doubled up with laughter while Mikey got defensive, "I fucking remember everything!"
"Sure you do," Sam rolled her eyes, "Like Having sex with Belle in the bathroom. We fucking found you sleeping in the bath with your stuffed lion!"
"Tracy?," Mikey gulped.
"Yes Tracy," I nodded, "Mr. I remember everything. I guess Belle was a tiny bit hairy, wasn't she?"
"You're lying," he whined.
"Yeah I wish," Sam snickered, "That was one hell of a mental picture you gave me. Thank god you were wearing your pants or I would've assumed Tracy gave you head"
Mikey blushed but Frank didn't even listen to us anymore, he was laughing his ass off, attracting looks from people around us, "Come on Frankie. Be serious, we're supposed to think about god now"
"I do," he tried to catch his breathe, panting "Getting head is the closest to god I will ever be"
"That's cause you haven't made out with Tracy yet," I gave Mikey a look.
"Can I burrow Tracy, dude?," Frankie chuckled.
"Ugh shut up you guys!," Mikey crossed his arms on his chest, "Tell him why we're here!"
"We got arrested," Sam and I chorused in unison added quietly, "Again"
"Yeah that's why we're here instead of in our beds," Mikey nudged me resentfully.
"Oh seriously?," Frank laughed, "I thought you just hid your faith all these years. So what happened?"
"I was driving after drinking like gazillion beers and got busted after crashing into a fucking mailbox," Sam said, trying to ignore how cool it sounded.
"Yet I'm the one who got sent to that all boys hell," Frank sneered, "How did this happen?"
"I would love to go to the all boys hell," I smirked, winking.
"Im sure the boyfriend would love to here that one Georgie. Well I never got arrested that often," Frankie claimed, "It was a rule of mine. So now what?"
"I got community service and next time it's some catholic school," I rolled my eyes impatiently.
"Yay," he threw his fists in the air, "Finally some justice"
"The school's rubbing off on me"
"Mikey, Samantha, Georgia" dad waved us over, "Lets go in"
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