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Chapter 1

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The bell had rung and I stood up with the guys starting to take out my schedule.
"So,what classes you got?",Eric asked.
"First class is....Haven.",I said.
"Great!My class.",he said.I smiled and put my schedule away looking up at him.
"Mind showing me there then?",I asked.
"Why yes,my lady.",he said then holding out his arm.I rolled my eyes and intertwined my arm with his,and he guided me out of the cafeteria and through the hall.
"Eric!",a familiar,but mean sounding deep voice called.We turned and Eric suddenly sighed.I looked up ot see the guy from before.The one with name of Tye.
"Yo,Tye!",Eric said.Tye with the same stance,one hand holding onto a bag thrown over his shoulder,and the other in his pocket,walked over to us,guys following him cooly.
"Still can't seem to give up on something.",Tye said shaking his head.
"Tye,you don't understand,I-"
"Save it.Just leave the girl alone.",Tye said.
"No,I'm tr-"
"No back talking,sophmore.",Tye said.
"Yeah,Tye.",Eric said.I looked at Eric who had his head down.
"Come on,girl.",Tye suddenly said.My eyes went from Eric to Tye,and suddenly my arm was grabbed.I looked down to my arm,and Tye's hand was pulling at it.My arm disconnected from Eric's,and my eyes widened.I looked back at Tye,who was turned away still pulling me,and pulled back.Tye looked back at me and sighed.
"Girl,don't worry.Eric won't be bothering you anymore.",Tye said,and then turned back pulling me,but I pulled back,once again.
"Let go of me.",I said.
He sighed throwing his head down,and he pulled his book bag off his back holding it.He turned back to me with narrowed eyes.
"What's the problem?",he asked.
"The problem is you.",I said.His eyes narrowed more and he turned back to me,his hold on me tightening.
"Excuse me?",he asked.I gulped and looked down for a moment,before looking back at him.
"Eric wasn't bothering.He was being nice.This morning was just a mistake.",I said.Tye's eyes went from me,to in back of me,probably at Eric.He sighed,and then his hold on me released.
"Fine.",he said.He turned and walked away with his friends,and I turned back to Eric.He was staring at me with wide eyes.
"What?",I asked.
"You're the first girl to stand up to Tye without being tortured to.",Eric said.
"Well,I don't care.He seems to really be a bully.",I said.
"Nah,but he is a tough and mean guy.He's a freshman,but he doesn't come to classes.",Eric said.
"Well,why are you scared of him?",I asked.
"He's the second scariest person in this school,and has beaten all who's challenged his skills and strength.",Eric said.
"Well,who's the first?",I asked.Eric gulped and looked up.
"His brother.",he said.My eyes narrowed in confusion,and I looked behind me,my eyes turning wide.Walking towards us was a small group of guys,the first one mean looking.
"That's him?",I asked.
"Yep,and we should get out of their way.",Eric said.He grabbed my arm and pushed me to the side,as they walked past us.I looked at him,and the first guy,Tye's brother,looked back at me,and suddenly smiled.I stared back,a bit shocked,and then looked away fast.
"Come,we'll be late for class.",he said and turned walking off.I quickly followed him.
We entered a room,Eric walking fast to a seat by one of the other jocks,and I walked up to the teacher.
"Hi,Mr.Haven,I am the new student.",I said.
"Ah,yes,Mrs.Fortnight.",he said.I nodded.
"Well,go sit at the table back there by the window.",he said and pointed.I looked up,and it was far in the back corner,by the window for sure,nobody sitting there.I sighed and nodded waking there.The seat by mine was empty,so I put my things there and sat myself down.People talked loudly and I sat there quietly looking out the window at the sky.
Yet,things suddenly went quiet.I looked around at the class and they stared at something.I looked up at the door,and narrowed my eyes.
There Tye stood looking around the classroom.Suddenly,his eyes met mine and he sighed tilting his head up.He walked further into the classroom heading to the back of the class.My eyes widened and I looked back here,finding that I was the only person with an empty seat by her.
But it was too late to do anything.His hand grabbed my bag and placed it on the table before me,and he sat down putting his things in front of him on the table.I looked up at him,and he was looking at me.
"What?",I asked.
"What's your name?",he asked.I bit my lip,thinking.Until I finally decided.
"Cassandra Fortnight.",I said.He scoffed and looked away,but his eyes went right back to me.
"Perfect unusual name for an unusual girl.",he said.
"Whatever.",I muttered.
"Name's Tye Raven.",he said.
"Wierd name for wierd guy.",I said.He smirked.
"Are you always so mean to people?",he asked.
"No,just to the ones I don't like.",I said.
"So you don't like me.",he said nodding.
"Yeah,at least you got that correct.",I said.He looked at me for a moment,with that gorgeous,though I hate to admit,smirk.
"Well,I am also mean to the people that I don't like.",he said.
"So...",I trailed off not understanding what he wanted to say by that.
"And I am mean to everybody.",he said.
"Everybody.",he said once again,and his smirk widened at me.And then my eyes widened as I figured it out.
He wasn't being mean to me.And after what he said,it must mean that he likes me.Well not like me like me,but just not hate me.
I smiled and looked down about to tell him off.
"You sure have grown up,Cassie.Still so stubborn,though.Still eating those huge,red lollipops?",he suddenly said and my eyes widened.My head shot up,and I stared at him quietly.He continued to smirk at me and I gulped.
"Y-you're....",I trailed off.

Like this one??Sorry it's so short,but my dad was all grumpy tonight and said we have to go to sleep at ten because of how he needed his rest for tomorrow.Yes,he is still working.
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