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Church fun :)

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Gerard pouted a little, "You don't understand it, you're too-" "Say young and I'll stake you," I warned him. "But you don't get it, have you ever loved someone?"

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Mikey, Sam and I took turns to pinch each other while one of us fell asleep. Well, it turned out we actually have a bench and it was located right under the priest's nose. Literally, if we were any closer, it would have been unholy.
The whole incident went without any particular drama, the only thing that made my dad hiss was when the priest ended his lecture with 'have faith in the lord and he shall save you', Sam murmured 'good luck with that'. It wasn't that loud but I heard a short explosion of Frank's familiar idiotic girly laughter from the 5th row and the priest gave us a look.
While the priest was babbling on and on about fate and such and Mikey was dozing off next to me, Sam had been eyeing the collection plate.


Coins and bills occupied it, reminding us how broke I was gonna be with the complete ban on my allowance and the almost empty pack of cigarette lying under my pillow in my room. Surely no one will mind if I take that crumpled tenner when no one looks. I mean, someone obviously didnt want it if they crumpled it, and after all wasn't that money is supposed to go to the less fortunate? And by definition I was considered less fortunate...But deep inside I knew it wasn't just about the money, it was also that prickling will to see how far I could take it, how far I could push the envelope and get away with it. The thrill, the excitement. It was addicting.
So while everyone scrambled to their feet, I slide the tenner in my jackets pocket, closing my fingers around it tightly and followed Georgia, Gerard and Mikey out of the church to find Frank with a victorious smile on my face.
But before I could do so, a tall dark figure motioned me over. Horror took me over, making me grip the bill even tightly in my sweaty palm.
That was it. Game over...

