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Chaotic 2

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Chaotic 2

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This was supposed to be a one shot, but you know how the crackbunnies can be. Again, this is in no way a serious story!

Chaotic 2

A few days later... "Ah!" James' voice echoed all over Team Rocket's headquarters, aka the Viridian City Gym, as he accidentally hammered his finger again.

"Stop complaining and hurry up with those nails, we need to get on Delia's good side," Jessie scolded him. Delia wanted to put up some pictures to make Giovanni's living space homier for her and Ash, since they were now living with him.

"Does the boss even know about this and why do we need to get on her good side? I don't think we were on her bad side in the first place, yesterday she gave us cookies," James reminded.

"That's not the point, she gave everyone cookies. Listen, the boss likes Delia and they have a son and they live in the same place, they might get back together. We've disappointed the boss too many times, but if we get a new lady boss it'll be like a fresh start and we'll have a better chance to get promoted," Jessie explained.

Meowth looked thoughtful at the situation, "wait a minute, two bosses means room for two top cats!"

"I think Delia already has a pokemon, some Mr. Mime or something," James reminded.

"Yeah, but that's not cool, she needs a cute pokemon like me," thus Meowth ran off to search for Delia, hoping to become the boss lady's favorite pokemon, leaving Jessie and James to deal with hanging the pictures all over the walls.

As Meowth dashed out of the room, Giovanni entered followed by his loyal spoiled Persian. "What are you two doing?"

"We're hanging pictures, boss!" Jessie cheered, smiling proudly at being caught working; she had snatched the hammer away from James to get more credit.

"I never said you could cover my walls with pictures!" Giovanni complained.

Jessie shoved the hammer back into James' hands, but he dropped it and it fell on his foot, while Jessie blamed him, "that's what I told James, but he wouldn't listen to me."

"But you said, Delia said," James babbled while hopping on one foot.

"Oh how lovely!" Delia entered the room, Meowth must have missed her. "You two did a wonderful job hanging these pictures."

"You told them to do this?" Giovanni inquired.

Delia smiled cheerfully, "yes, I did, this way the place looks cozy, doesn't it."

Giovanni examined the pictures; they were of Ash at various ages, albeit from age ten to the present he looked exactly the same.

Ash came in at that moment, spotting his baby pictures on the wall, "mom, that's embarrassing, I don't want those pictures to be there!"

"I think they look lovely," Delia insisted, "don't you agree with me, Giovanni?"

"Yeah sure, whatever you say; love you too," Giovanni remembered one thing, a basic rule of survival he had learned long ago: never disagree with Delia. He also still heard whatever he wanted to hear.

Ash pouted, "I don't want my baby pictures on the wall; I can't let Pikachu, Misty and Brock see that!"

"Where are your friends anyway?" Giovanni hoped they weren't doing something evil, like retuning the stolen pokemon to their owners; that would be troublesome, though not as bad as it would be if they discovered his secret stash of ice-cream and were devouring it."

"We got separated, Pikachu, Misty and Brock are somewhere around here, I didn't know this place had so many secret underground passages," Ash explained.

"I'll send Mewtwo to find them," Giovanni called the pokemon on that same convenient little black communication device with a red R he carried wherever he went, to be able to instantly boss people around anytime, anywhere.

"Can we hide the baby pictures before they get here?" Ash pleaded.

"Alright I'll have them hidden," Giovanni agreed, "you two, hide Ash's baby pictures."

"Yes sir!" Jessie and James saluted.

"I want to keep those pictures!" Delia stopped them.

"Yes, ma'am!" Jessie and James saluted again.

"Hide them before Mewtwo gets back with Pikachu, Misty and Brock!" Ash urged and made a sad face at Giovanni, which was also noticed by Delia. "You agree with me, don't you dad?"

"I can't believe you would upset Ash," Delia scolded.

"I'm not upsetting him, I do agree!" Giovanni defended.

Unfortunately, he had trapped himself in a lose-lose situation with Delia, "oh so you don't agree with me then?"

"I agree with both of you!" Giovanni tried to keep them both happy.

"You can't!" Mother and son argued back.

Giovanni looked back and forth between them, "I give up!"

There was a moment of silence, "well I suppose we could put away some of the pictures, but I still want to keep a few of them here."

"Good idea," Ash agreed, "keep the ones were I look cool."

Peace once again reigned in the Viridian Gym as the picture argument was resolved, right on time for Mewtwo to teleport in with Pikachu, Misty and Brock.

