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Chapter 2

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"Y-you're...",I trailed off.
"What's wrong Cassie,cat got your tongue?",he said.I narrowed my eyes and looked away.
"Don't call me like Cassie like you know me.",I said.
"Oh,so,you don't remember me.",he said.I looked at him,and he was no longer smirking and was looking away.
"Am I supposed to remember you?",I asked.
"Nah,forget it.",he said.I sighed looking ahead,when I realized something.
"Aren't you a freshman?",I asked.
"Yeah.",he said looking at me.
"What are you doing in a class for Sophmores?",I asked.
"I was moved up,so I guess I am no longer a freshman.",he said with a shrug.
"Wait,so this is your class from now on?",I asked.
"Yes.",he said.I nodded looking away.Sure,I looked very casual and careless.
Oh crap.....
"Eh.",he said.I looked at him.
"Here.",he said and held up something.I looked down at it and narrowed my eyes.
It was familiar,but pretty strange.It was a tiny plush toy.A small and pink soft and fluffy bear.
"Why do you have a pink bear with you?",I asked.
"Here,it's yours.",he said.I looked up at him and stared for a moment.
"What are you talking about?",I asked.
"I'm giving it back.I think I've had it too long,and I already feel better.",he said.
"Giving it back?I never gave that to you.I never even et you before today.",I said.He smirked.
"You did.",he said and grabbed my hand.He putt he bear in my hand and folded my fingers over it,making me get a little nervous.
A boy was holding my hand,and so softly.
God,why did his hand have to feel so warm and soft.
Suddenly,a memory went thought my mind.
Me sitting down by a tree,and I was little.I was by a boy,who was crying....
I looked up at Tye and bit my lip.
"When do you think you met me?",I asked.
"Want me to tell you the story?OK,OK.But you have to sit by me at lunch then.",he said.
"Why?",I asked.
"It'll be the only way you'll know.",he said.I scoffed and looked away crossing my arms.

My next class was with Eric,and I had sat by him.Soon the class ended,and it was time for lunch which seemed to be a total nightmare to me.
I grabbed my lunch,and walked ahead slowly looking around to see where to sit,but my eyes suddenly caught Tye's and I stood there watching.
He was there sitting talking with the guys from before and laughing.
Hmm,he seemed cute laughing.
Do I really want to know why he thinks he met me before?
I sighed and took a deep breath and walked towards him.
"H-hi.",I said.Him and his friends looked at me,and he smiled.His friends narrowed their eyes at me,on the other hand.
"Leave us alone.",he said.They sighed and stood up,walking off and sitting somewhere else.I looked at him and bit my lip.
"Sit.",he said scooding over.I scoffed again at him,and sat where his friends sat,across from him.He sighed and scooded back to where he sat.
"So,ready to hear the story?",he asked.
"Sure,say what you think.",I said.
"Alright,it was one day when I was very sad.I ran to the park to get away from my dad,and sat at a tree crying my eyes out.",he said.
"Wow,and you think you're tough.",I scoffed crossing my arms.
"Anyways,ignoring the comment.Then,a girl came up to me and asked me if I wa sokay.Guess who it was.",he said.
"A girl.",I said shrugging.He sighed and then placed his finger on my nose.
"You.",he said.My eyes narrowed and I pushed his hand away.
"Me?You have to be kidding.",I said.
"Also ignoring.You were so cute.You had your little pigtails and wore boyish clothes.You were licking a big and red lollipop,so you lips were very red.You sat down by me and asked if I was okay again.I didn't answer,and you looked like you were getting mad.",he said with a chuckle.
"And?",I asked.
"Then I looked at you and asked who you were and why were you talking to me.You said your name and said you were talking to me because I looked sad,and then you called me an idiot.",he said,then laughing.
"Whatever,liar.",I said.
"Then you aske dme if I was okay again,and I said yeah to you.Then you gave me the little pink bear and said it was to make me feel better.When I was done,that I'd give it back to you,but wearing a smile.Then you left.I never saw you again after that and just kept the little guy with me all this time.",he said.I nodded.
"Well,do you expect me to believe that?",I asked.He sighed.
"Yes,because it's true.Why would I be lying to you?",he said.
"Probably to play with me,or confuse me.",I said.
"If I wanted to play with you,I'd be torturing you.If I was confusing you,Id be seriously bored.",he said.
"Well,why do you think it was me?",I asked.
"Your name is Cassandra,and that was what the little girl's name was.And I am pretty sure you hate girly clothes,right?",he asked.
"And you love the red lollipops too?",he asked.
"No questions asked then.It was you.",he said.
"Oh,god,you re so annoying!",I said very frustrated.
"And you called me idiot.Look who's the idiot,now.",he said sitting back with his hands in back of his head.My eyes narrowed and I stood up.
"OK,what you said might be true,and I am considering you telling the truth.But it makes no difference now.I don't like you,and you better leave me alone.",I said and quickly left the cafeteria.

Thankfully,he had no more classes with me.Well,at least I was sure.He didn't come to the class I was in.
Maybe I got him mad.Gosh,now the idiot is making me feel guilty!
What kind of crazy and dumb first day of school is this??
Class ended very fast,and I left quickly to the girls bathroom to try and wake myself up.
I splashed some water on my face,and dried off my face.I heard the bell ring and sighed.
I really don't think I can continue with this school day.
I came out to see everybody was in class and sighed.I took out my schedule to see which class I had next,when something suddenly grabbed me.
I was pressed against the wall and dropped my schedule absolutely shocked.My eyes were suddenly covered as well.
"What are-"
"Quiet,the teachers will catch us.",the guy said putting his hand against my mouth.
"Let me-"
Suddenly his hand pulled away,and warm lips pressed against mine.
M-my first kiss...

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