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Sky Of Love

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I got the name from a jap drama & movie which i recommend you see.i got this idea from the movie and drama,so i changed it some so i didnt copy everything.

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Girl POV

"Mika!Wait up!"
I turned to see my best friend Aya run up to me.
"Hi,Aya-chan.",I told her with a smile.
"Mika,you're always up and early nowadays.Is something up?Are you love?",she said as we started walking,her elbow nudging me on the last word.
"No way!I just feel excited nowadays.It sounds corny,but I feel something in my life is going to change for the better.",I told her,looking away so she couldn't see my blush from embarassment.
"You're right,it does sound corny.But,oh well.I'll support you!But anyways,guess what!",she said.
"I like somebody!",she told me adding a squeal at the end.
"Who?",I asked,looking over to her,where she was squealing like crazy.
"He is unbelievably cute and cool!",she singed,while clapping her hands together.
"Well,who is it?",I asked not wanting to guess.
"He is from class 3-D!",she singed once again.I rolled my eyes and sighed in frustration.
"Well,are you going to tell me who or what?!",I almost yelled.She always become super distracted by the thought of her crush when she was telling me who he was and how cool he looked.
"His name is Nozumu!",she squealed.I nodded and looked down at my feet.
Aya has loved a lot of guys this past year.Not exactly loved,but has gone crazy for.She always ended up liking some other guy by the end of the third day,though.So,I wonder if this one was going to be any different at all.
Yet,I envy her.She's very beautiful,and she can practically have any guy she likes.Her beautiful,wavy life-filled brown hair and happy-filled light brown eyes were nothing compared to my life-less dark thin,long hair and black,boring eyes.
Yes,I truly envied her.

"Well,where is he?",our other friends asked.Aya,me,and some other girls we hung out with went to class 3-D to see the Nozumu guy for ourselves.
I would have said no to go to the library,but Aya pushed me to it.Literally.
"Aw,he's not in here.",Aya whined.
"Aw.Out of what you said,he seemed really hot.",some girls complained and Aya joined them.We turned to walk back to class,when Aya began to squeal.My head shot up to her,and I followe dher gaze ahead of us.
Ahead of us,were a couple of guys walking towards us.Guys that looked like jerks that played around a lot.
Then I noticed a guy with bleached white hair.My eyes widened the slightest bit,and I watched as he and his friends walked towards us.
"Is it the guy with white hair?",I asked.
"No,the one with the piercing on his lip.",Aya said.I looked by the bleach-hair one to se a brown-haired guy with a lip piercing indeed.He looked like a player.
He looked up at us and smiled,walking towards us.
Yet to stop in front of me.
"Hey,name's Nozumu.Let's exchange numbers,okay?",he said taking out his cell.My eyes widened and I started to stutter.
Thankfully,Ayaa came out.
"Here,how about me and you exchange numbers.",she told him.I quietly began to tip-toe awa backwards,going faster by the second,when I bumped into something.I turned to come face-to-face with the bleach-haired boy.
His eyes were very dark,as if he had no pupil,and it strangely made me feel all tingly.
"G-gomenasai.",I told him an bowed my head in apology.I turned and ran away as quick as i could,though I could feel his eyes on me.
I turned around the corner and pressed myself againstt he wall with a deep breath.
I heard running steps and looked to see Aya running towards where I was.I came out and waved to her.
"So,Nozumu wanted your phone number.",she told me with a low voice,and I could hear her sadness.
I quickly smiled and tapped her on the shoulder.She looked back up at me,with a frown.
"Aya-chan,don't worry!I'm not going to go for Nozumu-san.He's not my type.In fact,he looks scary.Far from my type.",I said.She quickly smiled.
"Honto ni?!Ariagatou!",she said and hugged me.I hugged her back and we pulled away to walk off.

I sat in the library looking my favorite book.It was the end of the day and after today,three weeks of spring break started.I said my good-byes to Aya-chan and my friends for the break.
So,I sat at a table alone in the library looking at the Sky book.
I loved the sky.It was beautiful and graceful in many ways.
I turned the page,which came to my favorite page.A pop-up frama popped up and on the side,it told you to hold it up to the sky and choose what goes in it.
I smiled and giggled ot myself and held it up to the window,that exposed the sky and stared as the sky fit perfeclt in the frame,with a couple of clouds.
Suddenly,I jumped slightly by a ringtone that went off.I looked back and stood up,follwing the noise.
I ended up in front of a bookshelf,with a black cellphone on it.I picked it up,and flipped it open pressing it to my ears.
"Hello?",I asked.
"Hello?Ah,finally.Looks like you found my phone.",the voice on the other line said.It sounded deep,and strangely very cute.
"Who is this?",I asked.
"The owner of the phone you're talking through right now.Here,where are you,I'll come pick up my phone.",he said.
"I'm at the school's library.",I quickly said.
"Oh,I thought it'd be there.I'm coming right now.",he said.
"How about I just leave it by my favorite shelf,because I wa skina about to leave.",I told him.
"Oh,ok.Which shelf?",he asked.
"It's on the second book case,third shelf,by a book called Sky.",I told him.
"Oh,ok.Ariagatou.",he said.I flipped the phone close,and then noticed there was a teddy bear attached to the phone.I smiled and looked at it,but to see that the little teddy bear was ripped at his stomach.
I don't know why,but I wanted to fix it.So I had gotten out a sweing kit in the library from the storage closet,and got a needle and black strong,and began to sew it back together.
It was soon after that I finished,and I grabbed both the phone and the book and walked to the bookcase putting in on the third shelf.I put the book up,and put the cellphone right next to it,sitting the bear up.
I gave one last smile as I petetd his hea,dand then grabbed my things,and left quickly.

It's wierd how things ended with him.
We started out as barely knowing eachother,it progressed to where I finally knew who he was and was shocked.Went from that to getting into problems that included him,which quickly went to us spending lots of time together.From there,I became his girlfriend.
I truly loved him.I truly,truly did.
I just can't believe he's gone now.
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