"It's like a maze around here," Misty spotted one of Ash's baby pictures, the last one he was taking off the wall. "Aw, little Ash!" She snatched it away, "so cute!"

"Give that back!" Ash tried to recover it.

"But you've been the same for so many years, it's nice to see a different side of you," Misty held on to the picture.

Ash quickly forgot about it and instead focused on the greatest mystery of his life. "Why is it that I'm still a kid? I should be in my twenties by now."

"Do you think maybe you're in a coma and all of this is a dream?" Brock wondered.

There was a moment of silence then a collective "nah!" and the topic was soon forgotten.

Meowth come back and saw Delia, "I was looking for you, I'll be your loyal pokemon, I'm way better than a Mr. Mime!"

"Mr. Mime? Oh yes, Mimey! I forgot, I left him in a pokeball at home, but the house isn't there anymore..." Delia paused, and looked at Meowth, "oh well, you're right, a cat is way cuter than a clown, forget Mimey, you're my new pokemon pal, Meowth!"

"Really, I'll be the boss lady's top cat?" Meowth's eyes shone with joy.

However, that joy was short lived, "that's what I would say, but you're already Jessie and James' pokemon and I don't want to take you away from them. Maybe Giovanni will share Persian with me." She petted Persian who stuck out his tongue at Meowth.

"No, now he's more spoiled!" Meowth cried.

"Don't you three have something else to do?" Giovanni asked, hinting that they should go do something else.

"Not really," James admitted, "we can't steal Pikachu anymore and that's what we did all the time."

"Maybe I should fire you," Giovanni considered the possibility; he wasn't sure why he hasn't fired them a long time ago.

"James what are you saying?" Jessie interrupted, "we have a lot of stuff to do, boss! In fact, we're so busy we really need to go now!" She ran out with James and Meowth in tow.

"Giovanni, I think you should restructure Team Rocket to be an organization of good!" Delia proposed.

"I can't do that..." Giovanni didn't like were this was going.

"Sure you can!" Delia insisted. "Team Rocket will be like super heroes. They'll save pokemon instead of stealing them. It's the same concept, go around grabbing all the pokemon you see, but we'll call it a rescue instead of a robbery."

"You mean we'll be doing the same things, but with better names?" Giovanni considered it, "I guess that doesn't sound so bad."

"Exactly!" Delia cheered, "and we'll make the world a better place!"

"By taking over it?" Giovanni offered.

"Yes, we'll take over and make sure it's better," Delia agreed.

"On one condition..." the suspense suddenly hung heavily in the air as Giovanni made a dramatic pause. He looked at Ash, Pikachu, Misty, Brock, Mewtwo and Persian, who were staring at him, waiting to hear the condition. "Mewtwo, why don't you give them a tour of headquarters?"

"They already had their tour and even experienced getting lost in HQ. Besides, I know you just want to be alone with Delia," Mewtwo replied with his psychic powers.

"Fine, be that way," Giovanni took a deep breath and finally revealed his request, "instead of taking over the world as a criminal organization, I'll have Team Rocket take over the world as a super hero organization... if you marry me, again."

The audience let out a chorus of gasps and waited to hear Delia's answer. She looked surprised, "really? You still want to be married to me even after I left all those years ago?"

"Why did you leave?" In all that time Giovanni still haven't found out. "Is it because I forgot an anniversary? At least I always remember your birthday!"

"Yes, on the wrong day and it's a different day each year, but at least you tried so I'm not mad about that," Delia confessed. "The truth is that one morning I woke up and decided I hated you, so I left. Nine months later, I gave birth to Ash and realized I didn't hate you; it had all been one big mood swing. But it lasted the whole nine months and I thought that after such a long time, it was too late to come back."

"A mood swing," Giovanni twitched, "you left me because of a mood swing?"

"Well that mood swing was technically your fault because it was your son I was expecting," Delia pouted.

"Let's just forget about it and get married again," Giovanni took a diamond ring from his pocket and put it on Delia's finger.

"How exiting, I'm getting married!" Delia cheered.

The audience went "aw!" then clapped and cheered, then started chanting, "kiss! kiss! kiss!" until Delia and Giovanni kissed.

That is the story of how Giovanni and Ash found out they were father and son and how Delia and Giovanni got back together. Then Delia and Giovanni went off on a second honey moon and left Ash in charge of Team Rocket, which might not have been a good idea...

The End... for real this time.

Disclaimer, I don't own Pokemon.
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