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Sky Of Love Pt.2

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Still their stories.Chapter 1 will start next chapter.

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I looked back to see my best friend,Nozumu,running towards me.
"Yo,Nozumu.",I said.We walked together to school,talking about stuff,when he suddenly bought up some wierd subject.
"Hey,you know theres this real cute girl in class 3-A.",Nozumu said.
"For real?So,what?You like her or something?",I asked.
"I don't know.I do know her name is Mika.",he said.
"Mika.",I softly repeated with a nod.
"So,got any chick on your mind other than Saki?",he asked.
"No.",I said.
Saki,my girlfriend.She went to another school,but she personally came to me and asked me out.She was really hot,so I said sure.Now she's my girlfriend,and has been it for a couple of months.
Yet,for some odd reason,I could that it was about to change.

"So,let's get back to clas for the rest of free time.I'm bored here.",I told the guys.We were outside,close to the library.
"Fine,fine.",he said.
"Alright,let's go.Oh,wait.My sis told me to find some book for her at the library.I'll catch up with you guys in a moment.",I told them.They gave me nod and walked off.I ran to the library and went though the bookshelves impatiently.
Dang onee-chan.Having me go through the trouble to find some dumb cook book.Why not just go buy one?!
My cell suddenly started to ring and I took it,flipping it open.
"Hello?",I answered.
"Hiro,got the book,right?",my sis,Minako,asked me
"Yeah,yeah,I'm getting it.If I can't find it,though,just go buy one.",I told her.
"Find,but there may be chances there,so just find it.",she told me.I nodded as I looked around.
We hung up,and I noticed a small cook book and set my cell down on a shelf reaching for it.
"Oi,Hiro,we're tired of waiting for you.",Nozumu called.I sighed and walked out towards him.
"I thought I said to just go ahead.",I said as we left.
"Yeah,but I don't leave an amigo behind,amigo.",he said.I smirked and pushed him as we walked to class.

We talked and played around with eachother as we walked to class.Suddenly,Nozumu gave a smile and walked ahead of us to a girl.
He asked her to exchange numbers.I stared at the girl,as she stared wide-eyed at him.
It was amusing.She looked scared.It made me laugh.
I got distracted by the guys who stared to pucnh at me.I punched back and we laughed,when suddenly something bumped into me
I turned around,no longer wearing a smile,to see the girl.
She was the Mika girl.She had to be since Nozumu went straight up to her.Pus,I recognized her from class 3-A.
Her hair was long,dark,plain,especially with the bangs.Her eyes were slightly dark.
She was actually very beautiful.Way too beautiful.
"G-gomenasai.",she said and bowed her head.I watched as she ran away,and couldn't help but blush some.
But I shook my head forgetting it quickly,and went back to playing with the guys.

I sighed as I looked around the classroom one last time.
"You sure you can't find it?",Nozumu asked.
"I know I had my cell today.Wait,give me your phone again.",I told him.
"Again.",he muttered.I just motioned for him to hurry.No way was I going to suddenly lose my phone before spring break.Plus,Saki would freak if she found out I lost the little bear guy on my phone.
I call my phone,and after two or three rings,somebody picked up.
"Hello?",a girl's voice answered.
"Hello?Ah,finally.Looks like you found my phone.",I told her relieved.
"Who is this?",she asked.
"The owner of the phone you're talking through right now.Here,where are you,I'll come pick up my phone.",I told her.
"I'm at the school's library.",she quickly said.I smiled and nodded.
"Oh,I thought it'd be there.I'm coming right now.",I told her.
"How about I just leave it by my favorite shelf,because I was kinda about to leave.",she said.I nodded to myself.
"Oh,ok.Which shelf?",I asked.
"It's on the second book case,third shelf,by a book called Sky.",she said.
Sky?I think I've seen that book around there.
"Oh,ok.Ariagatou.",I said and hung up.
"Looks like I found it.Go ahead and leave.Bye.",I told him and grabbed my bag running off.

I came to a stop in front of the library,finally.It took so long just to get to the freaking library from our class.
I went to walk ahead,but then I noticed her.
She sat there,crouched over something.She stood up straight,and noticed she was carrying the little teddy bear.
The one Saki gave me.So,she was hte one who picked up my phone.
Then I noticed she was sewing him.The part where I mistakely ripped.
I watched her,as she narrowed her eyes in concentration as she fixed him.Suddenly,she jumped and her finger went to her lip.I took a step foward,but she kept working.
Wow,first time I saw a girl so concentrated on that.I lived back at home with two-always-working parents,and a garage-working sis because of her little car shop store to fix cars.
So,this was a surprise.
She stood up and walked to a bookshelf with a book,that I noticed was called Sky.
I watched her as she set the book down,and placed the cell beside it.I smiled myself,when she smiled and petted the bear's head with her finger.
She got her stuff,and then ran quickly out.
I entered and ran up to my cell,grabbing it.I looked at the bear,to see it was all fixed up.
"Mika.",was the word that escaped my mouth.

It was wierd how me and Mika started off.She seemed scared of me when she found out I wasnt exactly who she thought I was.
Yet,we progressed.And it went faster than I expected.
And so,we bcame girlfriend and boyfriend.I was very protective of her,and I loved every moment I was with her.
I'm glad to see she still lives on strong,even with me no longer beside her.
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