I was abducted by the priest into a small room, with shelves packed with books, little wooden desk and of course a golden cross behind it.
"I'm an atheist," I studied the white walls that hosted little black cracks before turning to stare at him, determined to deny with all my might that I stole shit from the collecting plate. I even practised my surprised and hurt faces while he lead me there.
"You are?," he gave an uptight smile and sat behind his desk.
Priest Thomas looked like Jesus, he had long wavy hair and was taller then me with grey eyes, if I believed in god, I would've bowed to him,
I nodded slightly, refusing his request to seat, "I don't really wanna talk to you, it was my dad's idea"
"I'm aware of that," he laced his long fingers together, "He believes it is your lack of faith that gets you in all these troubles"
Yeah my dad also believe that my mother is faithful and that I still think all the presents under the Christmas tree are from Santa. I rolled my eyes in response.
"So what made you become an atheist?"
"What made you become a priest," I shot back, wrinkling my forehead.
He smiled a little, like Jesus would've, "My dad was murdered"
I froze a little, I shouldn't be surprised, it was Belleville, shit like that happened on daily basis, parents rarely let their kids out alone after dark and if it wasn't for dad training my dog to eat anyone who approaches me at 4, I would've been copped too.. But to stand face to face with someone who experimented murder hands on was a bit uncomfortable.
"It's OK now because I have the good lord with me now but I was an angry young man," Thomas shut his eyes for a brief moment before opening them, "I was lucky enough for the lord to look upon me and guide me through the darkness and help me"
I mentally gagged but remained composed, "Don't you think it's kinda stupid? I mean to worship the same god that took away your dad?"
"I believe it happened for a particular reason," he nodded with a little smile on his lips, "For me to become who I became and serve my lord by helping the less fortunate," his gaze lingered on me before looking down on his desk.
I couldn't help but snicker, "I think you're just pretending," I paused, choosing my words more carefully, "Instead of dealing with your father's death, you hide in this fucking church, afraid to face people and worshiping a god that doesn't exist and who according to you killed your dad and I'm not gonna waste my time listening to this fucking crap anymore no matter what my dad thinks," I didn't wait for a respond and stormed out of the room.
I don't know why my dad did it to me, he was never the kind to shove his belief down my throat. I mean yeah he had his quirky outbursts of faith at dinner when he'd preach about the lord and shit but I was always free to believe or not believe what I wanted as long as I was respectful to customs rituals. Now dad was scared that I was gonna burn in hell? It's better to burn eternity instead of being like that sissy of a priest.
'I believe' I mimicked him in my head 'the lord and the holy spirit'...Well I stole money from the less fortunate this morning and no lightning hit me for my 'sin'.
"Where have you been?," I heard Gerard’s angry voice and I hid behind a pillar. Gerard and Georgia was the only ones left in the empty church with only echoes of the outside chatter.
"None of your business," she answered lightly before leaning on the wooden podium.
"With Frank again," he gave her an angry look.
"God ,what is it with you and Frank," She looked around, I guess being on the podium felt good, all those people listening to you and obeying, if Thomas was a bit smarter he would've really done some good with it instead of preaching about hell, "You're in love with him? Cause that would've explain SO much"
"Are you?," he looked sternly at her with his arms crossed on his chest.
She chuckled awkwardly, "In love with Frankie?"
“No Gerard. Im in love with an asshole, and its driving me crazy,’ She said and swept out of the church.
I stepped out from behind the pillar and took the podium she’d just left.
"Define love," I smirked, throwing back his game in his face.
"Love is when you want to be with the person no matter what a bitch they are or how mean they are cause you see beyond that and you want to feel them close" he said giving me a strange look.
"Oh how very touching," I laughed a little, climbing down the few steps leading from the podium to the ground and sat down on the final step, "Don't you think love is as stupid as faith?"
He frowned.
"I mean you don't see the real person I guess, you just think you do. But truth is that you take the qualities you love about them and magnify them times a hundred so basically you love just part of the person cause you choose to ignore their faults," I concluded with a shrug of my shoulder, "Faith is the same, you ignore the facts and focus on the good"
He laughed, reaching for the pocket he usually kept his smokes in but then dropped his hand back to his lap, "You can't analyze love"
"Why not?,"
"Cause you can't analyze emotions"
"I can analyze fear and hate and longing why not love?"
"You just can't"
"Well that's just plain stupid," I leaned back on my elbows, "According to you I can love anyone if I just focus about shit I love about them, let's take you for example," I wrecked my brain to think what I liked about him and was quite surprised when a few little things popped up, "You know what, I can't think of any, let's take Frank. I love his sense of humour and I love how he's loyal to his friends unlike some. I love the way, he’s at an all catholic all boys school , yet he still sends me pornographic texts and tells me how much he misses me. So I ignore what a little fucker he is and that's love?"
Gerard pouted a little, "You don't understand it, you're too-"
"Say young and I'll stake you," I warned him.
"But you don't get it, have you ever loved someone?"
"I love my sister and I love my dad," I bit my lip instead of mentioning my mother, "And I love my dog and I love my first year teacher"
"It's different," he shook his head.
"It's not, I care about them and according to you I love them and I want them close"
"No, Samantha," he got up from the bench and sat next to me, "I don't mean family, I mean how you love someone romantically"
"What's the difference?," I insisted, moving a little away, "You're invading my personal space"
"There is a difference between loving your dad and loving a guy, and Jesus. You sounded so much like Gee then…’ He trailed off looking upwards.
"Don’t say Jesus we’re in a church. And no duh, we’re twins. Anyway. What’s the difference?’
"Oh stop you know there is," his gaze shifted a around the big church before falling on me.
I shrugged, "Did you ever love, love a girl?"
He blushed madly, nodding.
"And what was the difference between that and loving your mom"
He let out a chuckle, "I can't believe you just asked that!"
"Well answer fucking Dr. love," I smiled at his discomfort.
"Well I wanted her to be always around, and I always want to be around her. Despite her mood swings and despite the way when she’s angry she takes it out on me." he looked down at his palms, "And I wanted to kiss her"
"Your mom…"
"No, you...idiot," he mumbled, looking up, "I just wanted to know she's mine and that she loves me as much as I love her and I love her smile, and her eyes and the way her hair smells and I always think about her and like when I see something or hear some song, my first thought is what would she say or think," he got closer and his voice dropped to a low whisper, "And I don't want her to hurt anymore cause it hurts me to see her sad and...," he trailed off, his mouth inches from mine.
"She's really special to you," for some reason I felt like saying anything louder then a whisper will ruin something or take away from the rumbling my gut was doing.
"She is," he nodded, bringing his hand on my check and caressing it with his thumb.
"Well I hope Gee feels the same" Gerard looked away sadly
“So do I,” I stood up and straightened my shirt.
“You need to go apologise to her anyway. And we need to talk later. About this so called ‘Mike’.”
‘Wait!” He said standing and following me out of the church. “What about Mike?”
“Look who it is,” Gee said dryly, looking up from her rock she was sitting on out side the church with Frank and Mikey. “Where the fuck have you been? With my sister? Again? Are you in love with her?” She inhaled deeply on her cigarette and threw it to the ground, where Frank stubbed it out with his toe.
“Look, Gee sugar, I-“ He started but she cut him off.
“Save it, sugar.” She said with a wave of her hand, standing up and heading to wards the car. “I’ve had enough,”
There was a silence as she walked away, us all staring at her in shock.
‘Did she… did she break up with me…?’ Gerard asked, his skin going paler than his usual dead complexion.
‘Im…not too sure, actually.’ I said looking at her back as though she was mental. ‘I don’t think so. Maybe she’s just had enough of… you talking about her and Frankie?’ Frank looked up and cocked an eyebrow.
‘We’re just friends. She’s my best friend actually. And I don’t get to see much of her lately.’
‘Not since you robbed the store, eh Frank?’ Mikey grinned.
‘She doesn’t tell me anything anymore,’ I said awkwardly. ‘And if Frank doesn’t talk to her as much, who does know what’s going on with her?’
‘She’s been acting really weird lately. Ever since Tyson’s thing…’ Gerard said looking upset.
‘That plays a factor, in what we need to talk about.’ I said to him, earning a hard long look from Mikey.
‘I talk to her. We’re pretty good friends… shall I go see what’s up with her?’ He asked looking from me to Gerard to Frank and back.
‘Yes Mikey. And tell me everything’ Gerard said earnestly. Mikey nodded and trotted off.
Frank gave us a look, and my insides panicked. Does he know? Is he angry? I cant lose Frankie, he’s the only reason i… Hell. I have no reason to be with Frankie. Maybe I was just… attached? Oh ew.
‘So, what have-‘ Frankie started but was cut off by his Mother.
‘Franklin! We should be off now. You have to go and see Dr. Murphy.’ She said barely noticing me. ‘Oh, hello Gerard, how are you doing?’
‘Hello, Mrs. Iero I’m-‘
‘Mu-um,’ Frank moaned, ‘Im catching up with my friends. Can Dr. Ritalin not wait?’ We all looked at Frank. What the fuck. Ritalin?
‘Franklin, I don’t think-‘
‘Okay, okay. Im just going to say goodbye to Georgia and Mikey.’ He said and stormed off after Mikey.
We all exchanged surprised looked.
This was…
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