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Chapter One

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Mika hurried to class 3-D,looking for Nozumu.
In class,since Aya was still a little sad,Mika had cheered her up saying that Nozumu found her a while later and told her to tell Aya to expect a call soon.
Aya became hapy,so Mika was going to try to keep that up.
She looked into class 3,-D.It was the end of the day.Yshe only saw one boy.The bleached-hair boy.
Hiro hadn't left,and decided to stay back and practice some guitar.
"Umm,excuse me?",ika asked.He hadn't head her,and had continued to play.She stepped forward and raised her voice some more."Excuse me!",she called.
He stopped playing and looked back.His eyes narrowed,at the sight of Mika there.He stood up and placed his guitar down.He walked up to her,and stood in front of her.
"Hi.Umm,can you give this Nozumu?",she asked,raising the letter up in her hands.
Hiro looked down,and he couldn't help the anger and jealousy that washed over him.He grabbed the letter and examined it.
"So,love letters are the things nowadays?",he asked her.She started to shake her head,when Hiro cupped her cheek,making her freeze,and leaned in planting a soft kiss on her lips.
Mika's eyes widened and she stood there frozen for a few seconds before pushing him off.
Hiro looked at her confused,but what shocked him was her fac,and how it showed a fact.
"Don't tell me...that was your first?",he asked.Her eyes widened eyes as he figured it out quickly,and she turned running out quickly.

That night,Mika was in her room.Her and her family had finished eating dinner,and she was going to get ready to get her cellphone,when she noticed that it wasn't anywhere to be found.
She started to look all over the room,and threw out everything in her schoolbag,but still no sign.
Suddenly,her mom knocked on the door.
"Mika,somebody's calling from your cellphone.Did you forget it with Aya again?",her mom asked.Mika's eyes wideed and she ran to the door grabbing the phone.
"Yes,gomen.",she said and bowed her head,before closing the door.She ran to the bed,and sat down answering the phone.
"Hello?",she asked hesitantly.
"Yo.Looks like you dropped your cell.",the deep voice said.She couldn't help but recognize the bold voice,but she didn't remember.
"Who are you?",she asked.
"The guy that has your phone.If you want it back,go to the school library tomorrow.You'll find it by your favorite book.Bye-Bye!",he said,and hung up.Mika sighed and hung up as well.

Mika hurried into the school library.It was crazy for her that it was the beginning of spring break,but she was in school at the library.Well,at least it's her favorite place.
She ran to the shelf,and saw her cell hpone,by the book,Sky.
She smiled and grabbed it,wiping the screen off with her thumb.She looked trough her things,yet to find out all of her numbers that she had saved were gone,and there were no messages,or voice mails.
Suddenly,her cellphone rang,and she answered it hesitantly.
"Hello?",she asked.
"Looks like you got it back.",the guy said.
"Why did you erase all my numbers?",Mika asked,a bit shocked and annoyed.
"Well,if somebody wants to talk to you,they'll call you.",he said.Mika stayed silent for a small moment.
"Hey,who are you?",she asked.
"Sorry.Can't say that,it's top secret.Until next time we talk,Mika.Bye-Bye!",he said and with that he hung up.
Miak hung up as well,absolutely annoyed and began her way back home.
Though,she was scared to admit she found this guy a bit interesting.
Guess who the guy was?
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