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Chapter 3

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The lips detached from mine,and the guy went bursting away.My eyes were wide open,and I stood still andfrozen.I felt like a statue,but did nothing about it.
How could I when my first kiss was just taken away from me.
And worse,I don't know who took it.
I looked over slowly to see Eric staring at me with a confused face.
"What's wrong?Gosh,you seem zoned out.Teach sent me to find you since you didn't come to class.Come on.",Eric said as he grabbed my arm and tugged on it.
When I didn't respond and continued to stand there,he grabbed my hand.I jumped and turned to him.
"Come on,didn't you hear me.Class is waiting.",he said with a smile.I gulped and nodded pulling away from him slowly.
We entered the classroom and the teacher,Ms.Clayton,introdced me.Eric sat beside me thankfully and kept me company.I zoned out a few times,but I'm sure I looked as normal as I did this morning.
Gosh,but who kissed me?!
Wait a minute...

"What did you do?",I asked Tye who lay down on a bench on the roof with a comic book over his face and his arms behind his head.
"Hmmm,what?",he moaned.I sighed and grabbed the comic book,making him immediately cover his face from the sun.
"You had me running all over the school looking for you so I want answers.Why did you do it?",I asked him.
"What do you want?",he muttered,sitting up.
"Why did you do it?!",I repeated but louder.
"Do what?!Jeez,so loud.",he said standing up and stretching.
"You kissed me!",I blurted uncontrollably.His eyes narrowed and I bit my lip looking down.
Why did I have to just say that like that?!
"Kiss you?",he asked.I looked at him and narrowed my eyes.
"Yes,kiss me.",I said.He sighed and shrugged.
"Fine,if you want.",he said and leaned towards me.I pushed him away and took steps back.
"Idiot!I'm asking why you did?!!",I squealed shivering from the thought of him kissing me.
"I didn't kiss you,smart one.I've been here since lunch.",he said putting his hands in his pocket and looking away.
"Please,don't play dumb!",I yelled.He looked at me and narrowed his eyes.
"Wait,are you saying somebody kissed you and you're blaming me?",he asked.
"Yes,because it had to be you!",I yelled.He was making me more and more mad by the second.
"Why blame me?There's lots of guys here.Besides,why would I want to kiss a girl like you?Not cute at all.",he said.
"I don't know.That's what I'm trying to find out.",I said crossing my arms.He sighed and looked at me even harder.Colder.
"Look,I have enough problems.I don't need some from you.If you want to blame somebody,blame the person that actually cares enough to listen to what you have to say.",he said.
"What?",I asked disbelieved.Why isn't he just admitting it?
"You heard me!Now leave me alone.If you're going to come to me,don't mention dumb things like blaming me.",he yelled at me.I bit my lip and took a deep breath and looked at him as mean and cold as I could.
"If I were to come to you,then I'd be the most stupidest and dumbest girl in the galaxy.There is no way I'd ever come to you.",I said and walked past him and left.
I walked home,practically marching and stomping my feet on every step I took.
I was so pissed that I could hardly control how I moved.
I truly think that being in school here will be Hell for me,and I'll end up being burned alive.
What torture!Hopefully I'll move quicker than it took for me to come here...

I opened the door to the roof and looked around for any sign of Tye.Nobody.
With a sigh of relief,I continued and went to the bench h laye don and put my bag down.
I walked to the edge of the roof,where there was a rail nd leane don it.
Now I felt guilty.
I really just wanted to know if it was Tye who kissed me.But,instead I blamed him without thinking or considering he was maybe telling the truth.
But then again,Tye seemed like a bothersome guy who liked to play with people's emotions,or even physically hurt them.
Gosh,but he seems really nice and friendly and it makes me so freaking confused!
Why is it guys get in your head and leaves a big question for you to ask them all the time.
Who are you really?
"Having fun?"
My eyes widened and I spun around.
Of course.I expect to see Tye...
"Well,are you?"
And yet,instead of Tye...
"Yo,I'm Luke.You may know me as Tye's older brother.",the guy said with a smile.
It was instead Tye's older brothers.

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